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Two waves, identical except for phase, are traveling in the same direction through the same medium. Each of the waves has amplitude A. The amplitude of the combined (net) wave is 1.14A. What is the absolute value for the smallest possible phase difference between the two waves...

At the same distance the noise of a sandblaster is 13 dB louder than a power drill. This means the the displacement amplitude of the sound waves from the sandblaster is how many times greater than that of the power drill if both sounds have the same frequency?

A long, heavy rope hangs straight down from a high balcony on an apartment building. The lower end of the rope hangs about 1.0 m above the ground. If you grab onto the lower end and waggle it back and forth with constant frequency f, a wave travels up the rope. What would ...

An object weighs 500N.what is its mass?

Given the points (6,-3) (-4,2): Find the equation of a line that passes through the origin and is parallel to the line defined by the points. Please help me...thank u so much

Write the equation of a line, in general form, that has a slope of 4/3 and a y-intercept of -5. Help me please...thx

If P varies jointly with Q and R, and P=420 when Q is 3 and R is 7, what is the value of P when Q is 2 and R is 1? Help me please...thx

If Z varies inversely with Y, and Z=25 when Y=4, what is the value of Z when Y=10? Help please thx

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Find the equation of the tangent to the curve sin(x+y)=xy at the origin.

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find the increasing and decreasing intervals of 4x^3-7x+3

Two sides of a triangle are equal. The third side is 5 inches longer than the one with equal sides. What is the length of the equal sides if the perimeter is 32 inches?

The period of a satellite is the primary way that the mass of planets is determined. The equation used for this calculation uses the fact that gravity of the planet provides the centripetal force to keep the satellite in orbit. The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 3.8 x ...

Write the equation of the hyperbola with centre at (3,-1),vertex)6,-1),one asymptote with equation2x-4y=9

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Q.1 PQ RS are the two perpendicular chords of the rectangular hyperbola xy = c^2.If C is the center of the rectangular hyperbola,then the product of the slopes of CP,CQ,CR&CSis equal to______ Q.2If PN is the perpendicular from a point P on the rectangular hyperbola to its ...

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Can YOu give me an oratorical piece?

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Where can I find a simple description of the difference between democratic party vs. republican party? I am 10 and just learning about politics.

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The sum of 2 numbers is 56. 11 mire than twice the smaller number. Whatz the number

need information of feminism in Britain Go to and type in feminism britain. See what shows up. If you don't get all you need, try using feminist movement britain and see if additional links show up. =)