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Masters level finance
Thank you Bob...Does that work the same for an income statement too?

Masters level finance
I am having a problem figuring out this problem. I understand the concept of depreciation and it occurs on non cash items over a period of time. However, there are no cash items to depreciate in this problem. Given the following information for O'Hara Marine Co, calculate ...

I always like to use the example of the Nestle co and their sales of baby formula in third world countries. google it, and you will find all the info that you will need.

masters level finance
I am stuck at the last line of this problem. The original formula is R=Rf+B(Rm-Rf) I have moved it and placed the known information in 14=Rf+1.45(11.5-Rf) Then moved it further 14=Rf+16.68-1.45Rf I need to solve for Rf, but I am having a hard time remembering where to start at...

There are also mandates that are set by the state which include what classes need to be taken in order to graduate, and what "gpa" is acceptable to graduate. I think that the state also mandates that in HS you must pass the US Constitution test

3 grade
The great lakes are HOMES Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior I think.

3 grade
The question is how many states border the great lakes and name them. The second part of the question is how many more states are there then the great lakes themselves. (how many over 5)HOMES

It depends on what state really. There are some that still take a verbal contract as binding. Some however only recgonize written contracts, so yes dependant on the law of where they are at Yana could possibly win her case.

Her lasting contribution is that although she was being "hunted" she was able to still maintain something within herself. She was very young when everything was going on so for her to be able to keep a "diary" of what her life was is amazing. She retained ...

I have to say that I like to check my answers with yours before I submit an assignment. You are a wonderful resource for anyone that is unsure about their answers. On this one, I know that it is difficult not having the graph, and you are only using the information that you ...