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Thank you VERY much for helping me understand!

Can someone explain how to find the solution to the inequality. ?2x ? 14 > ?4 + 3x Please show me step by step.

life sciences
guys who have the tips on how life sciences will be tommorow??

life orientation
we have to trust each other as society and stick at one thing

life orientation
make six sggstion on how to combat........plc dis hlee

The question is: The area of the heart (it's a picture of a heart inside a square) is 20cm^2. If this is 72% of the area of the square, what is the area of the square?

Thank you



Joan needs to buy water to fill 4 empty cylindrical tanks for use by customers in her hotel. Each is 20 feet deep and has radius of 5 feet. What is the volume of water needed?

Rita bikes 4 miles in 21 minutes . At this rate, how many miles does he bike in a hour ?

Solve. W rite each answer in simplest form.
Please help me I don't know how to do it can you show the steps.

x^3 (x to the third power or cubed) for x = -3? How would I right this.

a box contains 3 yellow socks, 4 blue, 1 orange, and 2 green....what is the probability of picking 2 blue at the SAME TIME!!!

life orientation

A solid brass ball of mass 9.5 g will roll smoothly along a loop-the-loop track when released from rest along the straight section. The circular loop has radius R = 4.2 m, and the ball has radius r << R. (a) What is h if the ball is on the verge of leaving the track when...

A rocket is launched at an angle of ascent (elevation) of 18 degrees. When it has traveled 6000 ft, what is its height above the ground?

A rectangle is bounded by the x-axis and the semicircle y = ¡Ì36 ¨C x2, as shown in the figure below. Write the area A of the rectangle as a function of x, and determine the domain of the area function.

imagine editing
Im affraid that is not clear.

A call to europe after 11:00pm is $1.95 for 3 minutes. what would a 45 minute call at 11:30pm cost?

In a certain state, people with an income under $15K pay a minimum income tax plus a % of the amount over $12,750.00. The table below shows the income, x, and the taxes paid; y for several people. Using a a linear model, what is the additional % people pay in this state? ...

The secret of gumbo grove
ugh ikr.

Write a 350- to 700-word paper in APA format addressing the following: Medical and clinical staffs, such as physicians and nurses, have roles and responsibilities different from those of hospital administrators. o Describe at least two roles of medical staff and two roles of ...


9 times 100

got it! thank you thank you thank you.

I know the answer is 4 but I don't know how to get to it. I guess I need step by step help on how to solve this. I've run out of ideas. 3[5-3(y-4)]=2y+7 ...sigh

My mistake i did not write the equation correctly. It should read 1y+11=-2y+6

Thanks but I'm still confused as to what the value for Y is and how to find it.

1y+11-2y+6 I'm not asking for the answer, just don't know what to do first.

volume and mass This is not a question that I can answer, or help you solve. It is clearer if you phrase your post in terms of a specific question. I searched Google under the key words "volume mass" to get these possible sources: