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  1. Check my calc please

    Thank you!
  2. Check my calc please

    sorry the integral denotation is x?1 (not x?-1)
  3. Check my calc please

    Use the graph of f(t) = 2t + 2 on the interval [-1, 4] to write the function F(x), where f(x) = x?-1 f(t) dt a. F(x) = x^2 + 3x b. F(x) = x^2 + 2x - 12 (my answer) c. F(x) = x^2 + 2x - 3 d. F(x) = x^2 + 4x - 8
  4. Calculus check

    Help me check my calculus 1. The graph of f '(x) is continuous, positive, and has a relative maximum at x = 0. Which of the following statements must be true? a. The graph of f is always concave down. b.The graph of f is always increasing. c. The graph of f has a relative...
  5. Calculus

    Can someone help me check my answers 1. Find the range of the function f(x) = x?-6 ?36-t^2 dt - [-6, 0] - [0, 6] - [0, 9?] (my answer) - [0, 18?] 2. Use the graph of f(t) = 2t + 2 on the interval [-1, 4] to write the function F(x), where f(x) = x?-1 f(t) dt a. F(x) = x^2 + 3x...
  6. Calculus

    Thank you
  7. Calculus

    The differential equation dy/dx = (y-2)/(y-1) I.produces a slope field with horizontal tangents at y = 2 II.produces a slope field with vertical tangents at y = -1 III.produces a slope field with columns of parallel segments A. I only B. II only C. I and II D. III only
  8. Social Studies

    What Washington industries have experienced the most growth in recent decades because of technological innovation? Select all that apply. (4 po coal mining video games computer software fish hatcheries food canning genetic engineering grape farming lumber milling online retail...
  9. chem

    Am I missing a part? As I worked it out, I'm getting 2.11x10^-4... I'm not sure if this is right?
  10. chem

    A student uses (2.1000x10^-1) grams of oxalic acid dihydrate. Her titration required (2.63x10^1) mL of NaOH to reach the endpoint. What is the M of her NaOH solution. Put in scientific notation w/ 3 sig figs. How would you do this through dimensional analysis?
  11. Parametrics

    When I multiply that I get 11.2. So would it be C then?
  12. Parametrics

    A bowling ball is rolled down and alley with a constant velocity of 1.4m/sec. at an angle of 86deg. To the starting line. The position of the person throwing the bowling ball can be represented by the point (0,0). Where is the ball after 8 seconds? (0.1,1.4) (0.6,8.0) (0.8,11....
  13. Math

    A passbook savings account has a rate of 8%. Find the effective annual yield if the interest is compounded quarterly.
  14. Math

    Kim and Mario wish to have $30,000 available for a kitchen remodel in 3 years. How much money should they set aside now at 7% compounded monthly in order to reach their financial goal? Round your answer UP to the nearest cent.
  15. math

    Linda had started with 1 yard of fabric and used 5/8, how much fabric would be left
  16. Learning another language

    Whats a good site to learn German? if anyone could help thanks
  17. American Goverment

    .Use of the Internet for grassroots organizing, political commentary, and fund-raising has become a standard due to developments in the __________ presidential campaigns. a.1996 b..2000 c.2004 d.2008 C. 2004?
  18. American Goverment

    In the pluralist model, bargaining among groups is carried on by: leader. b.few leaders. c.many leaders. D
  19. Math

    Geometric And Arithmetic Sequences a store manager plans to offer discounts on some sweater acording to this sequence: $48, $36, $27, $20.255,... What would be the price of a sweater after 8 discounts? Is this an arithmetic or geometric sequence?
  20. Physics

    In Pittsburgh, children bring their old jack-o-lanterns to the top of the Carnegie Science Center for the annual Pumpkin Smash and compete for accuracy in hitting a target on the ground. Suppose that the building is 23m high and that the bulls-eye is a horizontal distance of 4...
  21. Physics

    Can I get help with these questions? The beautiful Multnomah Falls in Oregon are approximately 206m high. If the Columbia river is flowing horizontally at 2.90m/s just before going over the falls, what is the overall velocity of the water when it hits the bottom?
  22. English

    Write a sentence using the word: programme to show the meaning.
  23. englies

    Using a “Cuase-and-Effect Chain” explain why leaves change color and fall from the tree. Used details from the story.
  24. Physics

    When sugar is poured from the box into a bowl , the rubbing of the sugar grains create a static charge that repels the grains , and causes the sugar to go flying out in all directions. If each of two grains acquires a charge of 3.0x10^-11 C at a separation of 8.0x10^-5 m, with...
  25. Math

    One day 176 people visited small art museum. The ratio of members to nonmembers that date was 5 to 11. How many people who visited the museum that day were nonmembers ?
  26. chemistry

  27. HS english 1

    Please help i have tried a lot of other sites and they couldnt help me. Question (essay style): Read this excerpt from Little Brother and answer the following questions in complete sentences using proper grammar and punctuation: Marcus manages to flag down a vehicle and they ...
  28. Chemistry

    Ca+N-->Ca3N2 -What is limiting reagent? -Mass of calcium nitride formed when 50.0g of calcium reacts with 50.0g of Nitrogen? -Excess? CAN SOMEONE DOUBLE CHECK MY ANSWERS: Calcium is limiting reagent. Mass of Ca3N2: 68.4g Ca3N2 Excess: 38.4N left over.
  29. math

    a recent survey of 8 randomly selected social networking sites has a mean of 13.1 million visitors for a specific month. the standard deviation is 4.1 million find the confidence interval of the true mean
  30. Chemistry

    H2SO4+2NaOH->2H2O+Na2SO4 How many molecules of water are produced when 12g of sodium sulfate are created? Is this answer correct: 75Lx6.02^23= 452molecules H2O
  31. Math

    I believe so because 50cm is equal to .5meters. And 300cm=3 meters.
  32. Chemistry

    H2SO4+2NaOH->2H2O+Na2SO4 2.) How many molecules of water are produced when 12g of sodium sulfate are created? Appreciate the help. I'm stuck on this one. Thanks!
  33. Chemistry

    So is this right? 1.) 18g H2SO4. If so why wouldn’t we include Sulfur? 2.) 108x6.02^23= 108molecules H2O Thanks for the help.
  34. Chemistry

    H2SO4+2NaOH->2H2O+Na2SO4 1.) How many grams of H2SO4 are needed to produce 135L of water? 2.) How many molecules of water are produced when 12g of sodium sulfate are created?
  35. Language arts

    i have tried and found not alot of good information
  36. Language arts

    i have tried and found not alot of good information
  37. Language arts

    I need help on researching hurricanes can you help me thanks.
  38. Science

    Thank you
  39. Science

    i need help i need to find 3 ways to conserve fish
  40. MATLAB

    Consider the following approximation: f?(x) ? Af(x ? 2h) + B f(x ? h) + C f(x) + D f(x + h) + E f(x + 2h). 1) Determine the values of the constants A, B, C, D, and E so that the approximation is as accurate as possible. What is the order of the error? Please note this is (at ...
  41. Science

    Bicycle is not
  42. Math

    The cost of renovating the office consists of construction materials and labour costs. So we let x and y be cost of construction materials and labour respectively. This means x + y = 46000 If the materials are 25% more and labour 30% more, renovation costs are RM58540. So our ...

    Use Snell's Law: n1sin(theta1)=n2sin(theta2) Since white light is incident at 30degrees, theta1 = 30. Calculate the angle of refraction for the blue and red lights separately. For each case, n1 should be the index of air while n2 is the index for the blue or red light of ...
  44. Physics

    A rail gun uses electromagnetic energy to accelerate objects quickly over a short distance. In an experiment, a 2.00 kg projectile remains on the rails of the gun for only 3.500e-2 s, but in that time it goes from rest to a velocity of 4.00×103 m/s. What is the average ...
  45. Algebra

    What do A & B stand for in algebra can some one please explain this to me because I'm really confused:/
  46. Science

    What is the goal of technology understand the natural world improve how devices operate improve how people live understand how systems operate My answer A
  47. physics

    F(kf) = 25 lb.
  48. Math

    Consider the two savings plans below. Compare the balances in each plan after 7 years. Which person deposited more money in the? plan? Which of the two investment strategies is? better? Yolanda deposits ?$550 per month in an account with an APR of 6?%, while Zach deposits $ ...
  49. Math

    At age 25 someone sets up an IRA? (individual retirement? account) with an APR of 4%. At the end of each month he deposits ?$85 in the account. How much will the IRA contain when he retires at age? 65? Compare that amount to the total deposits made over the time period. I am ...
  50. Math

    Find the savings plan balance after 2 years with an APR of 9?% and monthly payments of ?$250 Can someone help me? Idk if im right but do I multiply $250 by 9% an then divide?
  51. Math

    Suppose a man is 30years old and would like to retire at age 65 ?Furthermore, he would like to have a retirement fund from which he can draw an income of ?$50,000 per yearlong dash—?forever! How can he do? it? Assume a constant APR of 5?%. He can have a retirement fund ...
  52. Math

    Consider the two savings plans below. Compare the balances in each plan after 7 years. Which person deposited more money in the? plan? Which of the two investment strategies is? better? Yolanda deposits ?$550 per month in an account with an APR of 6?%, while Zach deposits $ ...
  53. Math

    Find the savings plan balance after 33 years with an APR of 9?% and monthly payments of ?$200
  54. Math

    Sal and Cal both work for the same company making ?$55,000 each in annual salary. Sal deposits 5?% of her salary to her 401k plan and the company matches 25 cents for each dollar contributed to the 401k up to the 5?%. Cal deposits nothing into his 401k. If they are both in the...
  55. math

    Suppose that ?$4,000 is invested in a 6?-month CD with an APY of 1.6 What is the corresponding? APR?
  56. American History

    How were American politics and society shaped by the Cold War?
  57. Life orientation

    Impact of risk behaviour. Social and emotional
  58. American History

    Well Lyndon B. Johnson's goal of the "Great Society" was to end poverty, racial injustice, and provide abundance and liberty for all. Both Johnson and Goldwater didn't favor big governments.
  59. American History

    How does Goldwater's conservative vision for America compare to Johnson's "Great Society"?
  60. American History

    What were some of the social and political changes of the 1960s?
  61. Religious Studies

    Was Jesus trans?
  62. Math

    i am a 6 digit number 8 ones, 5 hundreds 2 thousands, 19 ten thousands. What is the answer?
  63. Math

    Teach me the method for this question: if a car travels 180km on 18 litres of petrol, then on a full 40litre - tank it should travel.
  64. ss

    Answer is C
  65. Math(Calculus)

    I Get it Now, thank you. This website is amazing.
  66. Math(Calculus)

    Thanks but I'm confused, what would the maximum be if the function if h(x)=e^((x)^(2) -4)
  67. Math(Calculus)

    correction the function is e^((x)^(2) -4)
  68. Math(Calculus)

    Im having a real difficult time solving this question. Find the absolute extrema of the function. h(x) = e^x^(2) - 4 on [-2,2] Absolute maximum value: at x = Absolute minimum value: at x =
  69. math

    Why do you use 360 and not 365?
  70. Social Studies

    1-a 2-c 3-b connections 100%
  71. physics

    An electron is located at the origin. A proton is located at (2, 0). Find the electric field direction at (1, 1).
  72. History

    How has the united states used economic pressure to promote the spread of democracy
  73. Science

    1. 30 years= 3 1/2 lives so 1.0mg ->30yrs-> 0.5mg 0.5mg->30yrs->0.25mg 0.25mg->30yrs->0.125mg 2. correct
  74. math

    NEED HELP NOW TALKING TEST NOW HELP!!! Triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle. how many lines of symmetry does triangle ABC have? a 0 b 1 c 3 d 6
  75. Physics

    Physics lab need help with sources of error. In our lab, we had to use carbon tape and a spark timer to find out the maximum velocity and maximum acceleration of a high school student. I'm having a hard time to find sources of errors. Any ideas or insights would be really ...
  76. Math

    To find the difference of 7 - 3 5/12 how do you rename the 7?
  77. Math check

    Soooo am I correct?
  78. Math check

    Oh Thanks :-)
  79. Math check

    What is 6 5/6 - 5 1/2 This is my answer:1 2/6 or simple form: 1 1/6
  80. Math

    Just kidding yes you can :-))))
  81. Math

    For Ms.Sue: no
  82. Math

    Why is it necessary to rename 4 1/4 if you subtract 3/4 from it
  83. Science

    What do we mean when we say, "The speed of the car is 90 km/h."?
  84. pre-Calculus

  85. Math

    On a centimter dot grid, draw all pissible rectangles with area of 12 sq cm and sides whose length s are whole centimeters. Label the lengths of two adjacent sides of each rectangle.
  86. Physics

    3 identical point charges Q are placed at the vertices of equilateral triangle (length of each side is equal to 2m) if Q=60uC, what is the magnitude of Electrostatic force on any one of the charges.
  87. math

  88. math

    Laura inherits $30,000 and decides to invest part of it in an education account for her daughter and the rest in a 10-year CD. If the amount she puts in the education account is $5,000 more than twice the amount she puts in the CD, how much money does Laura invest in each ...
  89. English

    I was in your place couple days ago. It is a pity that I have just noticed your question. And I want to tell you for sure where you should go and order the paper there. Please, google Prime writing service and get the help there
  90. 6 th grade

    Bill's average score for 10 test was 88. If his lowest score, 70, is not counted, what was his average for the remaining test?
  91. Maths

    Breed of 580 mils per hour drive from 21 1/2 hours
  92. Math

    Thank you Imma believer
  93. science

    Conversion of energy from one form to another usually releases what
  94. riddle

    has many answers,but ithink the best is love coz it old and new at the same time it size can not be measured,to know whether it small or big.the next is how our eyes tricks our mind.
  95. Math

    If the 15th and 16th term of an arithmetic sequence are 99 and 92 respectively then the 5th term is? Studying for math final and I cannot figure this out
  96. math

    If Larry worked 411/2 hours this week and spent 1/3 of his time hauling material, how much actual time did Larry spend hauling
  97. Bio

    if you knew makeup of a specific proteins in a cell , how would you determine the particular dna code that coded for them
  98. Criminal Justice CRJ 220

    What is an example of thinking in an exclusive way, which may inhibit the process of intellectual growth and moral development?
  99. science connexus

    100% thx
  100. Algebra II

    Bill's Sporting Goods makes baseballs and softballs. In a given week they can manufacture no more than 70 balls. When setting equipment, they have to make at least 20 baseballs and at least 10 softballs. They make 6$ for each softball sold and 5$ for each baseball sold. ...
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