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  1. math

    there were 360 pumpkins in a pumpkin patch , but it was difficult for farmer alexander to find the perfect pumpkin. evry third pumpkin was too small. every fourth pumpkin was too green. every fifth pumpkin had a broken stem. every sixth pumpkin had the wrong shape. How many ...
  2. math

  3. math

    Is the correct answer 1400.
  4. math

    At Strawberry State College, the ratio of females to males is 2:1. If there are 2100 students, how many are female and how many are male?
  5. math

    On a TV game show, a contestant makes $800 for every correct answer but loses $500 for every wrong answer. After answering 26 questions, Sarah broke even. How many questions did she answer correctly?
  6. physics

    what is acceleration of an object over a 4second period if its starting velocity is 8 m/s and it velocity is 20 m/s?
  7. chemistry

    I would like to know what volume of water you use? How to calculate the volume of water?
  8. chemistry

    2. Sulfuric acid comes from the oxidation of sulfur. The stages of the reactions are given below: S + O2 --> SO2 ∆H= -296.8 kj SO2 + 1/2 O2 --> SO3 ∆H= -98.9 kj SO3 + H2O --> H2SO4 ∆H= -130.0 kj The typical plant produces 750 tons of H2SO4 per day. ...
  9. Chemistry

    Each of 2 front tires in the car is filled with a different gas. One tire contains 116 g of helium, another tire has 160 g of unknown gas. How many times heavier is a molecule of the unknown gas than an atom of helium?
  10. geography

    john who lives at 35 degrees north and 120 degrees west regularly calls Geroge his business partnet at 2pm (John's local time) every day during July last year. George regularly recevied the calls at 10 pm ( his local time). throughout the month, George reported that the ...
  11. math

    If you are flying to a city 800 miles away, what will be the difference in flight times between flying into a 40-mph headwind and flying with a 40-mph tailwind if the plane's maximum speed with no wind is 160 mph?
  12. math

    Jacob opens a savings account on January 1 with a deposit of $350. He has "direct deposit," in which $25 is deposited every other week. The bank also charges a $3 monthly processing fee. How much money will he have at the end of the year?
  13. math

    -16343-x=-343 Find x
  14. math

    Jacob opens a savings account on January 1 with a deposit of $350. He has "direct deposit," in which $25 is deposited every other week. The bank also charges a $3 monthly processing fee. How much money will he have at the end of the year?
  15. math

    If you are flying to a city 800 miles away, what will be the difference in flight times between flying into a 40-mph headwind and flying with a 40-mph tailwind if the plane's maximum speed with no wind is 160 mph?
  16. math

    Alex came home after school one day and found that his mother had left a plate of cookies. Alex ate 1/4 of the cookies. When his sister Bernice came home, she ate 1/3 of the remaining cookies, and when Carla came home, she ate 1/2 of the cookies on the plate. When their mother...
  17. math

    Below are the median prices of homes sold in 2009, by region of the country. South 158,300 Northeast 248,800 Midwest 139,500 West 243,200 U.S. 180,100 The median selling price of a home in the South was approximately what fraction of the median selling price of a home in the ...
  18. math

    Name three factors of 100,000,000 that are not multiples of 10.
  19. math

    If 72 divides m, what other numbers must divide m? If 55 divides m, what other numbers must divide m? (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.)
  20. math

    The factors of a number include 9, 12, and 20. What is the smallest number this could be? List all the factors of this number
  21. math

    The GCF of two numbers is 15. Their LCM is 450. What are the two numbers? (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.)
  22. math

    A child has a large supply of dominoes, each of which measures 16 millimeters by 88 millimeters. She wants to lay them out to form a solid square, and she wants them all to be laid out horizontally. What will be the dimensions of the smallest square that she can form, and how ...
  23. math

    George vacuums the rugs every 18 days, mows the grass every 9 days, and pays the bills every 15 days. Today he did all three. How long will it be before he has another day like today?
  24. math

    Ann and Bob are cycling on a track. Ann completes one lap every 15 seconds, and Bob completes one lap every 18 seconds. When will Ann lap Bob, assuming that they started together?
  25. math

    I am thinking of a two-digit number in which the sum of the digits is 9 and the number is even. These clues alone do not create one answer. Add one more clue so that there is only one answer. Both digits are divisible by 2. The difference of the digits is 2. Both digits are ...
  26. math

    A manufacturer sells widgets, each of which is packaged in a box whose dimensions are 8 centimeters by 8 centimeters by 8 centimeters. Design the dimensions of a box to ship widgets. Your box must hold at least 1000 widgets. (Enter your answer in the form length, width, height...
  27. math

    Suppose the U.S. federal debt was $9,400,000,000,000. Let's say that the decision was made to reduce the debt by $10 million per day. How long would it take to pay off the debt at this rate? (Round your answer to the nearest year.)
  28. math

    In order to make the most accurate calendar, the following system was devised. Leap years occur every 4 years except for years ending in 00, but years divisible by 400 are leap years. In this case, the year is a leap year if it is divisible by 400. Which of the following years...
  29. math

    This problem from China is almost 2000 years old: Find a number that when divided by 3 gives a remainder of 1, when divided by 5 gives a remainder of 4, and when divided by 7 gives a remainder of 2.
  30. math

    When items in a box are put in groups of 3 or 5 or 6, there is always 1 item left over. How many items are in the box if there are fewer than 50?
  31. chemistry

    A STUDENT STUDYING THE FE+3- HSCN equilibrium put into a test tube 10.00ml of 2.00 x 10-3 M Fe(NO3)3 with 10.0 mL of 2.00 x 10-3 M HSCN.THE H+ in the resulting solution was manteined at 0.500.By spectrophotometric analysis of the equilibrium solution, the equilibrium ...
  32. Sociology

    Discuss the conclusions of Margaret Mead concerning temperament, and explain how she arrived at her conclusions.
  33. physics

    You pull a 18 kg sled across the floor with a strap that is at an angle of 40° above the horizontal with a force 86 N. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the sled, given that the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the floor is 0.23.
  34. Office administration

    Why are files reduce in an organisation?
  35. Physics

    A dolphin wants to swim directly back to its home bay, which is 0.85 km due west. It can swim at a speed of 4.30 m/s relative to the water, but a uniform water current flows with speed 2.83 m/s in the southeast direction. (a) What direction should the dolphin head? (b) How ...
  36. physics

    Sheena can row a boat at 2.90 mi/h in still water. She needs to cross a river that is 1.22 mi wide with a current flowing at 1.55 mi/h. Not having her calculator ready, she guesses that to go straight across, she should head 60.0° upstream. (a) What is her speed with ...
  37. Calculus

    limit as x-->4- (from the left) of (3[[x]]-5) [[absolute value.]]
  38. Calculus

    find the limit(if it exists), if not explain why. lim x--> 4- (3[[x]]-5)
  39. world geography

    Where on Earth? which of the 12 northern eurasian cities will be the home of your company's newest restaurant? hint: use information from an atlas and al almanac to eliminate all but one city
  40. vocab

    What is a compound sentence for abnegation?
  41. World Geogrpahy

    what does the cartogram tell you about japan?
  42. Physics

    A school bus takes 0.92 h to reach the school from your house. If the average velocity of the bus is 18.3 km/h to the east, what is the displacement?
  43. algebra

    Solve. (x-4)=18
  44. algebra

    Solve by using the square root property. (x+7)^2=-11
  45. Algebra 1

    what are the length and width of a rectangle if the area is 13.5 square units and the length of one side is .5 the measure of the perimeter?
  46. Math

    I posted this question before but accidentally typed in the wrong values! Please help, I just need to know the basic formula my book didn't provide any examples. For the function y = -2sin(x-(pi/3)) between x = 0 and x = 2pi : (6 marks) For what value(s) of x does y have ...
  47. algebra

    A motel clerk counts his $1 and $10 bills at the end of the day. He finds that hes has total of 64 bills having combined monetary value of $217. Find the number of each denomination that he has.
  48. algebra

    It would cost $79.59 to buy three tickets in Japan plus two tickets in Switzerland. Three tickets in Switzerland plus two tickets in Japan would cost $75.31. How much does an average movie ticket cost in each of these countries?
  49. algebra

    A store mixes Brazilian coffee worth $11 per kilogram and Venezuelan coffee worth $15 per kilogram. The mixture is to sell for $14 per kilogram. Find how much of each is needed to to make a 216-kilogram mixture. Brazilian coffee needed- Venezuelan coffee needed-
  50. algebra

    Solve by using the elimination method. 9x-y=72 x+4y=45
  51. algebra

    Solve by using the elimination method. 7x-8y=-20 8x+7y=74
  52. algebra

    Solve by using the elimination method. 2x=2+4y -3/2x+y=-31/2
  53. algebra

    What are the coordinates for each equation. 3x-2y=-18 -3x-y=0
  54. algebra

    Solve by the substitution method. 2x+7y=16 x=22-7y
  55. algebra

    Solve the system of equations by graphing. -3x-2y=18 3x-y=0
  56. algebra

    Solve by the elimination method. 2x-7y=-36 7x+2y=33
  57. trig

    Construct the equations of the following trigonometric functions: A)A sine function with amplitude 2, period , phase shift /3 right B)A tangent function with a reflection in the y-axis, period ¾, translation up 5 units C)A cosine function with period 270°, ...
  58. trig

    For the function -2sin(x-(pi/3)) between x = 0 and x = 2 : (6 marks) For what value(s) of x does y have its maximum value? For what value(s) of x does y have its minimum value? For what value(s) of x does y=1?
  59. Math

    What is the maximum number of nonoverlapping squares with sides of length 3 that will fit inside of a square with sides of length 6?
  60. algebra

    parking in a student lot cost $1 for the first half hour and $1.75 for each hour thereafter. A partial hour is charged the same as a full hour. What is the longest time that a student can park in this lot for $9 what is the answer
  61. algebra

    Complete the factoring. 3x^3+9x^2+6x
  62. algebra

    Calculate. 7[6+(8)^3]
  63. algebra

    Factor by grouping. 7z^2+21z-az-3a
  64. algebra

    Factor by grouping. 20s^3+65s^2-60s
  65. algebra

    Factor the trinomial. 5c^c-70c+200
  66. algebra

    Factor. 125r^2-245
  67. CJS/230

    Why don't you do your own homework without using someone else to do it for you?
  68. math

  69. algebra

  70. Physics question

    1.) If the curling stone was initially sliding at 2.97 m/s and stopped precisely 10.8 meters from its launch point, then the coefficient of friction (the ratio between the magnitude of the frictional force and the magnitude of the normal force) was? 3.) Two curling contestants...
  71. physics

    Forces of 86 N east, 23 N north, 46 N south, 55 N west are simultaneously applied to a box of mass 13.8 kg. Find the magnitude of the box's acceleration?
  72. Physics :)

    John and Joan walk in opposite directions around a circular path, starting from the same point. The path has a radius of 50.0 meters. John walks at 1.00 m/s, Joan at 1.25 m/s. How long will it take for them to meet? Can someone please explain this to me?! I keep getting it ...
  73. Physics PLEASE HELP

    Nitrogen gas molecules, which have mass 4.65×10−26 kg, are striking a vertical container wall at a horizontal velocity of positive 440 m/s. 5.00×1021 molecules strike the wall each second. Assume the collisions are perfectly elastic, so each particle rebounds...
  74. PHYSICS!!!

    A net force of 30 N is applied to a 10 kg object, which starts at rest. What is the magnitude of its momentum after 3.0 seconds? Can someone please explain this as you go through the steps? I already know the equation is p=mv and I know that mass is 10kg and I just need v...
  75. Calculus

    Find the volume or the solid generated by revolving around the region bounded by the graphs of the equations about line x=6. xy=6, y=2, y=6, and x=6
  76. math (please double check my answers)

    4. Prove: 2^n + 2^n = 2^n+1
  77. math

    6. Determine the domain and range for each function given. Explain where any restrictions come from. a. f(x)= sqrt x + 5 – 4 b. f(x) = 1/2x^2 – 32 c. f(x) = 4/x^2 + 1
  78. College Algebra

    Solve the equation. If necessary, round to the nearest thousandth. 5(2x-1)=10
  79. physics

    Suppose the spring in this spring-powered rifle has a spring constant of k = 1,000 N/m. How much work can it do in accelerating the projectile, if it is compressed by x = 0.10 m?
  80. science

    Overpopulation. Increase population=decrease of natural resources.
  81. Chemistry

    I know that I am close to the answer using this formula with plugged in information: ln p2/760= 40500/8.314(1/273-1/351.1) Just not sure what I am doing wrong. Is someone could assist me that would be greatly appreciated! thanks :)
  82. Chemistry

    The boiling point of ethanol is 78.5C and delta H vap = 40.5kJ/mol. Calculate the vapor pressure (in torr) of ethanol at 0.0C ?
  83. algebra

    Write an exponential function to model the situation. Then predict the value of the function after 5 years (to the nearest whole number). A population of 210 animals that increases at an annual rae of 19% Can you explain your answer please?
  84. math

    b.) 8P3 = 336
  85. Algebra II

    If F(x)=x^2-x+1 and g(x)=-3x+6, what is the product of f(-1) and g(3)? Help please.
  86. Chidren,Families,and Society

    I believe the answer is D
  87. math

    how do you find the derivative of f(x)=2x/(x^2+x+1)^1/2 HELP A.S.A.P.?
  88. Algebra 2

    (x-4)^3/2 = -6 In the end I got .69, but that's wrong. Please help. I don't really understand. My work. x-4 = -6^2/3 x=4-6^2/3 x=.6980727511
  89. Physics

    A stuntman sitting on a tree limb wishes to drop vertically onto a horse galloping under the tree. The constant speed of the horse is 10.0 m/s, and the man is initially 2.75 m above the level of the saddle. (a) What must be the horizontal distance between the saddle and limb ...
  90. math

    The final math grades for all 6th graders were A: 125, B: 200, C: 350, D: 95, and F: 25. Make a bar graph to display this data. In the box below, write a description of your bar graph.
  91. science

  92. Algebra 2

    Solve each equation by graphing. Where necessary, round to the nearest hundredth -x^3+2x^2+1=0
  93. Algebra 2

    Solve each equation by graphing. Where necessary, round to the nearest hundredth x^4+2x-3= 0
  94. Algebra 2

    Solve each equation by graphing. Where necessary, round to the nearest hundredth -x^3+3x+4=0
  95. chemistry

    CxHyCz compound weighs 132 amu, what is the molecular formula?
  96. greek philosophy and history

    Greek philosophers
  97. Algebra

    Thank you. :)
  98. Algebra

    So would it be (x-1)(x+1)?
  99. Algebra

    Factor x^2-1=0 How do you factor when there is no B in this equation?
  100. Algebra

    It says to complete the square for x^2-4x-2=0 How do you do this? Please help.
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