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What is George Vancouver's goal?

the table shows the type and number of pieces of each of the first 20 fruit sales at a store. Predict how many oranges will be sold if a total of 120 pieces of fruit are sold


Three groups of students are sharing leftover pizza (all the same size originally) Which group gets the most pizza? 6 students share 3/4? 3 students share 1/3? 4 students share 2/3?

in the number 7,725,which places contain digits where one digit is ten times greater than the other?

they like to fascinate

The total volume of seawater is 1.5 times 10 to the twenty- first power L. Assume that seawater contains 3.1 percent sodium chloride by mass and that it's density is 1.03 g/mL. Calculate the total mass of sodium chloride in kilograms and in tons. ( 1 ton = 2000 lb. ; 1 lb...

A) the experiment could be repeated with the same mice B) genetic differences would not affect the outcome of the test C) the mice would all be the same color D) the mice would all be the same size

Point M is the midpoint of AC. Find its coordinates. (1 point)(b + c, d) (a + c, d) (2c + 2c, d) (2b + c, d) 2. Point N is the midpoint of BC. Find its coordinates. (1 point)(b + c, d) (a + c, d) (2a + c, d) What theorem do Exercises 1-4 prove? (1 point)Triangle Inequality ...

mathmetics math/intervals
i am doin homework and i do not know what an interval is

what are the major harmful effects of ozone depletion on each of the following: human health crop yields forest productivity materials such as plastics and paints plankton productivity thanks in advance

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