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five practical action to address human rights violation of xenophobia in my community.

Propose six practical actions that you can address human right violations of xenophobia un your community

malenga high
L.o direct impact to which bad road use has on and economic aspects

Life orientation
ways in which the xenophobia impact on individual and group and the consequences that the xenophobia have on the individual as well as on your community

there are 500 passenger with a mean age of 60 years and a standard deviation of 12. what is the minimum age of the oldest 20%?

mathematical literacy,business studies and tourism
What career field must I follow

life orientation

life orientation
8 ways in which the environmental problem impact within south africa

Physical science
A box with a mass of 2,ookg rests on a horizontal surface.Calculate the maximum static friction if ms=0,4oo

Life orientation
Name two institution/community that are involved in poverty.Explain how those organizatiön are involved in providing a safe & healthy environment?

Life orientation
5 ways in which the poverty impact on the community?

In 10-15 line critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community?

Life orietation
Identify and describe one environmental problem(that causes ill health accidents)

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