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  1. Algebra

    So would it be (x-1)(x+1)?
  2. Algebra

    Factor x^2-1=0 How do you factor when there is no B in this equation?
  3. Algebra

    It says to complete the square for x^2-4x-2=0 How do you do this? Please help.
  4. english

    what is the correct way to write, (A characteristic I dislike is someone who is weak).
  5. physics

    A 2 kg ball is dropped from a height of 433 mm. Calculate the height (above the ground) at which KE is one third of PE.
  6. Biology

    In order to predict the percentage of males and females three assumptions must be considered: 1. The X carrying sperm and Y carrying sperm have an equal chance of fetilization: 2. The egg and sperm combine at random: 3. the XX and XY zygotes have equal chance of development at...
  7. chemistry

    Reaction with the presence of sunlight would be: CH4 + Br2 --> CH3Br + HBr
  8. Math

    Sam drives his car 23,040 miles per year. Find this rate in the number of miles driven per month, to the nearest mile
  9. Calculus

    Suppose f(pi/3) = 3 and f '(pi/3) = −7, and let g(x) = f(x) sin x and h(x) = (cos x)/f(x). Find the following. a. g'(pi/3) b. h'(pi/3)
  10. calculus

    How do I rond three decimal places?
  11. Algebra

    Use slopes and intercepts to determine if the following system is consistent, inconsistent, or dependent. -4x - 5y = 20 -12x - 30y = 60
  12. Algebra

    x/4 - y/2 = -11/4 x/4 + y/2 = 1/4 solve the system
  13. Calculus

    The number N of US cellular phone subscribers (in millions) is shown in the table. (Midyear estimates are given.) t 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 N 44 69 109 141 182 233 (a) Find the average rate of cell phone growth between the following years. In each case, include the units...
  14. Math

    An employee has two hourly wage options for positions in a large corporation. One position pays $11.00 plus additional unit rate of $0.50 unit produced. The other pays $7.25 plus a unit rate of $1.25. W(x)=11+0.5x M(x)=7.25+1.25x I need to find the solution for the systems by ...
  15. Physics 3

    Since F = -(dU/dx)i -(dU/dx)j -(dU/dx) = - (9x^2y - 7)i -(dU/dy) = - (3x^3) F = -(dU/dx)i -(dU/dy)j = (-9x^2y+7)i - 3x^3j
  16. math

    my equation is m 2=c. I want to use my equation to find the cost of a 60-mile trip.
  17. history 101

    why did the development of civilization in the americas and sub saharan africa differ so dramatically from development in Eurasia? why did certain Eurasia civilizations thrive while others collapsed during the first millenium B.C.E.
  18. Algebra

    Would this be B? 3(-1) - 2(-2) = 1 (-3) - (-4) =1 1 = 1
  19. Algebra

    What is the standard form of the equation of the line passing through the point (-1,-2) and perpendicular to the line y= - 2/3x - 1? a. 3x-2y=-1 b.3x-2y=1 c.3x+2y=1 d.3x+2y=-1 I don't understand, can anyone help me please?
  20. Hard math

    Solve for x using the laws of logarithms. ln(ln x)= 1
  21. physics

    In suddenly the value of G, the gravitational constant, increased to a billion times its actual value, what sorts of things would happen?
  22. Algebra

    Simplify the expression. Write the answer without negative exponents. (4a^3b^3)(4ab^2)^2
  23. Science

    Isn't that cheating though?
  24. Chemistry

  25. Chemistry

    Given the Empirical formula: C6H7N, and a molecular mass of 372.52 g/mol, How do I find the MOLECULAR formula for the compound?
  26. Math

    Use the distance formula to determine whether the points lie on the same line. (0,4),(7,-6),(-5,11). I know the distance formula, but I don't see how that will help me find out if they lie on the same line.
  27. English

    Write the list words that contain the same o sounds as the examples given. Use the order of the o sounds as shown in the examples. (upsidedown)/e/ as in collect or companion 1 2 3 4 5 (withtwodots)/a/ as in lot 6 7 8 (upsidedown)/e/ as in collect and (lineoverit)/o/ as in ...
  28. geometry

    what is the base and heigt of a triangle that has an area of 27 feet squared and the height is 3x base?
  29. Algebra

    In an election between two candidates, 530 votes were cast. If the winner received received 150 more votes than the loser, how many votes did the winner receive? a. 380 votes b. 680 votes c. 340 votes d. 190 votes help? I got 415, but it's not an answer.
  30. HUM 176

    Helping with good idea would be great.
  31. math

  32. biology

    many organelles and molecules needed for cell division are formed after DNA replication and before mitosis.In which phase are they formed??
  33. math

    im pretty sure you could do x2+bx2+c2+ax2 idk how to put the 2s they way you put it up there lol but you get the idea
  34. sara

    find the period of: y= -(1/2)cos3x)
  35. math

    find the fundemental period of f when: f(x)=2cos(3x)
  36. math

    i have been these are the only ones that i have problems with because i forgot how to do it nevermind then
  37. math

    a cube with 2-inch sides is placed on a cube with 3-inch sides. Then a cube with 1-inch sides is placed on the 2-inch cube. What is the surface area of the three cubes?
  38. math

    A classroom measures 32ft long, 25ft wide, and 9ft high. The combined area of doors and window is 140 ft^2. What is the remaining area of the four walls of the room?
  39. math

    a steel cargo container is shaped like a cube measuring 5.2ft on each edge. How much steel is needed to make this container?
  40. math

    would the weight be 0.42 you would get that from multplying 0.05*8.4 then you would have to convert the 0.42 into lb.
  41. math

    a bowling ball has a diameter of 8.4 in. It is made of plastic that weighs 0.05lb/in cubed.Find the weight of the bowling ball
  42. geometry

    how many milliliters of soup will this hemispherical bowl hold?(1cm cubed holds 1mL) Radius= 7 cm
  43. math

    a peanut butter jar has a height of 5.9in and diameter of 3.6 in. one cubic inch holds 0.45 oz of peanut butter. How many ounces will fit in the jar
  44. geometry

    jo was comparing two cylinders that both had a radius of 5cm. the first had a height of 10cm, and the other a height of 20cm. How many times greater was the volume of the larger cylinder?
  45. math

    a ferris wheel with a diameter of 76m. about how far would you travel in 8 turns ?
  46. geometry

    when two lines intersect, they form two pairs of "opposite" angles called _________ angles?
  47. geometry

    when two angles in a plane share a vertex and a side but no common interior points, they are called_________ angles ?
  48. geometry

    a spherical water storage tank has a radius of 10ft. A cubic foot of water is about 7.5 gallons. How many gallons of water will the tank hold?
  49. Med terms

    When I took this class, I went with the word distention. It is spelled wrong. It is suppose to be distension. I don't remember what my grade was but you can try that one too. I could be wrong but I just wanted to throw something out there.
  50. math 1A

    ln(a+b) + ln(a-b) -2ln c
  51. maths

  52. maths

    factorising by grouping.a+(ab+bd)+(ac+cd)
  53. Science

    A stationary roller coaster at the top of its path is 30m about the ground. The car and its passengers have a mass of 400kg. What is the velocity of the car when it reaches the ground lever? The formula for velocity is (Distance/time)
  54. american history

    I thought that because of the XYZ affair that realations between America and France declined.. Correct?
  55. Math

    how do you solve a linear system. 7. x-y=8 x+y=-2
  56. science

    What is a simple definition for the 2nd law of Thermodynamics?
  57. Math

    How do you solve the problem: x minus 6.2 is less than or equal to 8 ; x=14
  58. Ap physics B

    Four positive charges are fixed at the corners of a square, as shown above. Three of the charges have magnitude Q, and the fourth charge has a magnitude 2Q. Point P is at the center of the square at a distance r from each charge. 22. What is the electric potential at point P...
  59. Chemistry (Gas Laws) I REALLY NEED HELP

    Ok thanks, so do you just find the molar mass of those 8 grams of water to find moles?
  60. Chemistry (Gas Laws) I REALLY NEED HELP

    A 27.8 liter container is initially evacuated, and then 8.8 grams of water is placed in it. After a time, all the water evaporates, and the temperature is 130.8 degrees C. Find the final pressure.
  61. Physics

  62. Chemistry

    Neutrons are more effective than protons or alpha particles for bombarding atomic nuclei. Why?
  63. Science

    Can someone please explain what Newtons 3 laws mean? i don't understand the text book definition.
  64. Math

    I am solving inequalities then graphing my solution. in a problem such as -2(c-1)<-22 how do i solve this? and also how do i know the greater then less then sign is going the right way?
  65. Science

    the ideas didn't show up
  66. Science

    How do you make an egg drop without it breaking?
  67. Math

    How do I help my little brother with negative numbers? He doesn't understand when it is positive and when it is negative.
  68. Science

    What is friction? I don't understand the definition.
  69. Algebra (Quadratic Equations)

    Is the point (-3, -2) a solution of the intersection of the following set of quadratic equations: Y < - X ^ 2 X^2 + Y^2 < 16
  70. Algebra

    Is the point (-3, -2) a solution of the intersection of the following set of quadratic equations: Y < - X ^ 2 X^2 + Y^2 < 16
  71. Algebra

    Is the point (-3,-2) a solution of the intersection of the following set of quadratic equations: Y < -X ^ 2X^2 + Y^2< 16
  72. medical billing

    for medicaid cases there is no assignment of benefits unless the patient has other insurance in addition to medical. true or false 2. a two or three form that incorporates a bill, insurance form,and routing document used both computer and paper based system is called an ...
  73. medical billing & coding

    If a patient has an individual insurance policy, a release of information does not have to be signed before the physician's office submits a claim to the insurance company. true or false . i put false is that correct
  74. health care

    the insured may not necessary be the patient seen for medical service. true or false
  75. medical billing & coding

    insurance claims may not be legally denied for payment even if submited after the insurance company's time limit. true or false
  76. biology

    a male___________ of an angiosperm is a pollen grain.
  77. Chemistry

    Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) --> MgCl2(aq) + H2(g) If 1.0g of Mg is reacted with 10.0mL of 6.0M HCl, what volume of hydrogen gas will be produced at 298K & 1atm?
  78. Ap physics b

    A piece of copper wire is formed into a single circular loop of radius 11 cm. A magnetic field is oriented parallel to the normal to the loop, and it increases from 0 to 0.65 T in a time of 0.45 s. The wire has a resistance per unit length of 3.3 10-2 /m. What is the average ...
  79. geometry

    An airplane over the pacific sights an atoll at 8 degree angle of depression. If the plane is 520hm above water, how many kilometers is it from a point 520 m directly above the center of the atoll? Help please :]
  80. geometry

    A cable 22 feet long runs from the top of a utility pole to a point on the ground 15 feet from the base of the pole. How tall is the utility pole? - thanks!
  81. math

    all you do is combine them.
  82. Earth Science

    As a star ages, its internal composition changes as nuclear reactions in the star's core convert one element into another. True or false?
  83. physics

    Initially sliding with a speed of 2.3 , a 1.7 block collides with a spring and compresses it 0.26 before coming to rest.What is the force constant of the spring?
  84. physics

    Find the linear speed of the bottom of a test tube in a centrifuge if the centripetal acceleration there is 5.5×104 times the acceleration of gravity. The distance from the axis of rotation to the bottom of the test tube is 8.0 .
  85. math

  86. physics

    Two Astronauts A and B are working in the space shuttle in the space.Suddenly the hammer falls from the hands of astranaut in space. who will hear most sound,Astranonaut A or B .and why?
  87. math

    25=50*40x 25=2000x x=2000/25 x=80 therefore the value of x is 80
  88. Physics concept question

    B: The current-carrying wire produces a magnetic field at the location of the charge. This magnetic field exerts a force on the charge.
  89. Algebra

    3x to the second power,minus 15x plus 18 is????
  90. math

    I need help graphing equations and inequalites like 5x+4y=20,6x-2y=-4,3x+y=5, and -3x-y=0
  91. Maths

    C = 2 * pi * r = 2 * 22/7 * 7 = 44 cm 1 km = 1,00,000 cm 44 km = 44,00,000 cm revolutions to be made = 44,00,000/44 = 1,00,000
  92. sociology

    I am having a hard time writing a paper, I am not just not sure what dominant American culture is. I know the American culture is religion, holiday's, some foods, but I just cant help but think their is more to it. I would appreciate any help in the right direction, thanks.
  93. Chemistry

    4. 8.56L of H2
  94. Geometry

    Which shows the correct coordinates for the reflection of the point over the line y = -4 a. (-6,9)->(-6, 17) b. (-6,9)->(6,-17) c. (-6,9)->(-10,-9) d. (-6,9)->(2,-9) I how to reflect over a line. Can you help me please?
  95. World History

    How did Muslim merchants influence the devolopment of trade in Africa?
  96. Geometry

    How do i do glide reflection on a graph? example. which glide reflection could map figure ABC to figure A'B'C'? a.translation of <-1,-2> and reflection over the line x= =1 etc. I cant show you the graph but im stuck on glide reflection for graphs. Help please.
  97. AP European History

    Actually, I am Christina. Alex is my friend, we are working on our practice essays together. :) This is question 2, the other one is question one. Thanks for the help, though!
  98. AP European History

    How did Medieval Europe lay the groundwork for the re-birth of Europe (Renaissance)? What conditions existed that allowed Europe to evolve out of medieval conditions? I don't even know where to start, other than that I know that monarchs began to solidify their authority. ...
  99. gr.10 math

    Okay, so with the first part, 5(2y+1), you distribute the 5 to BOTH parts of what is inside the parentheses, so you have 5(2y) + 5(1). That gives you 10y + 5. Now, for the second part of the equation. When you have that negative in front of that parentheses, that means you ...
  100. health

    I think it would because more people are seeking health care now, medical treatments are more extensive and sophisticated now then ever before, the cost of training health care professionals,increase in lawsuits, as people live longer they require more health care, fraud by ...
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