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A rectangular plot, 18 ft by 19 ft, is to be used for a garden. It is decided to put a pavement inside the entire border so that 110 square feet of the plot is left for flowers. How wide should the pavement be?

Eight students. 3/4 of a cake. How much cake will each student get if cake is split evenly?

for input output tables input is 1,2,3,4,5,6 and output is 5,7,9,11,13,15 what is the input output rule?

im trying to complete this input output table input 0 output blank input 3/2 output 17/6 input 11/4 output blank input 3 output 13/3 input blank output 13/2

tan(2x)=root3 over 3

How many moles are there in a 4.3 mole of tungsten?

How many moles are there in a 4.3 mole of tungsten?

Geometry. Grade 10. Similar triangles
EF= 10cm, DF= 16 cm, DH= 48 cm what is the length?

French Word Scramble? gnarer al snoaim... eifra al srieupoes... sersap l' atreuprsai... hetacer eds cess...

Algebra 2
(9x^3 - 10x) (3x - 1)

5th grade scince
how many eggs dose a clown fish lay?help????

how many eggs do a cloefish lay?

math/word problem
it takes 6 cubes to build a staircase with 3 steps. how many cubes will be needed for 11 steps?

your brother traveled 117 miles in 2.25 hours to come home for school break. whats the average speed that he was traveling?

GIVEN: A monochromatic laser is exciting hydrogen atoms from the n=2 state to the n=5 state. A: What is the wavelength of the laser? *435 nm B: Eventually, all of the excited hydrogen atoms will emit photons until they fall back to the ground state. How many different ...

HELP!!!!! !!!!
When I use the above I get correct answers for 2 different values, but when the given is .9999c, I don't get a correct answer... Why?? There is also a C Part: If the rocket ship's speed is 0.9999c, calculate the energy needed in joules. How do I convert to this??

Physics "Space Travel"
Suppose you want to go to the immense red giant Betelgeuse, which is about 500 light years away. (A light year is the distance that light travels in one year.) You plan to travel at constant speed in a 1000 ig rocket ship. A: If the rocket ship's speed is 0.500 c, ...