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  1. Geometry

    The vertices of ∆ABC are A (-2,5), B(-2,4), and C(-5, 3). If ∆ABC is reflected across the line y=-2 to produce the image ∆A’B’C, find the coordinates of the vertex A’ if ∆ABC is reflected across the line x= -2.
  2. Math

    A 36 inch board is to be cut into three pieces so that the second piece is 3 times as long as the first piece and the third piece is 5 times as long as the first piece. If x represents the length of the first piece find the length s of all three pieces
  3. English

    It seems to be a mirror.
  4. Physics

    Ok THANKYOU so much for the clarification and the example. That sure did help A lot. Massive Thanks. Let's just hope this test goes well...
  5. Physics

    Essay Question: discuss whether or not it is possible for an object to be increasing in speed as its acceleration is decreasing. For either position you take, use examples as part of your explanation. CAN SOMEONE HELP SUGGEST AN EXAMPLE THAT WOULD HELP CONFIRM MY ANSWER. I'...
  6. accounting

    What entry in account journalizing this would be: Mr. W made a additional payment of 2k by issuing a 60 day note. Thank you!
  7. Math

    On Monday at noon, the temperature was 23oF. By 9 pm it was -4oF. On Tuesday at noon, it was 18oF. By 9 pm it was -11oF. On which day did the greater temp. change occur?
  8. statistics

    Suppose a large shipment of microwave ovens contained 18% defectives. If a sample of size 228 is selected, what isthe probability that the sample proportion will be greater than 14%? (Round your answer to 4 decimal places)

    Find warranty period (in days) for a washing machine whos average (mean) life is 6 years and standard deviation of 2.5 years. Assume 365 days in a year.
  10. Science

    Adam suffers from severe emphysema. Gas exchange in his lungs is not adequate, and he requires supplemental oxygen. But even though his blood carbon dioxide levels are elevated, his blood pH is close to normal. Considering the urinary system, explain how this can occur.
  11. Science

    Assume the speed of a nerve impulse is 100 m/s. How does this compare to the speed of electricity in a copper wire (approximately 3.00*10^8 m/s)? What does this tell you about the flow of electrons in a wire compared to the movement of ions in a membrane?
  12. His 104 civilization 11

    the Indian ocean was largely spared large-scale warfare because
  13. His 104 civilization 11

    the Indian ocean was largely spare large- scale warfare because
  14. 104 cilivi history

    the Indian ocean was largely spared large-scale warfare because
  15. medical billing and coding

    233.0 IS CORRECT
  16. math

    how to draw a right triangle with one acute angle measuring 75 degrees and a leg of 5cm on a side of the 75 degree angle

    One of the results of the Industrial Revolution was Which of these was not a feature of working class life in early industrial societies The advantages that led Britain to the Industrial Revolution included
  18. HIS 104 civilizations 11 quiz

    THE Monroe Doctrine emphasized
  19. 104 world civilizations 11

    The economic exploitation of colonies included
  20. Math

    Cantaloupe is priced at $0.69 per pound. If a cantaloupe weighs 3.241 pounds, how much will it cost? Round to the nearest cent.
  21. world history

    the indian ocean was largely spared large-scale warfare because
  22. health

    What is the eleven letter word that describes the process by which the alcohol leaves the body.
  23. math

    What is the quotient of 2,100 divided by 4?
  24. Chemistry

    At 298 K, the Henry\'s law constant for oxygen is 0.00130 M/atm. Air is 21.0% oxygen.At 298 K, what is the solubility of oxygen in water exposed to air at 1.00 atm? At 298 K, what is the solubility of oxygen in water exposed to air at 0.896 atm? If atmospheric pressure ...
  25. Gen Chem II

    A gas-forming reaction produces 1.60 m3 of gas against a constant pressure of 127.0 kPa. Calculate the work done by the gas in joules. Please explain. Thanks!
  26. Business Math

    Using the simplex method, solve the following linear programming problem: Maximize: P= 5x+2y Subject to: 4x+3y < or equal to 30 2x-3y < or equal to 6 x > or equal to 0, y > or equal to 0.
  27. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2SO4 will be needed to react with 69.3gof NaOH? Can you list steps so I can understand this? Thanks
  28. help

    I am extremely confused
  29. history

    i thought the civil service was used wide spread
  30. history

    my guess is an influx of Christian missionaries countering Confucianism. what do you think ms sue
  31. history

    Which of the following was a problem faced by the average Chinese citizen during the Song dynasty? the shrinking use of the civil service exam and thus the lack of opportunity to obtain a government position the control of the Chinese treasury by northern invaders led to ...
  32. Geography

    could you give me some web sites maybe? because i cannot find anyting on this
  33. Geography

    From the perspective of a core country (e.g. France or Germany), explain the positive andnegative factors associated with being a member of the European Union.
  34. social studies

    Have you learned something new about your own racial, ethnic, or cultural history?
  35. english 121

    i need help with english 121 with week 2 discussion 1
  36. english 121

    can you help me with english 121 week3 discussion 1 and2
  37. english 121

    I need help with my quiz in week 2
  38. COM200: Interpersonal Communication

  39. Com200 Interpersonal Communication

    i need help with these answer
  40. geometry

    In right triangle ABC, measure of angle ACB= 90 and segment CD is the altitude to the hypotneuse AB. Ad= 6 cm and BD= 4 cm. Find the length of segment CD to the nearest hundredth.
  41. statistics

    If a spinner labeled 1-7 was spun 150 times, what is the probability of getting a prime number?
  42. accounting

    Wilson Reed, the bookkeeper for Home Interior Improvements and Designs Company, has just finished posting the closing entries for the year to the ledger. He is concerned about the following balances: Capital account balance in the general ledger: $ 48,550 Ending capital ...
  43. accounting

    Your review of the general ledger of Home Interior Improvements and Designs Company reveals a beginning capital balance of $25,000. You also review the general journal for the accounting period and find the closing entries shown on the next page.Prepare a general journal entry...
  44. physics

    A coin is placed on a vinyl stereo record that is making 33 1/3 revolutions per minute on a turntable. In what direction is the acceleration of the coin? Find the magnitude of the acceleration when the coin is placed 18 cm from the center of the record. What force accelerates ...
  45. phi 301

    slippery slope fallacy
  46. science

    Rebecca is studying the range of growth of tomato plants. She measured the following data in the fourth week of growing her plants. tomato plant measured growth 1 1.5 cm 2 6.5 cm 3 7 cm 4 6.5 cm 5 3.25 cm 6 7.75 cm 7 5.5 cm 8 6 cm Given this data, what should Rebecca expect ...
  47. Math

    If there are 9 flavors of ice cream and each student orders 2 scoops with noone getting the same order - how many students are there?
  48. Logic

    Julie and Kurt get married and had a body'' is best symbolized as
  49. English

    Can Anyone Unscramble These 13 Letters (NOSOREGGTIACN. The correct word will mean "A Whole Bunch"
  50. English

    A Thirteen Letter Word That Means "A Whole Bunch". The Thirteen Letters Are As Follows: NOSOREGGTIACN
  51. MATH

    I know a polygon has many sides am I correct to say that a concave polygon has two sides.
  52. physics

    What average force is required to stop an 1900 car in 6.0 if the car is traveling at 80 ?
  53. math

    What is an equivalent expression of 8 • n - 18 + 6 - 5 • n
  54. Pre Algebra

    What is the function rule when the input is 0,1.2.3 and the output is 5,4,3,2?
  55. 6th grade math

    the base of the great pyramid is a square with an area of 571536 ft squared. If one of the sides of a similar figure is 5 cm what is the area of the figure? How can I solve this?
  56. Chemistry

    I need to be able to tie in acetic acid and boric acid. To decipher properties of acid-base chemistry and how they adhere to Le Chatelier’s principle. I appreciate any input....
  57. Chemistry

    to decipher properties of acid-base chemistry and how they adhere to Le Chatelier’s principle. I appreciate any input on it.
  58. Chemistry

    I wanted to find out what the difference is between acetic acid and boric acid and how they relate to the LaChatelier's principle.
  59. psy

    director : cast thank you
  60. History

    The article by Tom Watson and deals with the Negro Question in the New South. What was Watson answer to that question.
  61. Child care

    the answer is (b)
  62. Child care

    answer 13 is not d
  63. child care exam number 00390500

    proximal development
  64. child care

    my answer is a
  65. child care

    i see a and d
  66. child care

    the best strategy for encouraging social competence with a group of school-age children is to (a(reassure the student about positive behavior (b)punish students for antisocial behavior (c)use external rewards (d) model good social skills

  68. child care

  69. child care

    c asking divergent question
  70. child care

    child care staff are most effective during science activities when they
  71. child care

    b providing opportunties for compettion
  72. child care

    one of the most important function pf a child's peer group is
  73. Microeconomics

    How can I calculate for quantity when I know the price and MC? Price = 42.00 and MC = .006
  74. Anatomy

    Explain why a surgeon would use subq sutures duing abdominal surgery, but not during an open reduction and internal fixation of a fractured radius
  75. childcare

    child care staff are most effective during science activities when they
  76. mental health

    i need to know 5 communication skills working with a person that has mental ilness
  77. mental health

    i need to know the explanation of the miracle and scaling question in mental health
  78. Algebra grade 6

    mom says thanks for confirming it since argued with her about it
  79. Algebra grade 6

    3 2/9 - 1/3 = p - 5 1/2 3 2/9 - 3/9 = p - 5 1/2 2 11/9 - 3/9 = p - 5 1/2 2 8/9 = p - 5 1/2 2 8/9 + 5 1/2 = p - 5 1/2 +5 1/2 2 16/18 + 5 9/18 = p 7 25/18 = p 8 7/18 = p is mom right?
  80. english

    what is a immigrant women and what is a refugee women?
  81. physics

    A circular steel wire 2.00 m is to stretch no more than 0.25 cm when a tensile force of 400 N is applied to each end of wire. What minimum diameter is required for the wire?
  82. physics

    Two uniform spheres , each of mass M and radius R, touch one another. What is the magnitude of their gravitational force of attraction?

    What is the potential energy for an 800 kg elevator at the top of Chicago's Sears tower , 440 m above street level? Let the energy be zero at street level.
  84. physics

    the hammer of a pile driver weighs 3800N and must be lifted vertically 2.80 m at constant speed in 4.00 s . What horsepower must the engine provide to the hammer?
  85. physics

    a) compute the kinetic energy in Joules of a 1600kg automibile traveling at 50.0 km/h. By what factor does the kinetic change if the speed is doubled?
  86. physics

    An earth satellite moves in a circular orbit with an orbital speed of 6200m/s. a) find the time of one revolution. b) find the radial acceleration of the satellite in its orbit.
  87. physics

    A loaded elevator with very worn cables has a total mass of 2200kg, and the cables can withstand a maximum tension 28 000N a) what would be the maximum upward acceleration for the elevator if the cables are not to break? b) what would be the answer to part a if the elevator ...
  88. physics

    The upward normal force exerted by the floor is 620 N on an elevator passenger who weighs 650N. What are the reaction forces to these two forces? Is the passenger accelerating? If so, what are the magnitude and direction of acceleration?
  89. physics

    A crate with mass 32.5 kg initially at rest on a warehouse floor is acted on by a net horizontal force of 140 . How far does the crate travel in 10.0s? What is its speed at the end of 10.0s?
  90. pre cal

    show that 6+6sin X is equivakent to --------- - 7 cos x 6cos x ------------ -7(1- sin x)
  91. spanish sra jmcguin

    Recommendation 1 Neatness--teachers do not have that much time to read papers, (honestly) so the faster they can flip through them the better. If the paper is sloppy in anyway, hand writing, smudges a noticable mispelled word. They get a bad grade no matter the content, ...
  92. reading

    Use your fingers to follow along with the words your reading I know this sounds silly, but it keeps you focused on what your reading, and you stay there instead of thinking of something else. Also after you read a paragraph or a page, take out a notecard and write down in one ...
  93. 11th grade math algebra 2 trig

    I'm just really confused about everything
  94. algebra 1

    what is x^2_3x+2/x^2-16+3x+6/x^2-16
  95. chemistry

    how mant electron valences are in CCl4
  96. analogies

    skill: prowess consternation:fear
  97. Geometry

    i have absolutely no idea how to do this!
  98. Math (Intergers)

    please can you tell me about more maths
  99. Chemistry

    How do I find the molarity of NaCl for different dilutions? You calculate the number of moles per liter of solution.
  100. Accounting Adjustment

    Use the straight line amortization method. Equipment amortizes 20 percent per year. Trial Balance for March 31, 2005 shows equipment worth $90,030.
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