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1st- 110 2nd- 55 3rd- 110 4th- 55 5th- 60 Pretty sure that's correct

Math Help please!!
5-26= -21 Negative fractions and whole numbers. If the second number is greater than the first, subtract the first from the second and add a negative sign.

Well then . . . You are subtracting fractions from whole numbers. You take your whole number and put it over 1. Then Find a commom denomenator between the two bottom numbers. For example, 5-2/6. 5/1-2/6. The common denomenator is 6. So inorder to get from 1 to 6, you have to ...

5-26= -21 Negative fractions and whole numbers. If the second number is greater than the first, subtract the first from the second and add a negative sign.

They already have their maximum number of valence electrons in the outer shells, so they are stable without having to react to gaining or losing electrons

Why are the alkali and alkaline earth metals more reactive than other elements on the periodic table?

pre calculus
f(x)= a+tan(bx) fina a and b f(0)= 5 f(pi/8)=1/sq root of 3 +5

Science (Chemisty)
Scientists in 1962 became very excited when they were able to create xenon tetrafluoride. Why was this an unusual feat? Why was fluorine a good choice to try to react with xenon?

Science (Chemisty)
The melting point of sodium is 97.8`C. Would you expect the melting point of iodine to be higher or lower?

Yeah a little?? Thanks!

Magnesium burns quickly in flashbulbs when an electric current passes through it, providing a bright light for exposing film. Why do you suppose the inside of the bulb containing the magnesium is filled with a "noble" gas instead of air??

Science (Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements)
A tube of "Brilliant Yellow" acrylic paint contains titanium dioxide. What transition metal is in this compound? What important nonmetal elements is in this compound?

When a horizontal force of 4.5 newtons acts on a block on a resistance-free surface, it produces an acceleration of 2.5 m/s squared. Suppose a second 4.0 kg block is dropped onto the first. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the combination if the same force ...

Will and frank can do a certain job together in 60 minutes. Will can do 3x as much of the job as frank can. in any given amount of time how many minutes would it take will to do the job alone..??

3rd grade
yes many kids use algebra without even knowing it.your child has been using it since 2nd grade.

8th grade math
1- (4+2)/3-1 2- (4+1)-3*1 3- (4+2)-3*1 4- (4+3)-1-2 5- (4+3)-2*1 6- (4*3)/2*1 7- (4/2)*3+1 8- (2+3)+4-1 9- (2+3)+4*1 10-(4*3)-2*1 11-(4*2)+3*1 12- (4+2)+3+1 13- (4*3)+2-1 14- (4*3)+2*1\ 15- (4*3)+2+1 16- (4+3)+1*2 17- (4+1)*3+2 18- (4+2)*1*3 19- (4+2)*3+1 20- (NO ANSWER) 21- (...

algebra 2
3t(t+2)-(3t+5t) for t=19 3t(t+2)-(8t) 3(19)*(19+2)-(8*19) 57*21-152 1197-152=1045

A gas has a density of 5.56 g/l. What volume in mL would a 4.17 g of this gas occupy?

Global Studies
By Asian, I mean east Asian (Chinese, Mongolian, Nepalese, etc.) The hat wasn't quite like that; it was a bit larger, so that it went almost to his ears.

Global Studies
For my project, I had to stand in a public place for an hour and then reflect upon the diversity that I saw in my community. One person I saw was of Asian background, and clad in loose, beige trousers, and a matching shirt which was also loose-fitting. He wore flat sandals (...

Bob and his dad visited the hardware store on Saturday. They observed the following transactions:Mr Harris bought 4 for $0.50, Mrs Clarke bought 21 for $1.00, Mr Montaro bought 1,124 for $2.00 and Ms Park bought 450 for $1.50. What were they buying?

The half-life of strontium-90 is 28 years. How long will it take a 60 mg sample to decay to a mass of 15 mg?

What is 54.9*10 to the 6th power in scientific notaion

3rd grade
To add with carrying, say you had 11 plus 19. Work from right to left...9+1=10so put the 1 above one plus one nd then add the number you carried over...great example

Physical Science
An object travels 6m in the first second of travel, 6m again durning the second second of travel, and 6m again druning the third second. It acceleration in meters per second per second(M/S2) is

7th grade- Social Studies
i need help with a question

10th grade english( the kite runner)
riches rough run

5th grade

math...number sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 _______________________________________4 15 32 55 84 119 find the 20th term for to this table.

algebra 1 page 167 did you hear about...
I'm doing the same page now and I got the exact same thing!!!!!

equation 6th grade

Grass, Birch, Balsam Fir, Fox, Wolve, Moose, Snowshoe hare, Ticks, Mosquitos .. what are the producers, primary consumers, seconday consumers and the tertiary consumers?

the "VOICE" is how the author talks to you or tells the it a mysterious voice or is it a scientific voice( as an example).you ahve to choose.she or he is asking you how or what even is telling you or you about the text.

what is a theory?

How old is Linsey Lohan I typed Lindsay Lohan biography into the search box. This is the first site and has her birthdate on the first screen.

I have to make a magazine for school and it said a tagline.What is a tagline?????? Here is a terrific explanation, along with wonderful examples of taglines: ok but i cant understand that tell me in easier words If the tagline is for your ...

If a man drove 3.5 miles to a gas station and on the way home drove 2 times that +.7 miles,how many miles did he drive?? 3.5 + 2 times 3.5 + .7 = what Do the math. 17.5 omg ur so smart...

What does it mean by one set of numbers being a subset of the other? If 3, 4,5,6 is a set of numbers, then 4,5 is a subset.

imean you know how sedanetery and metamorphic rocks care i mean how many rocks like coal and limestone are there

What should i do right after i mess up on a speech???/? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you have a problem during a speech, just continue. Without an example of what you mean, it is extremely difficult to advise you. If the speech is over and you feel ...

about how many diffrent rocks are there Directly from the site I gave you: "The three classes of rocks: the igneous, the sedimentary and the metamorphic — are subdivided into many groups. There are, however, no hard and fast boundaries between allied rocks. By ...

Two men occupy different cells in a local jail. When the sheriff comes to take them to court, he notices that they bear a strong resemblance to each other. He approaches the older of the two men and asks him if he and the other fellow are related. He is given this answer: &...

what is.7 of 39.4????? 39.4*.7=27.58 Having trouble solving equations with two variables..both unknown

Social Studies
Name all the south-East states Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Look in any Atlas of the U.S. and you will find the southeast states: 1. 2. (Broken Link Removed) 3. (...

What is coal & how does it form?

riddle - please help
dont even know

riddle - please help
dont know

Social Studies
Easiest way to build a model of an Iroquois village using natural materials? I suggest you use balsa wood for the longhouses. Perhaps twigs could be the trees -- and, of course, you can use real dirt the the ground. This site has pictures and descriptions of an Iroquois ...

it is not possible for autism to delay growth or delay puberty.

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