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Table 1: Results of F1 Cross Observed Phenotypes of F2 Progeny # green plants = V # white plants = V Total # plants Petri Dish 1 > Petri Dish 2 > Total Observed Frequency of F2 Phenotype, Green:White = ______:______ Calculation of Observed Ratio (Frequency) = Total ...

Punnett Square for F1 Cross ¨C Expected Genetic Outcomes F1 Parent, genes: _________ (student to fill in the blanks) ¡â alleles > ¡á alleles v F1 Parent, genes:__________ (student fill in blank)

2. If 320 F2 offspring resulted from this F1 cross, how many would be green? White?

1. Expected phenotypic ratio of green to white progeny: _____:_____. Calculation of Expected Ratio (Frequency) = __________ = Total Number of (Color) Seedlings ÷ Total of All Seedlings.

English III
☢HELP☢ How is the alchemist by Paulo Coelho a fable? How is the alchemist by Paulo Coelho a fable? A parable? An allegory? I don't know know at all. The story is a nice read . . . but its very hard to decipher. I can't find any passages in the story that ...