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Explain why sodium carbonate against hydrochloric acid titration using phenophthalein titration do not go to completion but stop at the sodium hydrogen carbonate stage.

Two points C and P lie on a straight line such that C is due north of P.Another point T is 6km away from the line CP on a bearing of 150 degree from C and 40 degree from P.What is the length of the line CP?

solve this problems; A weight of 50 KN is on the point of motion down a rough inclined plane when supported by a force of 15 KN acting parallel to the plane and is on the point of motion up the inclined plane under the influence of a force of 25 KN applied parallel to the ...

there are 5 more girls than boys in a class. if 2 boys join the class, the ratio of girls to boys is 5:4. find the number of girls in the class.

Life orientation
life orientation

An aeroplane flies from a town X on a bearing of N 45 degree E to another a town Y on a distance of then changes course and flies to another town Z on a bearing of S 60 degree E.if Z is directly east of X.Calculate (a) the distance from X to Y (b) the distance from Y ...

If a function is defined by (x+3)=3x^2-x+4,find f(0)

A body is projected at angle of 30 degree with the horizontal at an initial speed of 200m/ far from the point of projection will it strike

A cylinder lenght 13cm and radius 5cm is made of cardboard .use the value of 3.1 py at (a) a closed cylinder (b) a cylinder open at one side

1. How many bricks each measuring 25cm×11.25cm×6cm, will be needed to build a wall of 8m×6m×22.5? 2. what decimal of an hour is a second? 3. without a calculator, 0.04×0.0162 is equal to...... 3. (0.04)^ -1.5 4. if m and n are whole numbers such ...


1. if 60% of 3/5 of a number is 36, then the number is......... Pls show working. 2. the average weight of 16 boys in a class is 50.25kg and that of the remaining 8 boys is 45.15kg. Find the average weight of all the boys in the class.

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three whole numbers have their LCM as 180 and their HCF equal to 3. two of the numbers are 45 and 60. Find the third number.

write a pseudocode to accept items name, price and quality from a user and display the items name and its total value. the total value can be calculated as the product of the price and quality.

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Pls help .[1] Solve the eguation 4*=28. [2] change 1/20 to decimal [3] change 60% to a common fraction . Pls i need the solving thank you

What is the kinestic energy of a bullet of 22kg fire from a gun with a speed of 6m`s

Estimate the rise in temperature of the brake discs in a car of mass 1200g,travelling at 30m/s which is brought to rest by the application of the brakes alone,the brake disc have a total mass of 5kg.Assummed that there is no heat loss and that the material of the 4 brake disc ...

Hot water of mass 80g, at a temperature of 100degree celcius is pourd into 30g of water at 30degree celcius. Assuming that no heat is lost, calculate the final temperature

How many of grams of aluminum would be produced from the decomposition of 21.0 g of Al2O3

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