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  1. College Algebra

    Flight of a Ball If a ball is thrown upward at 96 feet per second from the top of a building that is 100 feet high, the height of the ball can be modeled by S(t)=100 + 96t -16t^2 feet, where t is the number of seconds after the ball is thrown. How long after the ball is thrown...
  2. College Algebra

    find the eqauation for this problem Basketball Scroing- The Fenton College Cougers made 40 filed goals in a recent basketball game,some 2-pointers and the rest 3-pointer, altogether, the 40 baskets counted for 89 point. How many of each tyep of field goal was made? My answer X...
  3. Soc Stu 9

  4. Soc Stu 9

    A union is a group of worker who band together to have a better chance to obtain higher pay and better working conditions. Using this definition of a union, what are some examples of the first Unions formed? I search all over the internet, and it's not in the book... I ...
  5. Math

    22*28 is 616 616/100 is 6.16 so what number multiplies by itself to get 6.16? and that's your answer
  6. math

    A segment is a straight line with 2 endpoints. If that helps you figure it out...
  7. Math

    Combine like terms: 25-1 is 24 Multiply each side: (V squared over 24) * 24 = 12 * 24 Simplify: V squared = 288 Square root: V = square root of 288 And you can simplify as you want
  8. math

    1/2 and 3/8 for the numerator, what can be multiplied by 1 to get 3? for the bottom number of the fraction, what can be multiplied by 2 to get 8?
  9. math

    Sometimes you cannot answer questions, and people don't know how to answer them
  10. Math

    3x-4 + 2x+3 + x+1 + x-5 7x - 5 plus the missing side is 9x-1 9x-7x is 2x -5 - (-1) is -4 So the missing side is 2x-4
  11. Algebra

    Well solve 2x=4 so x=2 I am sure you can figure it out from there....
  12. Algebra

    Well I would take 41 - 5 to get 36 and half of 36 is 18 so the width is 18 and the length is 18 + 5, 23.
  13. Geometry

    Is it possible for a cross section of a cube to these shapes.... -pentagon -isosceles triangle -scalene triangle ..... If so, please describe how the plane intersects the cube. Thanks!!!!
  14. Meidcla Terminology

    Some technical terms pass into common usage as knowledge about a field spreads. Think of three such terms that have passed into common usage recently. Here are my Answers would this be correct? DNA IV High Blood Pressre or Hypertension
  15. Math

    A certain size bottle holds exactly 4/5 pint of liquid. How many of these bottles can be filled from a 20-pint container?
  16. Math

    A certain size bottle holds exactly 4/5 pint of liquid. How many of these bottles can be filled from a 20-pint container?
  17. Math

    375/1000 = 75/200 = 15/40 = 3/8
  18. math

    1 pt = 2 cups = 8 fl oz 3 pt = 6 cups = (24 fl oz) I don't know about the second one.
  19. Math Q.2

    5 divided 12 is 4.16 with the six repeating So (b)
  20. Math

    Divide by 4 and then subtract 2
  21. Math

    Divide by 8
  22. Math

    2^2= 4 4+3.14= 7.14
  23. linear math

    Well first you want to make it y=mx+b so you subtract 8x from each side. So now your equation looks like 6y=8x-15 then divide each side by 6.
  24. math

    Would it be heads or tails? There's a 50-50 chance of getting heads of tails.
  25. Math

    89% in a decimal is 0.89 To find 89% of 1034, you take the decimal, 0.89, and multiply it by 1034, is 920.26, so about 920
  26. math

    Well if there is 100 cm in a m, and 10 mm in a cm, there's 1000 mm in a m. 3.8 multiplied by 1000 is 3800 mm in 3.8 m
  27. math

    Theres 100 cm in a meter, so 800 divided by 100 is 8 m
  28. Math #Help Meee!!!!!!!!

    Absolute value: the distance away from zero The absolute value of "n" + 3 = 7 Solve Subtract 3 from both sides of the equal sign The absolute value of "n" = 4 n
  29. college math

    A community 5K run will award $50 to the winner. 60 people enter the race, and they each pay an entry fee of $20. Assuming they are all equally likely to win, what is a fair price for the competition? Round to the nearest cent Can anyone help me get started on this one?
  30. math

    That you may not do due to lack of draeability. Sorry. :(
  31. math

    Right angle- 90 degree angle. Acute angle- less than a 90 degree angle. Obtuse angle- more thana 90 degree angle.
  32. math

    are you sure that there is an 18 and 20 because i think that there should be only fractions.
  33. Story about Future

    Oh, sorry misunderstanding. Just write the opposite of what you already have said.
  34. Story about Future

    That was awesome. I think you covered everything that I say if I were you. I loved to see that you have included longer words. Also, I can see that you don't really like school? That's OK!
  35. math

    It doesn't make any sense because there are some things like "la a ..." and I don't get why you would have put this in. ??? PLEASE CLARIFY!!
  36. Math

    You are right that is confusing.
  37. math

    60% 15/25= 0.6
  38. general science

    depends on what A is.
  39. Life Science

    Is interphase a step of mitosis or a preparation of mitosis? Then explain what interphase does.
  40. EDU310

    they probably like school just like I want to be a teacher
  41. math

    480/3= 160 160 is 1/4 160 x 4= 640 640 is whole.
  42. math

    saturday 6weeks later.
  43. Physics

  44. science

    I have no clue how to do this... For a science fair experiment, you decide to testa cartain type of plant to see how well it can grow when it is kept out of sunlight. For two weeks, the plant leaces stay greean then they begin to look yellow. Use the terms photosynthesis, ...
  45. math

    10000/5.5=1818.18 dollars
  46. EDU310

    to look up to for help with their homework.
  47. math correct or not?

    yes they are both correct the way you have them.
  48. science Help for little brother

    never mind ignore the other comment I miss understood.
  49. science Help for little brother

    plants are producers.
  50. science Help for little brother

    I have no clue how to do this... For a science fair experiment, you decide to testa cartain type of plant to see how well it can grow when it is kept out of sunlight. For two weeks, the plant leaces stay greean then they begin to look yellow. Use the terms photosynthesis, ...
  51. Chemistry please help!

    5 x 2= 10
  52. life science

    Then for cell division I remember him talking about something duplicating and then spindle fibers forming in between and that something moved to opposite ends and then after that another type of something to attach to the spindle fibers, breaking in two and moving to opposite ...
  53. life science

    I remember my teacher talking about IMAT Phase for mitosis
  54. life science

    Um... I only need mitosis and cell division and what the steps mean... and then I can probably compare and contrast the two.
  55. life science

    a.)What are the steps of mitosis? b.)Explain what each of the steps mean. c.)What are the steps of cell division? d.)Explain what each of the steps mean. e.)Compare and contrast mitosis and cell division.
  56. Maths

    suuuuuure thiiiing!!!!
  57. Maths

    19/100 6/100= 3/50
  58. algebra

  59. Math

    I know it's 0.
  60. Math

  61. Seventh Grade Math

    start by putting digits together and adding them up
  62. science

    atoms can be protons-positive, electrons-negative and nuetrons-nuetral. atoms make up all matter.
  63. Math

    Your a mathematician just another one of my tests.
  64. Math

    What does ! mean in an equation? ex) 3! + (6*5) - (5+0)= 31 Well 3! has to equal 6
  65. 2nd grade math

    8+10=18-8 It doesn't really make any sense.
  66. algebra 1

    The length of the pool is 16. the width is 6
  67. social studies

    Check out my post to majenta about 20 posts down.
  68. Math(rewrited)

    Answer: 31 (writing was really small) Use: 3, 5, 5, 6, 0 How: 3! + (6*5) - (5+0)
  69. Math (extra practice)

    I just need to know how ! works.
  70. Math (extra practice)

    I don't get how to do this. Use these numbers to get the answer showen below. However, don't stick numbers together. Try to get: 22 Using: 3, 6, 5, 5, 0 The teacher gave us the answer but I don't know HOW this works: 3! + (6*5) - (5+0)
  71. algebra

    28=2h-18 +18..+18 46=2h /2 23=h
  72. social studies

    First start with a topic sentence. Like for example: Saying no to the Florida amendment 2 2010 is very difficult. Then make the details into sentences. then write a conclusion: ex) Saying no is challenging.
  73. math

    ex) 5 5^2= 25-1= 24/4= 6-5= 1 yes It works because if you work backwards you get your original number.
  74. math

  75. Physics

    This one I'll help you with a)60.5+10.4=70.9 70.9/3.76=18.856382 b)18.856382/30.0=0.628546
  76. Physics

    You know it would be easier to try to find it out for yourself. Then if you can't get it post it. Try it.:/
  77. eng

    so whay's your question * Is it like a comic because it sounds good to me.
  78. English-Article

    No you touched basis on the book Wasn't that book awesome!!!!!!!:D
  79. math

    3.7 x 60 (because 60 min. in an hour) = 222mph
  80. Life Science (Desperate) To none

    yo that was a very tricky question but now I get it :D
  81. Life Science (Desperate)

    What bird is like a drink of water? ***Is it a swan?***
  82. music

    Your choice.
  83. music

    Other thoughts, he's talking to Sandy about his desperality. (Desperate for a significant other)
  84. music

    a guy asking Sandy out
  85. music

    a guy say that his true love is Maria
  86. music

    If you post lyrics I can probably find it out.
  87. english

    direct - specificly indirect - is like sort of out there ex) The book is lying 6 paces north and 2 west on the table. The book is lying on the table over there.
  88. Math

    No your right that is what I call a mathmatician because if you keep doing that you get 50 100's and 1 50 50x100=5000+50= 5050 Just checking to see who's a mathmatician. YOU! ha ha ha LOL Now do you think it's easier. By the way that 100 method written down is ...
  89. Math to Reiny

    Is there a little easier way 'cause I don't like the 101 method maybe 100? :/
  90. Math

    How can you add 0 - 100 without using a calculator or going 1+2+3+4 and on?
  91. Life Science

    What bird is like a drink of water?
  92. Physical Science

    What does a plane do when it pitches?
  93. Physics (Checking answe)

    Yeah that is totally right!!!! :D
  94. Health Science

    Better yet what does cardiac mean?
  95. Health Science

    The __________ is made up of cardiac muscle. a) stomach b) lungs c) heart
  96. Math

    d.should be 5 Toostie Pops and 6 bubble gum sorry typo
  97. Math

    Jackson wnats to give everyone in his class (including himself) 1 piece of bubble gum candy and 1 Toostie Pop. Bubble gum comes in packages of 6 pieces, and Toostie Pops comes in bundles of 5. There are 25 other students in his class (26 including him. How many packages must ...
  98. science

    Dress: still green Lipstick: orange Shoes: still white Why: Because yellow and green (mixed together) will still be green because green is too dark to mix with green. The red lipstick would be orange because if you mix yellow and red paint together you would get orange. The ...
  99. 7th grade

    I'm in 7th grade too but I studied this last year so: 5x-10=2x-7 -2x -2x 3x-10= -7 +10 +10 (because -10 and -7 are -) 3x = 3 Then divide out x=1
  100. Math

    D (5,7,9)
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