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help plz

help plz
1}select the correct division of the word quadrliateral into its preefix,base,and suffix. a.qua-dri-lat-eral b.quad-ri-lateral c.quad-ri-lat-eral d.quadr-i-later-al

roman numerals
thx ms.sue i got the rest of the answer but if u can take some of your time and look at my other post and help out alittle that will be great thank you:)

roman numerals
for 1 i couldn't get the answer but for number 2 i figured it will be d..wbu?

roman numerals
1}The Romen numeral M represents: a.50 b.100 c.500 d.1000 2}The Roman numeral XLIX is written in Arabic numerals as: a.54 b.69 c.44 d.49

a 500.0 mL gas sample at STP is compressed to a volume of 300.0 ml and the temperature is increased to 35.0 C. What is the new pressure of the gas in pascals?

A sample of argon gas occupies a volume of 950 mL at 25.0C. What volume will the gas occupy at 50.0C if the pressure remains constant?

A common laboratory system to study Boyle's law uses a gas trapped in a syringe. The pressure in the system is changed by adding or removing identical weights on the plunger. The original gs volume is 50.0 ml when two weights are present. Predict the new gas volume when ...

A 24L sample of a gas at fixed mass and constant temperature exerts a pressure of 3.0 atm. What pressure will the gas exert if the volume is changed to 16L?

SF Schools
How do I evaluate: d2 (squared)-3ab d= -4, a= .5, b= -2

What research design strongest for epidemiological evidence for causal association 1 experimental 2 correlational 3 descriptive 4 retrospective

9th grade biology
what are three ways for an animal to lose water?

how to say the french alpabet my teach wants us to learn it on u-tube


Math IB SL
How many people will be needed to count 47.8 million households if they work an average of 3.7 hours per day, 5 days a week for 10 weeks and they count 1.18 households per hour?

Describe other measurements sociologists use to ca
Describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice

what do you learn when you study economics

how do i say "in the weekened" in japanese? in romaji or hirigana.

Identify the principal issue presented by the source Critical Analysis

Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this.

How will this feedback improve your expository essay?

Critical Thinking
Earthquake in Gujarat Do the premises sufficiently support the conclusions

expository essay
How will this feedback improve your expository essay?

Chat Rooms
i need help with probability

12x+4y= 22 and 3x-8y= -10 What are the coordinates of x and y? Use the Substitution Method. ---and--- -5x+7y= -41 and 7x+y=25 What are the coordinates of x and y? Use the Substitution Method. Please help!!! =DDD

12x+4y=22 and 3x-8y=-10 What are the coordinates of x and y? Use the Substitution Method.

If one body is positively charged and another is negatively charged what will free electrons do? Generally it flows providing they are touching (or close enough to jump) and are conductors. Please read:

Science- Chemistry
How many grams of sodium acetate( molar mass 82.03 g/mol) must me added to 1.00L of a 0.200M acetic acid solution to form a buffer of 4.20?Ka value for aceic acid is 1.8 x 10^-5. How do I go about finding the grams from the given information?

A man standing 20 m from a tower estimates the angle of elavation of the top and bottom of a flagpole on the tower as 58 degrees and 55 degrees. Calculate the height of the flagpole. How would I go about finding the height of the flagpole? Calculate the height of the bottom: ...

In American history, who died on July 4, 1876? According to this site, no noted person died on this date.

Reggio Emilia Schools Question
Dan is working on a project. He wants to build a tunnel for his cars. Dan cannot get the paper tubes to fit together and stay. In the Reggio Emilia school, his teacher will probably: 1.Ask Dan to explain his reasoning for selecting paper tubes to use for this progect. 2.Make ...

With rational numbers how do you you subtract the negatives? You see a wallet for $5.97. If you wish to have 3 initials engraved on it for 25 cents each, how muchwill the wallet cost? You see a wallet for $5.97. If you wish to have 3 initials engraved on it for 25 cents each, ...

Open Invitation
i need help in french i need to learn the french alphabet in two days and i have no clue wat to do

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