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  1. multimedian

    you are given chance to be a designer of any company of your dreams and the condition is to make a description of the design process you will follow to get the two dimension art for the company about any topic of your choice. Competence criteria are as follow: 1. Choose the ...
  2. Math

    Give an example of a rational function that has vertical asymptote x = 3 and x = -3, horizontal asymptote y = 2 and y-intercept is (0, 4)
  3. maths

    a car travel 120km/h for 324 km how much litres will it cover with a fuel of 1 dollar per litre
  4. Math

    One seat in an auditorium is broken. It is in the 3rd row from the front of the auditorium and in the 18th row from the back of the auditorium. There are 12 seats to its left and 17 seats to its right. If every row has the same number of seats, what is the total number of ...
  5. math

    n ? 8
  6. Math

    You are throwing darts at a dart board. You have a 1/6 chance of striking the bull's-eye each time you throw. If you throw 3 times, what is the probability that you will strike the bull's-eye all 3 times?
  7. Math

    I don't know
  8. Pre-Calculus

    A cylinder's height is 5cm longer than the radias of its base. Write a función modeling the cylinder's volume in terms of its diameter.
  9. Pre-Calculus

    Squares of side length x are removed from the 4 corners of an 11in by 8.5in piece of paper. The sides are then folded up to create an open-top box. Write a funcion that determines the volume of the box and determine the functions range. How much should be cut from the corners ...
  10. Math

    Ricky is 4 times as old as his sister, who's 5. How old will Ricky be when he's twice as old as her?
  11. Math

    I found one that's 5 bigger than what which I'm good at found. B=3 A=1 D=9 M=8 319+819=1138 1138+918=2056 Go me!
  12. business

    explain intel Core 2 duo T667(2.2 GHz ,2MB L2 cache )
  13. statics multiplication rule

    HELP PLEASE!!! Subject uses drug 44 (True Positive), 6(False Negative) Subject is not a drug user 90(False Positive), 860(True Negative) If 2 of the 1000 test subjects are randomly selected, find the probability that they all had false negative results. Is it unlikely to ...
  14. statics multiplication rule

    Subject uses drug 44 (True Positive), 6(False Negative) Subject is not a drug user 90(False Positive), 860(True Negative) If 2 of the 1000 test subjects are randomly selected, find the probability that they all had false negative results. Is it unlikely to randomly select 3 ...
  15. statics counting methods

    With a short time remaining in the day, a fedEx driver has time to make deliveries at three locations among the eight locations remaining. How many different routes are possible? did i do it right 8/3= 2.67
  16. statics counting methods

    suppose that you have 5 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of shoes that can all go together. Assuming that you pick 1 of each item to wear, how many outfits could you put together
  17. statics counting methods

    a restaurant has a fix price menu that consists of 4 choices of an appetizer, 3 main courses, and 3 desserts. you are allowed to pick one item from each category. How many different meals could you make?
  18. mareseleng

    compile your bibliography? 6, research about protest,permit to hold a protest,activities during a protest. draw up any five interview questions you will use to evaluate the understanding of service delivery by the learner in your school 7. write your personal mission statement...
  19. Physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerate uniformely at 4m/s^2 for 6 seconds. for the next 8 sec. the driver moves with constant velocity. After this the driver applies brakes and stops the car in 10 sec. What is the total distance travelled by the car?
  20. life orientation

    any complaint or issue cited by protester in report,wheater related to the delivery of poor service
  21. life science,business studies,tourism and maths literacy

    What can I become with this subjects?
  22. life science,tourism,business studies,maths literacy

    What can I become with this subjects?
  23. biology

  24. Geography

  25. Maths.literacy

    If a plane flies at 185km/h, how long would it take to fly from Morgenhof to Neethlingshof? Show calculations.
  26. Maths.literacy

    How many milk cartons can be filled from one tank?
  27. Maths.literacy

    What will it cost to fill 200 cartons with milk, if milk costs R1200 per kilolitre? Assume that you can buy exactly as much milk as is needed (you don't have to purchase a whole kilolitre if you only need 10 litres, for example). A dairy truck has a cylindrical tank that ...
  28. Science

    Why are rain forests the most diverse ecosystem? a. They are near bodies of water b. They have a favorable climate c. They are surrounded by mountains d. they have more pollutants that other ecosystems
  29. Math

    Thx Damon
  30. Math

    Can the figure below tesselate a plane? Explain your answer. The shape is an arch (like a rainbow) Thanks!
  31. Social Studies

    Thanks! Your answers were correct!
  32. Social Studies

    1. In a typical rural village in Mexico, you might expect to find that most people living on farms get their food by a. growing their own. b. buying what they need at large supermarkets. c. buying what they need at small supermarkets. d. gathering nuts and wild berries. 2. ...
  33. Science

    Thank you!
  34. Science

    1. Which of the following types of waste should not be recycled at home? a. expired medicines b. glass bottles c. papers d. plastic bags 2. Which of the following is NOT a method of disposing hazardous wastes? a. burying them in deep rock layers b. incinerating them c. putting...
  35. SS

  36. SS

    Or actually is #2 B?
  37. SS

    Ms. Sue, is #2 A?
  38. SS

    1) ___________ make up the majority of the population in Guatemala. Spaniards Incas Mexicans Native Americans 2. One challenge that makes it hard for the Mayas to retain their land is that they are more likely to think of themselves as ______ than _______. Maya, Guatemalan. ...
  39. Life Orientation

    In communities it as a great impact,since the workforce generally is richly varied with people from all different cultures.
  40. math

  41. math

    rewrite the expressions as a number times the sum of two numbers withe no common factors 7+14
  42. maths

    Thanks for noticing, Shame. As such we have started tracking keshav's and mathlover's account( i.e. we are searching which accounts got these problems, and we are searching which accounts entered exactly the answers posted here, even if they are wrong at moreorless the...
  43. maths

    Thanks for noticing, Shame. As such we have started tracking keshav's and mathlover's account( i.e. we are searching which accounts got these problems, and we are searching which accounts entered exactly the answers posted here, even if they are wrong at moreorless the...
  44. Brilliant

    Hi Andrew. We will delete your Brilliant account if you continue to cheat using websites such as these. Thank you for cooperating, Calvin.
  45. Mathematics

    the scale on a map is given as 1:2000000. the distance between two towns on the map is 4.3. what is the actual distance between the towns in cm (squared)?
  46. life orientation

    factors that contribute to the disease
  47. POETRY, PART 2

    4. Which one of the following poems depends heavily on the use of allusion for effect? A. "Death, Be Not Proud" B. "Grass" C. "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" D. "God's Grandeur" 5. The theme of the poem "Richard Cory&...

    No Its So Hardd

    3. What's the main advantage of establishing per-item prices on an order and pricing form? A. Clients are informed in advance that high-cost items should be excluded. B. You can reduce the cost of materials and labor. C. Clients have a way to tailor a catered event to ...
  50. math

    A $55 pair of shoes was discounted 15 percent, making the sale price $46.75. The discounted price was then discounted again by 10 percent. Explain how you would find the final price of the shoes.
  51. geography

    what is organic matter
  52. trig

    write y=sinx-cosx in the form y=ksin (x+a), where the measure of a is in radians.
  53. trig

    solve 2cos^2x-sinx=1, 0 < or equal to x < 2pie
  54. trig

    write sin4xcos2 as the sum or difference of two functions.
  55. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular painting is 266 centimeters. If the length of the painting is 77 centimeters, what is its width?
  56. Government

    Thank you!
  57. Government

    The Supreme court is most likely to grant a hearing when a case involves: issue of state law as opposed to an issue of federal law. issue of private law as opposed to an issue of public. issue that is being decided inconsistently by the lower courts. D.the ...
  58. Government

    Thank you!
  59. Government

    Is this answer right or not. someone please answer.
  60. Government

    so your saying it is C
  61. Government

    The contention that constitution contains moral language that justifies the vigorous protection of individual rights by the judiciary is a view compatible with: A.judicial restraint. B.judicial activism. C.analytical jurisprudence. D.precedent-based jurisprudence. I think it&#...
  62. Government

    Thank yall.
  63. Government

    sorry wrong one.
  64. Government

    i found it it's congress.
  65. Government

    Ms.Sue so it's A
  66. Government

    The Supreme court has original jurisdiction in legal disputes involving: state government against another state government. B.the president. C.the congress. speech and the equal protection issues. I want to say c or D am not sure
  67. Government

    it is a, i found it.
  68. Government

    Are you saying it's A
  69. Government

    The structure of the lower federal court system is established by. A. congress B.the constitution. C.the Supreme court. I think c
  70. Government

    Thank you.
  71. Government

    The lowest level of the federal court system is. A.District court. B.circuit court of appeal. C.justice of the peace. I say A
  72. Government

    Thank you!
  73. Government

    The links you sent me now i think it is A
  74. Government

    According to the doctrine of judicial restraint,the judiciary should A.defer to the decisions of elected officials. B.deny most appeals for retrials. C.deny individual rights when they conflict with the majority's desires. IS it (B)
  75. government

    According to the doctrine of judicial restraint, the judiciary should: a. defer to the decisions of elected officials. b. deny most appeals for retrials. c. deny individual rights when they conflict with the majority's desires. d. decline to make any decision that requires...
  76. Government

    so it is (B)
  77. Government

    With regard to public opinion,the Supreme Court: A.ignores it completely in order to make decisions that are based on enduring values rather than the public's passing whims. B.remains uninformed about it because justices stay on the bench for life and never face the public...
  78. Government

    Thank you Ms.Sue.
  79. Government

    so it is (D)
  80. Government

    The judiciary's status as an independent branch of the national government rests on judicial review,which grants the judiciary the authority to: A.decide which laws apply to a particular case. B.ignore public opinion when making decisions. C.strike down certain sections of...
  81. Government

    Think you!
  82. Government

    Precedent,while not an absolute contraint on the courts,is needed to: A.maintain legal consistency over time,so the confusion and uncertainty about the law can be avoided. B.preserve the courts as a majoritarian. C.check the president in the area of public law. D.balance the ...
  83. Government

    D.nominations for the federal courts,once committee hearings are concluded,are scheduled for a vote ahead of other Senate business. I still think it is (A)
  84. Government

    is it (A)
  85. Government

    so it's (B)
  86. Government

    A.nominees for federal judgeships are treated with respect during Senate confirmation hearing,even by senators who plan to vote against the nominee. B.senators usually defer to the president's choice of Supreme court nominees. C.senators are consulted on the nomination of ...
  87. Government

    Senatorial courtesy refers to the tradition whereby:
  88. Government

    thank yall!!!!!
  89. Government

    Here's the other two settling jurisdictional disputes between state and federal judges. settling jurisdictional disputes among federal judges.
  90. Government

    Please help with this answer.
  91. Government

    correcting technical errors they make in the cases they hear. or establishing legal precedents that will guide their decisions.
  92. Government

    With regard to lower courts,the Supreme court's most important function is:
  93. WRONG

    Will not let me Submit Question
  94. Government

    Thank you!!!!
  95. Government

    is it (B)
  96. Government

    A concurring opinion. A.explains the chief justice's position on a case. delivered when a justice decides the same way on a case as the majority, but has a different reason for reaching that decision. delivered when the court interprets a constitutional issue. D....
  97. Government

    Thank you.
  98. Government

    so it's A
  99. Government

    IT can be said of regulatory commissions that: A.the commissioners pursue independent and impartial policies,regardless of political pressure from democrats or Republicans in congress. B.unlike presidential appointees in other areas,regulatory heads choose which civil servants...
  100. Government

    Thank you.
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