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Hey im brendy garcia

algebra 1
do what Steve said and then plug -6 into y -4x-2(-6)=-12 4x+8(-6)=-24 -4x+12=-12 which equals 0 4x-48=-24 which equals 6 and those are your answers

Math precalculus II
The area of a sector of a circle with a central angle of 15π rad is 18 m². Find the radius of the circle. I set up my equation as: 18m^2=(1/2)(r^2)(1/5 pi) i isolate r^2 by dividing both sides by (1/2) and (1/5 pi, getting: 180pim^2=r^2 i then take the square root of...

DNA is more stable than RNA because it is double stranded and bound together by hydrogen bonds. RNA does not have this bond and is open for chemical reactions. This is useful because RNA "prints" new DNA.