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I finally figured it out actually. And yes the .1 has to be multiplied in there. answers end up being 77.93 mL and 26.54g

A 10.0% by mass H2SO4(aq) solution has a density of 1.07 g·cm-3. How many milliliters of solution contain 8.34 g of H2SO4? What mass (in grams) of H2SO4 is in 248 mL of solution? It's been a while since I have had a chem sorry if this seems really easy I ...

Butanone, CH3CH2COCH3, has a vapor pressure of 100. Torr at 25°C; at the same temperature, propanone, CH3COCH3, has a vapor pressure of 222 Torr. What mass of propanone must be mixed with 322.0 g of butanone to give a solution with a vapor pressure of 135 Torr? Assume ...