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  1. Math

    The height of a stack of 3 similar books is 7.5cm.What is the geight expressed in metres,of 50 such books stacked one on top of each other?
  2. earth science

    state the mostly reason for the differences in the weathering rate of the three rock materials
  3. Geography

    Is Greenland part of North America?
  4. Thanks ^_^
  5. Social Studies

    What are some travel attractions in El Salvador? What are some famous celebrities from El Salvador?
  6. 1 is a 2 is d 3 is a 4 is a that's what it tells me
  7. Writing

    I'm doing a writing on why school sports should stay and not be banned. What is a good hooking sentence?
  8. Pre-Algebra

    The sum of 5x^2 + x and -2x^2 - 3x - 1 ?
  9. Linear Equations in Two Variables

    Find four solutions for each question and graph the equation. y=2x-3
  10. Pre-Algebra

    c-5/4=3 Please explain. I don't get it!
  11. Pre-Algebra

    3/4q-7=8 *please also post a website
  12. Is there a website that can show me a video of it?
  13. Pre-Algebra

    I need help on these two questions: -d/6+12=-7 b+1/3=2
  14. math

    How do I find the sum of 1+2+3+4+5...all the way to 1000?
  15. math

    If only the 1,+,-,x,/,(,), worked, how can you get a result of 75 if you can only push the keys fewer than 20 times.
  16. math

    I have to add 1+2+3+4+5.....all the way to 1000. What method should I use to solve it?
  17. definition

    What is the definition of impact.
  18. Okay:(Also,if I'm in middle school, do I pick middle schools?) 1. I want to attend a school close to home because I could be able to go home and be able to see my family. 2.I prefer to attend a public school because they help children from different races.
  19. Project #1

    (For this project, when it says list the top 10 schools from these options based upon your answers, I don't get how to list it into my answers. To prepare for this project, research school options available to you. List the top 10 schools from these options based upon your...
  20. Leadership-Check #2

    Please check: I believe the essential qualities a leader must possess are to set a vision and to be able to lead. A leader must be able to set a vision to seek for improvement. Seeking for improvement helps make the idea grow better and better. A leader must be able to lead in...
  21. Leadership-Check #2

    Please check my new copy: I believe the essential qualities a leader must possess are to set a vision and to be able to lead. A leader must be able to set a vision to seek for improvement and change the mistakes. A leader must be able to set a vision for improvement to make ...
  22. Leadership-Check #2

    Please check: 1. What do you believe are essential qualities a leader must possess? - I believe the essential qualities a leader must possess are to set a vision and to be able to lead. A leader must be able to set a vision to seek for improvement and to change the mistakes. A...
  23. A summary is just turning a paragraph or story short. A summary tells about the important parts. It's usually a couple lines depending on what your writing.
  24. Leadership

    I'm having trouble with this question: What do you think your strengths are as a leader? How may these strengths support your work in the career field you are considering?
  25. social studies

    Please check: 1. North Korea became a communist country by following the example set by Cuba (FALSE) 2. Congress set up a NASA in response to the Soviet blockade of Berlin (FALSE) 3. President Johnson tried to stop China from becoming a communist country. (FALSE) 4. The United...
  26. math

    a.12 is 80% of what number? b.4/6 is 1/9 of what number? c.52 is 13% of what number?
  27. roots?
  28. science

    what could not be part of a tree canopy? a. moss b. roots c. leaves d. branches
  29. Please explain.
  30. ratio

    The ratio of cats to dogs is 6:4. What percentage of the animals at the shelter are cats.
  31. ratio

    the ratio of boys to girls at Shadetree Park is 1:3. draw a picture of the children in the park if there are 3 boys. How many boys and girls do I draw?
  32. No, I mean like when you get hit with the ball
  33. kickball

    In kickball, if you're out, where do you go?
  34. fractions

    Rewrite the fraction pair with common denominators: 1/3 and 1/2
  35. ratio

    30% of the tickets sold by a movie theater for the Friday night show were children's tickets at $4 each. the rest of the tickets were sold at the full price of $8.50.the movie theater collected $360 just for the children's tickets. how many tickets did they sell in all?
  36. 45?
  37. ratio

    Gina sold cookies for $3 a box. For each box she sells, she earns $1.50. One week, Gina sold $90 worth of cookies. How much did she earn? -How do I find this answer? I don't know the steps to finding it.
  38. At the same speed, how long would it take the driver to travel 60 miles? how would I find that answer?
  39. ratio

    if a driver drives 40 miles in an hour, what is his ratio of miles to minutes, in lowest terms? Is the answer 40:60?
  40. Approapriate logos

    For my school field day, I have to wear a white shirt and it can have logos or pictures. My shirt has the words "God save england" is that approapriate?
  41. math

    Mark's house is 90 miles away from New York. You travel 15 miles on city streets, and then 75 miles on the highway. a. your average speed is 25 miles per hour in the city and 60 miles per hour on the highway. Use the formula time=distance/rate. How much time will you spend...
  42. Jiska Homework Help: Live Tutors

    On the top right of the page, it has a link that says "Chat With Live Tutors", are the tutors who work on this site or other places?
  43. Thank you
  44. Climograph

    On one of my problems it says: What is the average temperature in January for each place? On one climograph, the average temperature is 40 and the other climograph is 50. So, do I just put the average temperature in January in each place is 40-50?
  45. Leadership Quality

    Is staying after school to help file papers and grade papers a leadership quality?
  46. Well, the only numbers I see are: 1. the grade scale on the bottom of the report card: A-90-100 B-80-89 C-70-79 D-65-69 F-0-64 2. Performance, Effort and behavior indicator: 1-outstanding 2-satisfactory 3-improvement needed
  47. Do we see it on a report card?
  48. How do I find the grade average?
  49. Informations

    What does Current GPA mean? What does Cumulative GPA?
  50. math

    Koley makes $4.00 per week for washing dishes. She pays her sister Amy $0.75 each time Amy does the dishes for her. Is that fair? Please explain how I get the answer because I don't understand it/
  51. Sports: Football

    Please help me understand football. Basically, isn't it just tackling, passing, and touchdown?
  52. Thank you.
  53. equal to
  54. How come?
  55. 30 mL is less than 30 cm cubed 100 cm cubed is less than 1 gallon
  56. Units of Volume and Capacity

    Greater than, less than, equal to: 30 mL ___ 30cm cubed 100cm cubed ___ 1 gallon Please explain.
  57. Thanks. :) It was a lot of help!
  58. Math: Surface Area

    How would you find the area of the curved surface between the top and bottom of a can?
  59. But how is that possible, 128 is greater than 48
  60. math

    How do I find 8/3 of 48?
  61. Metaphor

    Please check if the following are metaphors: A yellow lantern lost at sea Along a taut and singing string
  62. oh c?
  63. size

    Please check: Which of the following vary in size 1. pencils in a package 2. tennis balls in a can c. shoes in a shoe store d. eggs in an egg carton D?
  64. volume for pyramids and cones

    when finding the volume for cones and pyramids, why do you have to multiply it with 1/3 or divide the product by 3?
  65. D?
  66. Buisness

    Kodak made film and was the major employer in Rochester, New York. When digital photography decreased film sales, Kodak laid off two-thirds of its work force, but Rochester did not become a ghost town. Why? A)taxes went down B)the local economy had other industries C)gold was ...
  67. event?
  68. yes
  69. Is it correct?
  70. definition

    Phenomenon means: 1) tragedy 2) dissapointment 3) event 4) crisis I think it's 4, crisis
  71. fact/opinion #2

    Please check: 1) Kids who like to get muddy should visit Michigan. [opinion] 2) It must be a sloppy mess [opinion] 3) That's a lot of mud [opinion?]
  72. Thanks
  73. fact/opinion

    Please check: 1) these mighty animals are close to extinction. [fact] 2) tigers are the biggest members of the cat family. [fact] 3) it is such a shame. [opinion]
  74. Fact & inference

    Please check if these are correct: 1)King Alfred of England invented the candle clock [fact] 2) People had to keep replacing the candles [inference] 3) The candle clock had a lantern over it [inference] 4) Rooms in 870 A.D were probably drafty [fact?]
  75. technology

    For my talent show, I need to record my song. How do we put the song on a CD?
  76. 12?
  77. Adding Intergers

    Sage has a hot dog stand. Last week he spent $13 for hot dogs and supplies. He earned $25. What was his profit?
  78. Italian- American Foods

    What are some common italian-american foods? lasagna? chicken parmasean? pizza?
  79. Name

    I have a project, and I'm doing an italian restaurant. I have to pick a name for my restaurant. I was thinking of calling it Little Italy, but isnt there a restaurant with that name?
  80. a liter?
  81. math

    Which is the best way to find the weight of an elephant? A) gallon B) ounce C) kilogram D) liter Is it B?
  82. I think it is a or c because in order to find out what conditions they need to grow, you would have to have an experiment to do it.
  83. 4.88
  84. Vocabulary

    Researchers who study this have come up with some [convincing] exanples. In this sentence, the word convincing means: A) interesting B) persuasive C) expected D) humorous Check: B. persuasive
  85. You convert 50% into a decimal, 0.50 and multiply that by 85 to get your answer.
  86. grammar

    I [ran] around the track four times at the previous football game. OR I [have run] around the track four times at the previous football game?
  87. Opinion

    Please check if this is an opinion: He said he hopes to reschedule his trip for next year
  88. I mean C sorry
  89. meaning

    Jacy taught dancing and demonstarted ballet postions. What does position refer to in that sentence? A] dances for ballet B] the space occupied by something C] particular stances in ballet I think it's D?
  90. Opinion (check)

    Please check the if they are all opinions: Martin's neighbors accused the mother of eight of ordering phantom puppies to attack them and of walking in the rain without getting wet. One explanation for the girls' behavior was that they were simply bored Some of them ...
  91. Harcourt Trophies Practice Book

    I don't have my 5th grade harcourt trophies book with me. I need the pages 88 and 89. Is there a website I can use to print out the pages?
  92. Math

    What does it mean when it says: Which state has the largest population growth
  93. Ok, is there any other songs I can do?
  94. Why?
  95. Music

    I have this talent show slip I need to fill in for until next week. We need appropriate songs if we are going to sing or dance. I wanted to know if "Like a G6" is approapiate.
  96. social studies

    Why did settlers in the West support going to war against Britain?
  97. social studies

    Please check: 1812- United States declares war against Britain The warship Constitution defeats the British ship Guerriere 1813- Battle of Lake Erie Battle of THames 1814- British burned Washington, D.C Battle of New Orleans 1815- Francis Scott Key writes "The Defense of ...
  98. YAy!!! Thank you ;-)
  99. I changed it now. #2 is supposed to be Napoleon Bonaparte. #3 Merwether Lewis and William Clark?
  100. On the paper, it said we can use more than one name, though, but is it still incorrect?
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