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A pendulum has a period of 0.90 s on Earth. What is its period on a planet where the acceleration of gravity is about 0.29 that on Earth?

A resistance of 10 ohms and a capacitance of 0.1 farad are connected in series to an alternating voltage source with output (in volts) Vt  50 cos30t. Find the current in the circuit at any time t  0.

I could not figure this one out. Please help me.

There is a piece of wire 200 cm long. It needs to be cut into 2 pieces, with one piece forming an equilateral triangle and the other piece forming a circle. How long must each piece be to maximize the area of each shape?

A club has 50 members. If there is a 10% absentee rate per meeting, find mean and standard deviation: How do you do the problem step by step

What was the first American painting to sell for 1 million or more and who painted it?

why do consumer surplus shrink after taxes or imposed on trade?