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English 12 ..
Is anybody Currently attending to ONLINE connections Academy and taking ENGLISH 12 ? .

math, ratios
chose a situation that could be described by the following ratios, and write a sentence to describe the ratio in the context of the situation you chose. 1 to 2 29 to 30 52:12

Thank you.

PLEASE HELP! URGENT! I need to find an example of where buddhist art can be found today like an example of it.. a statue, temple, etc. I need one so i can write about it. Thank you soo much!

Hello, can somebody please send me a link to a website that explains how african masks grew.. (first came about) I cannot find a website that explains how the masks were first made, etc.

ok i got the features down, but Who was responsible for its start ? Im looking online and it just says it was developed by a group of architects in Europe

Describe features found in the early buildings of the International Style of architecture. Who was responsible for its start and what has it developed into?

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