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  1. algebra

    find the rule of the table. 1= 8 2= 64 3= 512 4= 4096 5= 32786 pls i have no idea what i’m doing
  2. Social studies

    ws MFJKN
  3. statistics

    The mean is calculated by the equation =(35)(.0263)+(-1)(.9737)
  4. Math

    One angle of a triangle measures 95°. The other two angles are in a ratio of 7:10. What are the measures of those two angles?
  5. spanish 2

    did you ever get the answers?? im on this now
  6. math

    ty needs to cut strips of wrapping paper that are 9 inches wide. if ty has 2 rolls of wrapping paper that are each 15 feet long,how many 9 inch strips can he cut?
  7. Language Arts

    President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863 bu Frances E. W. Harper It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with sorrow Shall be brighter through their tears IT shall flush the mountain ranges, And the ...
  8. Enriched Literature

    If anyone has ever Superstition from the great books round table could you help me. Why does Frances make up her own rules and rituals? Thank you.
  9. math

  10. math

  11. math

  12. Algebra please help

  13. Algebra 1

    Earth has a radius of about 6.4 x 106 m. Show your work and write your answer in scientific notation. a. What is the approximate surface area of the earth? Use the formula S A space equals space 4 πr squared and use 3.14 for pi.
  14. math

  15. Math

  16. sentences

    Is the sentence "Ray responded more happily than I did." correct?
  17. Math

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  18. Math

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  19. Math

    It is very obvious that these are test questions. Stop cheating and learn how to do it.
  20. Math

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  21. Math Questions

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  22. statistics

  23. Math

    Gerrit attempted 54 free throws and made 27. What is the probability in a two attempt free - throw situation that he will make 0 points ? 1point ? 2 points ?
  24. precal

    The values of x that are solutions to the equation cos^(2)x=sin2x in the interval [0, pi] are a. arctan(1/2) only b. arctan(1/2) and pi c. arctan(1/2) and 0 d. arctan(1/2) and (pi/2) e. arctan(1/2), o, and (pi/2)
  25. Psychology/Math

    What are significance/alpha levels and how does using a one versus a two tailed test affect significance levels?
  26. Psychology/Math

    What are significance/alpha levels and how does using a one versus a two tailed test affect significance levels?
  27. Lang. Arts

  28. Math

  29. Math

    Blake is packaging 1500 CDs to a friend. He can boy them in groups of 8 12 or 16. How many boxes will Blake need to pack the Cds in groups of 8? groups of 12? groups of 16? 8=1875? 12=125? 16=9375?
  30. chemistry

    Microwaves are used to heat food in microwave ovens. The microwave radiation is absorbed by moisture in the food. This heats the water, and as the water becomes hot, so does the food. How many photons having a wavelength of 3.00 mm would have to be absorbed by 2.54 g of water ...
  31. 3rd math

    no, 3x4 is 12 and 6x8 is 48...she would have multiply 4x6 and then double that in order to get 48
  32. Math

    The odds are 3 to 5 in favor of drawing a blue marble in one random drawing from an urn containing only red and blue marbles. There are more than 100 marbles in the urn. what is the minimum number of red marbles that there could be in the urn?
  33. math

    Mrs Olive gave her 4 children a sack of candy to share. Mark ate 1/2 of the candy in the sack and passed the sack to Rachel. Rachel ate 1/3 of the remaining candy and passed the sack to Fred. Fred then ate 1/4 of the candy that remained and passed the sack to Britany. Britany ...
  34. Pre-Cal

    State the transformations. Identify holes, vertical asymptotes, and horizontal asymptotes of each. (I'm fine with the asymptotes, just need help with stating the trandformations) f(x)= (3x+9)/(x+2)
  35. Math

    How do you simplify the square root of c raised to the 15th (sqrt(c^15))?
  36. statistics

    the average temp of the lake is 64.2 degrees and the standard deviation is 3.2. Assume the cariable is normally distributed. For a randomly selected day find the probabliity that the temp will be above 62 degrees
  37. Science

    it's hot
  38. Language

    Well I am supposed to find the best relationship between the groups of words. Such as synonyms, antonyms, time, form etc. I thought about the flat angle with plateau and platitude, but I didn't feel comfortable with that answer. What are your thoughts?
  39. Language

    I have one more question. I think the author of this book made a mistake on the next analogy. Take a look and see if you agree. Platyhelminthes:platypus a)plateau:platitude b)worm:marsupial c)mammal:science d)crystalline:canine I think the author mistakenly labeled a platypus ...
  40. Language

    I have one more question. I think the author of this book made a mistake on the next analogy. Take a look and see if you agree. Platyhelminthes:platypus a)plateau:platitude b)worm:marsupial c)mammal:science d)crystalline:canine I think the author mistakenly labeled a platypus ...
  41. Language

    That was my second guess thank you Ms. Sue.
  42. Language

    I was thinking it could be toponym:noun because a toponym is a place name and a noun is a person, place or thing. Does that make sense?
  43. Language

    Can someone help me with the following analogy? colloquy:loquacious a)somnambulism:ambulatory b)plateau:flat c)octahedron:eight d)toponym:noun
  44. Math

  45. physical science

    If gravity is the only force present, what is the total mechanical energy of a box falling of a truck at a time when it's potential energy is 100J and it's kinetic energy is 150J?
  46. Math

    Evaluate the expression for each value of n. 6xn n= 21,36,59
  47. Math

    simifly. Use the commutative associative and distributive properties. 1. 175 + 37 + 25 2. 50(11 x 2) 3. 12/(99 can someone explain to me how to do these please?
  48. 3rd grade math

    my number is less than 50, my tens digit is 4, and my sums digit is 4 what am i?
  49. chemistry

    Why does a balloon become smaller when placed in a freezer?
  50. chemistry

    but rounding it would be 1) 0.08 2) 132 ?
  51. chemistry

    what are the significant figures of the numbers: 1)0.0761114947969612 2)132.545358664364 would it be 0.076 and 132.5?
  52. chemistry

    thank you! but where did 273 come from?
  53. chemistry

    i got 55.5. is that correct?
  54. chemistry

    yes i need to fill in the unknown
  55. chemistry

    P (atm) V (L) n (mol) T 5.08 (Fill in) 2.00 141 degress C i need to fill in the volume PLEASE HELP. THANKS
  56. chemistry

    why does the volume of a balloon decrease when it is taken outside on a cold winter day?
  57. chemistry

    5 C(s) + 2 SO2(g) CS2(l) + 4 CO(g)
  58. chemistry

    5 C(s) + 2 SO2(g) CS2(l) + 4 CO(g)
  59. chemistry

    Calcium carbonate reacts with phosphoric acid to produce calcium phosphate, carbon dioxide, and water. 3 CaCO3(s) + 2 H3PO4(aq) Ca3(PO4)2(aq) + 3 CO2(g) + 3 H2O(l) How many grams of phosphoric acid react with excess calcium carbonate to produce 3.29 g Ca3(PO4)2?
  60. Algebra

    This is a quadratic equation problem I'm not sure how to start. Suppose you are an events coordinator for a large performance heater. One of the hottese new Broadway musicals has just started to tour. Supply information about projected ticket sales. you provide a formula ...
  61. algebra

    The equation D=1.2times square root h gives the distance, D, in miles a person can see to the horizon from a height, h, in feet. a. sovle for h. b. Long's Peak is 14,255 feet in elevation. How far can you see to the horizon for Long's Peak? Can you see Cheyenne, ...
  62. algebra

    The weight of an object follows the equation w=Cr^-2, where C is the constant and r is the distance the object is from the center of the earth. a. solve the equation for r. b. Suppose the object is 100 pounds when at sea level. Find the value of C that makes the equation true...
  63. algebra

    How do I solve for r in this equation. I can't remember what to do with the negative exponent. w=Cr^-2
  64. Algebra

    Biologists want to set up a station to test alligators in the lake for west nile virus. Suppose that the cast for such a station are $2,500 for set up costs and $3.00 to administer test. a. Write an expression that gives the total cost to test x animals. b. You can find the ...
  65. physics

  66. 12th grade

    what mass of copper may be produced when excess CuSO4 is reacted with 100g of aluminum metal?
  67. Chemistry

  68. Fat People in American Society

    Thanks; Eve's answer is more along the lines of what my teacher is looking for. The question is asking what fat people, as a group, have contributed to the American dream. We are also supposed to examine some of the drawbacks of having a substantial obese population in ...
  69. Fat People in American Society

    Can someone help me research this question: What are some positive contributions that fat people have made to society?
  70. geometry

    In right triangle ABC, angle C=90 degrees, AC = 3 and CB =4. If D is on segment AB and DB = 2, find the distance from D to C.
  71. pigskin geography

    I am trying SO hard, but pigskin is just to HARD! Grr
  72. spelling

    wouldnt:couldnt::green:____ boil:soil::goat____ fifteen:five::nine:____ rope:string::string:____
  73. Social Studies

    My teacher has assigned me to make a new world. I have created a 'enemy' and she said I need a reason the enemy became the enemy. Have any suggestions? I can be disputed territory or ideologies. Another possibility is that the enemy wants to appropriate some aspects of...