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12th grade math help!!!!
The height of the right triangle is 9 units, and the area is 54 sq. units. how long is the base of the triangle?

HESAL TALES unscrable these words

who is the most interesting famous person


how does convection work

yes you are correct

i need to know how to turn 48.25 into a fration in simpilist forn

Stop trying to answer my questions. Let the professionals help. DO NOT RESPOND AGAIN!! P.S. - Both your answers were WRONG

The teacher plans to assign 8 students to 8 desks for a debate. How many different seating arrangements are possible?

Eleven people are competing in a sack race. There is a blue ribbon for first, a red ribbon for second, and white ribbon for third. How many different first-second-third place finishes are possible?

a company makes combination locks with 50 numbers printed on the dial. Each lock combination is an arrangement of 3 different numbers. How many locks can the company make without repeating a combination?


During peak season, a hotel room costs $135 per night. During the off-season, it costs $90 pernight. Find the percent of change from peak season to off-season.

Find the percent of change from $48 to $53.76. State whether the change is an increase or decrease.

If an item costs $179.99 and it is marked 25% discount, what would the sale price be?

antonym of unusual and against

I need the answer to this analogy broom : sweep :: brush : the word has to begin with scr, spr, str or thr

C Programming
I am new to c programming and I cannot understand the teacher for the life of me. It becomes very difficult to learn this stuff even just by reading. I'd greatly appreciate any help... The program asks for the user to input the radius and height of a right cylinder. It ...

Use a chi-squared test to test the claim about the population variance or standard deviation at the given level of significance and using the given sample statistics. Claim: ơ2 ≤ 60; α = 0.025. Sample statistics: s2 = 72.7, n = 15

I think so, yes. I did not know how to type the symbols correctly on computer.

Use a x squared-test to test the claim about the population variance or standard deviation at the given level of significance and using the given sample statistics. Claim: ơ2 ≤ 60; α = 0.025. Sample statistics: s2 = 72.7, n = 15

Well the question in the first problem is earlier in the book than in the second. We did learn about the process that you used early on though.

Ok. That helped me out a lot. I have another one, if your willing to give direction. One in five people in the U.S. own individual stocks. In a random sample of 12 people, what is the probability that the number owning individual stocks is (a) exactly four, (b) at least four, ...

"A batch of 350 raffle tickets contains three winning tickets. You buy five tickets. What is the probability that you have (a) no winning tickets, (b) all of the winning tickets, (c) at least one winning ticket, and (d) at least one nonwinning ticket?" I would like ...

1,022,000 species of animals. vertebrates make up 42,000 & invertebrates make up 980,000 species. what is the percentage of animals that are invertebrates? how did you come to this answer?

Background: A machine cuts wood boards to a thickness of 25 millimeters with an accepter margin of error of +/-0.6 ml. (Assume process can be distributed by normal distribution.) The acceptable range of thicknesses for the boards is 24.4 ml to 25.6 ml, inclusive. Because of ...

How do you cite an online transcript of an interview in MLA format?

Thank you.

Our teachers are having a toy drive. Mrs. A collected 10 more toys than Mr. B. Mrs. C collected twice as many toys as Mr. B. Mr. D collected 3 less than Mrs. C. Mrs. E collected 50 more than Mrs. A. Together they collected 487 toys in all and gave them to another teacher. How ...

Solve. x/5x+10+x-3/x+2=7/5 I multiplied both sides by 5(x+2) and came up with -17.

Please review. Ella can drive 65 mi on side roads in the same time that it takes to drive 30 mi on the interstate. Ella's rate on the side roads is 7 mi faster than her rate on the interstate, what is her rate on the side roads? 65/x+7=30/x 35x=210 x=6 6+7=13

I am writing an essay on how math is related to football and I can not think of how to start it. Please help

write 5800million metric tons in standard form

Algebra 1

political science
Congress must pass what law after a state constitution has been approved by the people or that state in order for a state to be added

Earth Science
one of two conditions needed to melt minerals inot magma

its 180/760+.95

A motorboat accelerates uniformly from a ve- locity of 6.4 m/s to the west to a velocity of 2.0 m/s to the west. If its acceleration was 3.3 m/s squared to the east, how far did it travel during the acceleration? Answer in units of m.

Social Studies
I want a list of states that do not have ports on the atlantic ocean.

Basically, individual units run their own affairs and the notion of central government is of low improtance. The most obvious historical example of this would be the southeren states after their leaving from the Union.

what are indirect proofs

what is the value of the underlined number? 170- the 0 is underlined, I know the place is the tens, thanks so much! The VALUE of the underlined number is zero. The place is the ones. It's not the tens place...didn't you read what I posted before? The underlined # is ...

what is the place and value of the underlined digit in 803. the underlined digit is 3 It's in the one's place the way to think about it is like this: in between the ones and the tenths is the decimal point. Hundreds/tens/ones.tenths/hundreths

physical science
It takes allot of energy to vaporize water. Several BTUs for each change of state because it's changing the molecular structure. Not as much energy required to change temperature in same state.

Social Studies
What a good topic from prehistory through the Enlightenment ages. Something interesting please. Topic for what: a few paragraphs, a short paper, or a long term paper? I always liked the history of witchcraft, the discovery of the solar system in which Earth was not the center...

I'm sorry, I just need a subject suggestion for an English Essay. It's a definition essay for my college English 1A class. The topic is, "A word which has changed in meaning and what the change shows about society." I am not asking for you to tell me what it ...

find the rule for the Nth term of the arithmetic sequence. 11/2, 25/6, 17/6, 3/2, 1/6..... If you change the denomators to 6, you should notice the numerators follow the sequence: 33,25,17,9,1,...which is an arithmetic sequence with a common difference of -8 so term(n) = -8n...

Can someone check my answers? These are based off of an experiment which is determining the proportionality constant, R, in the ideal gas equation. 1. Suppose a student runs into some procedural and calculation difficulties. State the effect the following would have on the ...

1. The elipse will then become a circle. 2. If they are exactly the same length then you have a truly circular orbit/object, the likes of which you will never see in the real world. I hope this helps!

ap us history
How successful was organized labor in improving the position of workers in the period from 1875-1900? Analyze the factors that contributed to the level of unachievement.

unbroken skin blocks What is your question? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum BUT if your question is not clearly stated, you will get no answer. Hopefully you are questioning the following: 1. (Broken Link Removed) 2.

Jim Bob is a stock picking genius. Every year, based on his system, he has the ability to invest $100 (only) in a security that is expected to earn a 20% return over the next year. That security always has a beta of one. Assume that the risk free rate is 4%, and the market ...

math rate
15 chapters in 5 days - I already know the unit rate is 3 - I have to give the rate and unit rate. I don't know how to figure out the rate. Can someone please help me? rate is 15 chapters/5 days unit rate is 3 chapters/day

math rate
what would be the unit rate - 15 chapters in 5 days Take 15 chapters and divide by 5 days. Unit rate would be 3 chapters per day. I hope this helps and is what you were asking.

solve the matrix equation for ax=bx+c for x={x1} { x2} where a= { 6 0} b={-1 -2} c= {1] [15 1} { 4 -2} [2} please show work if you can

Modern World History
What does imperialistic mean in this? Germany felt behind in the imperialistic game with so few colonies so there were also resentment brooding? This site will explain the role of Imperialism in Europe as well as Germany. okay i ...

Modern World History
Can someone give me some ideas on what they think, your views might have been about the coming war of World War 1. Most people in Europe didn't want war, but were forced into it by their nationalistic and militaristic leaders and their enemies. Of course, the nations that ...

Geology (college level)
What is the process by which elements form? In the stars, fusion mainly. On Earth, radioactive decay. For further reading: BIG BANG NUCLEOSYNTHESIS WAS THE FIRST PROCESS OF ELEMENT FORMATION Can some help The ...

Unscramble for english
Please unscramble: eeeinrlbpresh the meaning of the word is: worthy of blame

please unscramble

what comes first girls or girl's? girl

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what are the three steps in a conclusion in the scientific method? I'm a 9th grader I'm not sure what you are asking. Perhaps a review of the experimental method might be helpful. An independent variable is the potential stimulus or cause, usually directly manipulated ...

name one amendment that guarantees or addresses voting rights

Everyone has been helpful. UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX IN DA HOUSE. The answer is on page 47 of chapter 2. The borgardus scale is another measurement sociologist use to measure prejudice.

unscrambling word

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