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  1. math

    if a square pyramid has a base side length of 6.3 m and a slant height of 4 m. find its surface area
  2. math

    what is 10 to the 26th power? solve
  3. math

    2x +(x-1)=8
  4. physical science

    A 50.0 kg object is lifted using 4900.0 J. How high is it lifted?
  5. Geometry

    There was no original Image.
  6. Geometry

    Which of the following scale factors would produce an expansion under a dilation of the original image? A. 2/3 B. -1/2 C. 3/2 D. -3/4
  7. math

    1. find the y-intercept of the equation y= -3x -5 2. find the slope of the line that contains C(-2, -3) and D(4,1)
  8. math

    find the slope of the line that contains A(2,3) and B(6,8)
  9. math: problem solving

    thanks a million! it was the same for the stereo so i just multiplyed $500 by .8 and got $400 as the sale price.
  10. math: problem solving

    During a storewide sale, a TV which usually sells for $450 is on sale for $360. A Stereo which usually sells for $600 is on sale for $480. What would be the sale price of a VCR which usually sells for $500?
  11. science fair

    for my science fair project i am dropping a baseball from different heights and measuring its kinetic and potential energy. what would the independent and dependent variable be?
  12. math: simple

    A locker combination has two nonzero digits, and digits can be used twice. The first number is 8. What is the probability that the second number is 8?
  13. math: probability

    A locker combination has three nonzero digits, and digits cannot be repeated. If the first two digits are even, what is the probability that the third digit is even?
  14. math: easy

    A bag held 3 red marbles, 1 blue marble, and 4 yellow marbles. Lee drew a red marble and did not replace it. What is the probability of drawing a yellow marble next?
  15. math

    what is the formula to find chord in a circle
  16. social studies

    The Black Hand
  17. Chemistry

    Thank you Damon! Great help
  18. Chemistry

    Hi i am having trouble with this question: Name five household products that are not reactive, and for each product, describe the properties that make it ueful. Thanks in advance.
  19. cells:easy

    in an aniaml cell,what does the microfilament do?
  20. Revolutionary war

    how much were the british soldiers paid while they were fighting in the Revolutionary War during 1776?
  21. social studies

    how much did the british get paid during 1776? i need exact answers!!
  22. social studies

    how much did the hessians get paid during the revolutionary war? in 1776. also where were they from?
  23. Trigonometry

    This is not a school homework help. I am practicing for a test where one of the objective says "Applying trigonometric functions in authentic contexts involving periodic phenomena". What am I supposed to study about this. Any hints? Thanks.
  24. science: help

    i need to do a science fair project. i am in 7th grade and my teacher said that it can't be something a 6th grade or younger could do. i wanted to do something with kinetic energy. like maybe drop an egg from different heights and measure its k.e. any suggestions?
  25. history

    they represent the number of states in th U.S. there were originally 13 for the original colonies
  26. simple social studies

    how much did soldiers get paid if they joined the continental army in 1776?
  27. geography: easy

    what is the distance from Daytona,Florida to Fontana California?
  28. social studies

    thanks! it helped
  29. social studies

    what are 2 of california's national parks?
  30. social studies

    thanks a million!!!
  31. social studies

    what mountains run the whole way through California
  32. Sports: Nascar

    What are the sponsers of the Nascar Cup?
  33. sports: nascar

    thanks but it doesn't say it there. do you know what they are?
  34. sports: nascar

    Name the sponsers of the Nascar Cup?
  35. social studies

    Thanks a million, drwls. that was exactly what i needed
  36. social studies

    When the declaration of independence was signed, Elbridge Gerry from massachusetts signed it too. My project is to research him and right a report. I have everything but one thing.... his viewpoints about breaking away from Great Britain. if you have anything about it that can...
  37. Physical science

    A 50.0 kg object is lifted using 4900.0 J. How high is it lifted?
  38. social studies

    2 reasons the british marched to concord in 1775? Please help. desperate!
  39. social studies

  40. social studies

    why did the colonists take the higher ground at concord?
  41. social studies

    2 reasons the colnists marched to Concord in 1775?
  42. pre- algebra

    thanks a million!!
  43. pre- algebra

    yeah all i need to find is t. it is really confusing me. can you please help me find what t is? if so thanks a lot
  44. pre- algebra

    can you please help me, Joshua?
  45. pre- algebra

    5t-9 ----- 4 = 14 *5t-9 is over 4. if you understand the question please answer!!
  46. pre- algebra

    Juanita lost her tennis racquet. She bought a new one for $30. This is $6 less than three times the price of her old one. How much did she pay for her old racquet?
  47. Algebra

    How do I perform this division? 2x-7divided by -x-21+2x squared
  48. square roots

    How do I figure out the square root of 90 over 2
  49. science

    What part of science is genomics part of? and what should i list it as under in my science fair project
  50. science

    Sound is caused by vibration because when you talk or something makes sounds it is becasue the certain things like the molecules in the air vibrate which then causes the sound to come out and my one question for you is is am i giving you the answers to your homework?
  51. segregation

    How did segregation change from back then to today?
  52. History prooject

    Yes I Am
  53. History prooject

    I am Asking about who was the most important in initiating and maintainig segregation.
  54. History prooject

    Who were the people whom made a huge difference in segregation?
  55. History Paper

    Why did segregation Start?
  56. Is their a history tutor on Board right now?

    I really need help with my homework. On the hand I do appriciate all the other help I have gotten the past other days I have been on the website.My grades have been boosted up all because of the help Ive gotten on here
  57. Segregation

    If segregation was really bad ,why did it start in the first place?
  58. Algebra 2

    Describe the end behavior of each function. 1. P(x) = 2x^3 + x^2 + 3x + 2 2. P(x) = 5x^4 - 6x^6 + 3x + 2
  59. Algebra 2

    Graph each function and approximate any local maxima or minima to the nearest tenth. 1. P(x) = 2x^3 - 5x 2. P(x) = 2x^3 - 4x + 1
  60. Civics

    What are the Ammendments?
  61. civics

    Where did the European Immigrants come from?
  62. studying

    What is the meaning of these words: Delegate,quorum,conciliator,and dissent.
  63. Spanish 2

    How do i say fork, knife, and spoon in spanish.
  64. Algebra

    If x1 and y1 is (2,2) and x2 and y2 is(3,2) what is the y intercept form? I'm confused on how to work the problem out step by step
  65. algebra 2

    What is the smallest value of x for which the radical expression (radical sign)2x-10 is a real number
  66. english

    whats a good word for a quality that someone has i cant think of the right word. like if someone was brave or courageous, the courage that that person ______ ??
  67. civics

    What is a plurality and majority of pressidential votes?
  68. English

    How is himself a relative pronoun?
  69. english

    Is the word ivented a linking verb ,Action or an auxilary verb?
  70. algebra 2

  71. geometry

    didnt i say C?
  72. geometry

    a. is a biconditional statement b. is a biconditional statement c. is the correct answer <--------- d. is the converse of the correct answer
  73. Chemistry

    What is the mass in grams of each of the following: a) 4.50 x 10^12 atoms Cl b) 8.42 x 10^18 atoms of Br
  74. geometry

    yes a is false
  75. geometry

    No because that would be three different lines connecting each point not just one straight line through them all it wouldn't work out
  76. geometry

    Its a because a line with just one point is called a ray and it starts from the point and it extends forever (so that's one point and a line)
  77. geometry

    haha are you in geometry any more? Im in algebra 2 and its almost exactly the same as algebra 1 so its pretty easy
  78. geometry

    haha right I thought geometry was hard for a while but than it got easier =]
  79. geometry

    a.yes because a biconditional statement says "if and only if" so its true and b is true also
  80. geometry

    no problem can you try to answer the chemistry question by Ivanka
  81. geometry

    In mathematics, a binary relation R over a set X is transitive if it holds for all a, b, and c in X, that if a is related to b and b is related to c, then a is related to c. For example, "is greater than," "is at least as great as," and "is equal to&...
  82. Chemistry

    Thank you Dr. Bob
  83. civics/school project

    cultures like,Japanese,hispanic,and German cultures.
  84. civics/school project

    What types of food or what materials can I use to symbolize different cultures.For a mosaic?
  85. MS. SUE I got it!!

    hha hey me again! OMG!! I figured out my question from earlier I had to do one thing I didn't think of before! I am so excited! Thanks for trying to help anyways!! Much appreciated!!
  86. chemistry

    If I remember correctly, the higher the temperature, the density will be less. If it is warmer the molecules/particles move faster and produce more collisions. More collision and movement mean less stability for the object overall. And vice versa: cool temperature will mean ...
  87. chemistry

    it wont let me post my answer for you
  88. Physics Again

    Ok, so I came up with part an answer for the question I posted, hoping that someone can compare with me. I..this is what I did.... found the displacement of car before red light, time it takes for the car to accelerate to its velocity, after the red light, the time of the car ...
  89. Grammar

    mhmh well I would say yes then, because to me it makes me think about your writing and why you write that way. Which, in my opinion is one thing that you want the marker of this narrative to catch on to. I would ask your prof. or teacher if you have a chance before handing in...
  90. Grammar

    You would have to wait for someone else to answer this, but my guess would be that the did is there to emphasize the try. As to if this allowed in essays? I'm not sure, my guess would be no, but maybe I'm wrong. In poerty this would be acceptable:)...also is this an ...
  91. PLEASE

    It is called physics (12)....I posted again up and I don't remember what I called it, but I showed the parts I used in it...but there is something I don't have to solve for the final answer (I think)
  92. PLEASE

  93. Science

    lol I sort of figured out my question lol but thanks! I am hoping that someone will be able to tell me if there is something I missed, which I am sure I did. But its ok that its not understandable, high school physics does that to yah!:)
  94. Science

    lol bascially, science changes as technology changes. When one thing changes, it allows for crazy ideas to become real. So, New technology allows for new things to be made, and for old ideas to be changed (because new technology allows us to study older methods and ...
  95. Science

    oh sorry! should I make it more simple? :)
  96. Science

    Because biases sometimes leave out necessary things. A bias means the article is only one sided (most of the time). You need to pick out what sounds like it is the author's opinion, so you can decided for yourself if it is the same opinion you have. Or, if things were left...
  97. Science

    haha no problem!
  98. Science

    Science changes as technology adavnces. With new advancements comes new technology, New technology means new ideas, and with new ideas, things change. Years ago there were no such things as cancer treatments. Now, technology has changed which means new things/materials/drugs/...
  99. We don't do YOUR WORK

    well I have to leave now, so I will repost later, if I cant figure it out... Thanks anyways I appreciate,, and besides I got to help others this site, so though I cant get my question, my time was fulfilling!
  100. We don't do YOUR WORK

    :) , well I did my question in parts, trying to find what I didn't have....I found: 1.) displacement of car before red light 2.) delta t of car before red light 3.) delta t of car after it accelerates 4) total time of car & train moving (which sounds wrong) 5.) total ...
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