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Gun fires at 400m /sec.What is the range of the gun shen elevated at an angle of 30 degrees.

a certain riffle bullet has a mass of 6.45 g. calculate the de broglie wavelength of the bullet traveling at 1817 miles per hour.

Calculate the volume of hydrogen, in L, produced when 12.15 g of magnesium react completely with water. Assume S..T.P.

Why do you need to use appropriate punctuation including plurals and progressives in writing

I am totally confused, need to come up with the Arrival Time of P Wave, S Wave Love Wave and Rayleigh Wave and distance from epicenter for LA and Austin when I am only supplied with the following info for Urbana: 3400 miles from Epicenter P Wave arrive 05:44:00 S wave arrive ...

if 25 moles of sodium phosphate are reacted with potassium hydroxide, how many grams of potassium phosphate will form?

no it's worng because the x= 5