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  1. Science

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  2. Science

    In a new system of unit called star unit 1*kg=10kg,1m*=1km,1s*=1min. Convert 1J of energy in new system of unit.
  3. math

    Maude uses 3/4 of her allowance to get a massage for 3/5 of an hour. What fraxction of her allowance would she need to get a massage for a full hour?
  4. Algebra

    The numbers on top and bottom of the 1. , 2. , 3. And 4 are supposed to the numerator and denominator of the fraction in the equation
  5. Algebra

    I need help solving 4 equations step by step. Please help. 5 1. --- (t) = -9 13 X+2 2. 6 = ----- 3 W 3. 13 + --- = -18 7 4. 17 = -13 - 8x
  6. Chemistry

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  7. Chemistry

    You have a solution of 0.500 M NaCl. If you add an equal amount of water to this solution, doubling the volume, what is the concentration of this solution?
  8. Chemistry

    The percent composition by mass of an unknown compound with a molecular mass of 60.052 amu is 40.002% C, 6.7135% H, and 53.284% O. Determine the compound's empirical and molecular formulas.
  9. English

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  10. English

    If I understood correctly, does the statement below mean that I must e-mail on Friday, November 5, 2017 but no later than 12 pm to confirm the interview or does it mean that I can e-mail earlier by the deadline, which is 12 pm on Friday, November 5, 2017? Statement: Please e-...
  11. algrebra

    find g^4(x) and the domain and range of g(x) and g^4(x) 1. g(x) = 9 - x^2, x< 0 2. g(x) = (x - 1)^2 +1, x<1
  12. algebra

    solve the following equation x^2+16=0
  13. biology

    if a rock had a mass of 9.00g, what is the density of the rock?
  14. calculus

    Find the limit. Use l'Hospital's Rule if appropriate. If there is a more elementary method, consider using it. lim x?? {(5x ? 4)/(5x + 3)}^5x + 1
  15. calculus

    Find the limit. Use l'Hospital's Rule if appropriate. If there is a more elementary method, consider using it. lim x?0 (e^x ? e^?x ? 2x)/(x ? sin(x))
  16. calculus

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. arctan(2x^2y)=x+4xy^2
  17. calculus

    Find y'and y''. y=x^1/2 ln(x)
  18. Math

    what is 4+9 to the second power divided by 3x2-2
  19. Math

    use the digits 6 7 8 and 9 to make a problem with the largest product possible
  20. Math

    A sweater costs 15.99. If the sweater is on sale for 1/4 off its price, about how much would you save?
  21. math bus 105

    Calculate (a) interest and maturity value, (b) discount period, (c) bank discount, and (d) proceeds. Assume ordinary interest. (Round answers to nearest hundredths) Date of note Face value Length of note Interest rate Bank discount rate Date of discount Feb. 12 $80,000 150 ...
  22. Chemistry

    After mixing 1 g of 60% ee (+)-Kendomycin with 2 g of 80% ee (+)-Kendomycin, what is the ee of the final mixture? I know the answer is 73% ee, but I don't understand how to get to that answer!
  23. chemistry

    A compound contains 74,27%C;7,79%H;12,99%N. Determine the empirical formula. C=12;H=1;N=14;0=16.
  24. chemistry

    Calculate the percentage composition of sulphuric acid if the atomic masses are H=1u, S=32u and 0=16u
  25. maths /science

    A body calling from rest has a velocity of 25m/s at given instant. Calculate 1 the distance the body has fallen 2 the time taken
  26. maths/science

    A body falls from a position of rest at the top of a tall building and attains a velocity of 63.7m/s just before striking the ground. Calculate the time for the body to fall from the top of the building to the ground
  27. maths

    Calculate the velocity of a stone7 seconds after falling from rest of the edge of a high cliff
  28. Clc

    5 more than the product of -2 and the number
  29. Math

    Alice can complete a certain job in 5 hours she had been working on the job for two hours when a friend came along. And helped her finish together they completed the job in 1 hr how long would it take alices friend to complete a job on her own. I have 1 fifth plus 1 over1 ...
  30. Math help

    Use what's called the percent change formula: % Change=New amount-old amount/old amount and multiply the answer by 100 to get it in terms of percentage. For example: 14-9=5 5/14 (14 because that was its initial price prior to it decreasing) =0.3571. We want our answer in ...
  31. Life Orientation

    Restorative justice is a new concept in the south african legal landscape. Explain briefly what its intentions are in the process of human rights violations
  32. lifeorientation

  33. life orientation

    Education -you have the right to basic education example work hard, attend school regularly
  34. physics

    Can the value of equilibrant be equal to zero? If yes, why?
  35. Art

    No name is 100% right! I took the test and got 100%! Thank you no name!
  36. chemistry

    Suppose that the microwave radiation has a wavelength of 12 cm . How many photons are required to heat 255 mL of coffee from 25.0 ∘C to 62.0 ∘C? Assume that the coffee has the same density, 0.997 g/mL , and specific heat capacity, 4.184 J/(g⋅K) , as water ...
  37. Math

    C 9P4 = C There are 9 slots, in which 4 parts can be placed in. Order also matters for each part/role. Therefore, 9P4
  38. World Geography

    A. Roman Catholics is the answer
  39. Geometry

    1. D. BOA 2. B. Right (I think) 3. A. 105 4. B. Sometimes Sorry I didn't answer sooner I just found this question.
  40. stats

    Out of 16 actors, there are 10 female roles. Out of 9 actors, there are 5 male roles. Therefore, 16P10 * 9P5 = Answer
  41. Calculus- Damon, Steve, Reiny

    I forgot to mention that I am trying to find sigma squared.. given that the mean is r and p(x)= (1/r)(e^(-x/r)) on the interval [0,infinity), where r>0.. note: sigma squared= integral sign (-inf, inf) (x-M)^2 p(x) dx i got (r^2 - 2r)^(1/2) for sigma, but my answer is wrong...
  42. Calculus- NEED HELP!!!

    I got r^2 - 2r.. and it is wrong.... please help....
  43. Calculus

    I tried to integrate this: intergral sign with an interval from -inifinity to + infinity function: (x-r)^2 (1/r) (e^(-x/r)) with respect to dx..... I know that Steve set up the u-substitution but I seem to never arrive at an answer... It seems like I keep integrating and ...
  44. Calculus

    How do you integrate (x-r)^2 (1/r) (e^(-x/r)) from the interval negative infinity to positive infinity?
  45. maths

    a bag contains three labelled A,R,C and a box contains 4 cards 1,2,3,5. if cards are picked from the bag and from the box, find the probability of picking on A and a prime number
  46. Calculus

    Calculate μ and σ, where σ is the standard deviation, defined by the following. σ^2 = integral between (−∞,∞) (x-μ)^2 p(x) dx The smaller the value of σ the more tightly clustered are the values of the random variable X about the...
  47. Chemistry

    Why does carbonate have a -2 charge and not -1? Why does phosphate have a -3 charge and not -2 or -1? Why does nitrate have a -1 charge and not -2 or -3? My answer: Based on the Lewis structure, these ions need a certain number of electrons in order to be stable...the octet ...
  48. Chemistry

    Rank the following in order of increasing bond polarity: H-F, H-Br, F-F, Na-Cl. Is it this....? F-F, H-Br, H-F, Na-Cl
  49. Chemistry

    Why does carbonate have a -2 charge and not -1? Why does phosphate have a -3 charge and not -2 or -1? Why does nitrate have a -1 charge and not -2 or -3? My answer: Based on the Lewis structure, these ions need a certain number of electrons in order to be stable...the octet ...
  50. math

    how much flour will be needed to make 3 pies if using 1 3/4 cups of flour? i need two ways of solving this question please
  51. Chemistry

    My final temperature was higher than my initial temperature, and my graph shows that the temperature icreases and then decreases. I thought that would make it exothermic, but don't exothermic reactions give off heat? If someone could clear this up, I would really ...
  52. Chemistry

    How can I tell from a graph of temperature vs. time if a reaction is endothermic or exothermic?
  53. 8th Grade Science

    How do adaptations enable organisms to reduce competion for food and other resources PLEASE ANSWER BY 4 (50 MINS)
  54. Algebra

    Find the linear function with the following properties: f(0)=1 and the slope of f equals -3/2 THANK YOU
  55. la history

    Thanks Dick H. your answers are correct. =)
  56. la history

    answer them. duh! lmao xD
  57. Algebra

    The back of Tom's property is a creek. Tom would like to enclose a rectangular area, using the creek as one side and fencing for the other three sides, to create a corral. If there is 100 feet of fencing available, what is the maximum possible area of the corral? ? square ...
  58. Math 71x

    One cell phone plan allows 200 text messages per month for $20 after which text messages cost $0.04 each. Another cell plan allows 400 text essages per month for $30 each. What would be the minimum text messages that would justify the more expensive plan
  59. Stats

    estimate the probability that a patient has health insurance, if 59% of Americans have private insurance and 25% have government insurance. Estimate the probability that it is private insurance Is this P(A and B) = P(A) x P(B)
  60. Math

    Bob was riding his dune buggy. Part of the time he was riding at 10 mph and the remainder of the time at 14 mph. The total distance traveled was 68 miles and it took him 5 hours. How much time was spent traveling at 10 mph?
  61. Physical Science

    how much energy must be removed from 1 L of water at 25 C and turn it to ice at -10 C?
  62. Chemistry

    When 24.0 cal of heat is added to 18.5 g of aluminum at 19.0 ∘C, what is the final temperature of the aluminum?
  63. science

    a baby pushes a toy across the floor with a force of 5 newtons inertia balanced force unbalanced force velocity
  64. Statistics

    A random sample of 100 cable TV movies contained an average of 3.38 acts of physical violence per program. At the 99% level what is your estimate of the population value? mean = 3.38 s = 0.30 N = 100
  65. Bio

    Why do doctors recommend that people get a flu shot each new flu season? The vaccine wears out over time. The body eliminates the vaccine. The flu virus changes every year. The flu virus becomes immune to the vaccine.
  66. Science

    What do B cells do?
  67. Science

    n(No/N) = kt No = 100 N = 85 t = 5 days solve for k Then ln(No/N) = kt No = 100 N = ? solve for this amount remaining. k = from above t = 25 days N is what is left. (N/100)*100 = % left
  68. Biology

    OMG I did this one before!
  69. programming

    Using python write a program that does the following: •Create the logic for a program whose main() method prompts a user for 1000 numbers and stores them in a list. •Pass the array to a method that reverses the order of the numbers. •In the main program, display...
  70. Programming logic and design

    Using python write a program that does the following: •Create the logic for a program that calculates and displays the amount of money you would have if you invested $3000 at 2.65 percent interest for one year. •Create a separate method to do the calculation and ...
  71. Math

    Ms. Sue you may be a math teacher but wording is important here. The correct answer should be 30%. It didn't say what percentage of total students chose walking, it said what percentage of boys chose walking. There are 10 boys, 3 of whom chose walking. Therefore, the ...
  72. Math

    Wow Ms.Sue who ever you are I keep seeing you on this website.
  73. physics

    dahnay carried a box (5,4)m.the box had a mass of 5kg.dahnay says that over 300J of work was done on the box . is dahnay correct?explain the answer.
  74. English

    What is the difference between the denotative and connotative meaning of a word?
  75. georgia state history

    What governing body did the Georgia Charter if 1732 establish
  76. Ss help 8th

    Compare and contrast the experiences of the Creeks and Cherokees in Georgia following the War of 1812

    you know any links i can find my answers? anything. i need help on this.

    Describe significant events in the social and economic reconstruction of the South. Why are these events significant?

    How is this so far? and what else should i add, i need two pages and i have only one done, due today. help? I'm doing like a journalist. I Josephine A. Walker was a slave for Harry Richardson. Every morning I had to serve him, I had to be up by 4am and was unable to go to ...
  80. SS

    How is this so far? and what else should i add, i need two pages and i have only one done, due today. help? I Josephine A. Walker was a slave for Harry Richardson. Every morning I had to serve him, I had to be up by 4am and was unable to go to bed till 12am midnight. I had to ...
  81. geography

    What are examples of human adaptation to the environment?
  82. Geography

    What role did the waterways of Europe play in the development of it's economy?
  83. Geography

    How are the landforms of Europe both an advantages and a disadvantage to life in Europe?
  84. math

    1. If you convert 7/8 to the denominator of 80 it would be 70/80 2. The same with 11/10 that would be 88/80 3. Which is closer to 80/80 ( 80/80 = 1 ) 4. 11/10 is closer to 80/80, it is only 8 away from actually being 1 whole.
  85. Physics

    You are going diving in a pool of fresh water. Your body can only take a total pressure on it of 2.0 atmospheres. How deep can you dive before your body can no longer take the pressure?
  86. physics

    A toy boat has a volume of 0.0005m^3. It has a mass of 450 grams. How much of the boat is under fresh water?
  87. Physics

    A hot air balloon of radius 12 meters has been heated so that the air inside has a density of 1.05 kg/m^3. What can the total load of the balloon be (mass of balloon itself plus cargo) if you need the balloon to accelerate into the air with an acceleration of 4 m/s^2?
  88. algebra

    You deposit $3000 in an account earning 7% interest compounded continuously. The amount of money in the account after years is given by A(t)=3000 e^(0.07 t) . How much will you have in the account in 5 years? $ Round your answer to 2 decimal places. How long will it be until ...
  89. science

    A swimming pool measures 10m by 7m by 2m calculate the full force exerted by the water against the bottom. What is the pressure at the bottom due to the water?
  90. Accounting

    computer equipment beginning balance is 20,000 working on the adjusted general journal and the scenario is the computer has a 4 year life with no salvage value not sure how to log this
  91. science

    Bill kicks a rock off the top of his apt building it strikes a window across the street 18m away the acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s if the window is 25m below the position where bill contacted the rock how long was it ini the air
  92. Chemistry 11

    Thank you guys so much for helping me! I see my steps were really unnecessary.
  93. Chemistry 11

    Find the percent composition of a compound containing sodium and chlorine if 24.34g of the compound contains 13.45g of sodium. My work: Molar mass of NaCl: MNa +MCl = 22.99 g/mol + 35.45 g/mol = 58.44 g/mol Percent composition of Na: 22.99 g/mol / 58.44 g/mol x 100 = 39.34% Na...
  94. Accounting

  95. science-gen chem

    if 0.969 g of CaCl2 is mixed with 1.111 g of KlO3 how many grams of solid Ca(IO3)2 can theoretically be made? CaCl2(aq) + 2KlO3(aq) ===> 2Kcl(aq) + Ca(lO3)2 (s)
  96. 4th Grade math

  97. math

    If the sun is aplroximantely 1.5×10^(11) meters from Earth, what is the approximate distance from Earth to Mars.
  98. College Chemistry

    Suppose there are two known compounds containing the generic elements X and Y. You have a 1.00-g sample of each compound. One sample contains 0.29 g of X and the other contains 0.38 g of X. Identify plausible sets of formulas for these two compounds. Check all that apply. XY ...
  99. Math

    The Mills Lunch Shop prepares fresh take-out entrees each day. On Tuesday, 40 baked chicken dinners were prepared at a cost of $3.20 each. A 20% spoilage rate is anticipated. Mills Lunch Shop sells the dinners at an 80% markup based on cost. They decided to offer a $1.00-off ...
  100. Geography

    Which geographic feature marks the last natural obstacle for Georgia’s rivers on their way to the Atlantic Ocean? (1 point) the Floridian Aquifer the Valley and Ridge region the Fall Line *** (MY ANSWER) the Marshes of Glynn AM I RIGHT?