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A store is having a sale on walnuts and chocolate chips. For 3 pounds of walnuts and 2 pounds of chocolate chips, the total cost is $11 . For 5 pounds of walnuts and 6 pounds of chocolate chips, the total cost is $23 . Find the cost for each pound of walnuts and each pound of ...

I need some help with my Limiting Reactant Experiment report sheet. There is a question asking me to write a complete formula of the limiting reactant in the salt mixture of CaC2O4 X H2O. I don't know where to begin. Could you please help me.



Which of the following is a characteristic of individualistic cultures? 1.person identity closely tied to identity of larger group 2. Needs & goals group valued over individual needs & goals 3. Importance of self reliance & individual achievemennt

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