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hint, 100 proof rum is 50% alcohol and 50% water. a 1L bottle of 100 proof rum has (789/2) = 394.5g of alcohol and 500g of water.

computers literacy
research the topic and then write about it.

There are four slots: * 512MB (1/2GB) + * 512MB + * 512MB + * 512MB = 2048MB = 2GB To upgrade to 8GB, you might choose to remove the existing chips and replace them, for example with the following configuration, 2GB + 2GB + 2GB + 2GB = 8GB (2GB x 4) Can you think of any other ...

- Elastic (don't have to buy, investor can easily find substitute) - Inelastic (no substitutes, you've just left home driving to work and your gas gauge is on E. you must buy it, your only choice is to not fill your tank completely). - Elastic (very) - Inelastic (e.g. ...

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