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help me please
Or convert to an improper fraction and then divide 71 by 8.

That a before a human direct object is called the personal a. The le is an indirect object pronoun. Diste is the infinitive verb dar (to give) conjugated in the tú form of the preterite.

What did you (familiar or casual form) give to your mother or your father on their birthdays?

eth. need some info please
In my college-level "non-western" art history course the introduction to Edward W. Said's Orientalism was a required reading assignment. Mine was not definitely not an Axia class, either.

It has something to do with how neither the researchers nor the participants are fully aware of the situation.

To Annonymous
Have you ever considered creating and then posting a policy that explains what types of content are acceptable versus what kinds of material are forbidden? If you would not mind telling me, how would you generally describe these forbidden posts?

I disagree with Em. The use of the first person singular pronoun would be inappropriate.

Count Iblis, it always is more productive to actually supply at least somewhat detailed explanations instead of just handing over the correct answer.

Carnivorous plants (Venus fly traps and pitcher plants) evolved in response to nitrogen poor soil quality.

English writing
Did you originally think that a thesis statement could not include the word because?

bobpursley answering in the form of a question, oh wow now I have seen everything. Yes, negative 3 times positive 10 equals negative 30.

science - psychology
One might be tempted to bring up the debate as to whether or not psychology should even be included as one of the sciences.

contemporary math
What exactly is contemporary math anyway? How does one define it exactly?

political science
You might be interested to know that there was a historical debate that attempted to resolve the issue of whether law and politics were essentially the same thing or radically different things.

Physical Education
You must have a really unique health/P.E. course. I do not remember having to know quite a few of these types of things for previous class settings.

Try the Supreme Court case that ended school segragation by race, which was Brown vs. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. That happened in the 1950's, although most of the key events seemed to have happened in the 1960's.

What exactly do you mean by idk?

Ellie, was that really necessary?

help me
I would suggest Cubans for another group choice.

it realy depends on the product and the stage of the business. please be more specific.

Earth Science
Is this actual lab data or just a hypothetical situation? If these are actually experimental results, I would suspect that there was some sort of error that would account for such a sharp difference.

Leo, I prefer not to androgynously" refer to God as an "it."

Critical Thinking
Could somebody solve my on campus parking problem? As a commuter student, I would be blissful to not have to depart up to forty-five minutes early even on a day with ideal conditions just to get a parking space.

Tchrwill must have either had a lot of time on her hands or be a really fast/accurate typist.

social studies
The first McDonald's restaurant was in Des Plaines, Illinois. Andrew, I specifically remember Ray Kroc as the *founder* of McDonald's. If he was not, then who was?!

First of all, the topic of Columbine is well-known and not really new news to people. Secondly, the year as well the victim totals are incorrect. Finally, linking such a tragedy with such an oversimplified cause as dress codes sounds unreasonable or unlogical.

Scorched earth and Woodrow Wilson.


Do not fall into the trap of stereotypically labeling an entire group of people.

hello everyone
Anonymous, you should be grateful that there are people here who put in their time to help others. If you want your questions answered right away, go hire a private tutor, it only costs money and stop whining!! Was this site established for you? You make it sound like someone ...

Complete the table for this equation x y (x,y) -1 -2 -4 2 8

Complete the table for this equation. x y (x,y) -1 -2 -4 2 8

y=-2X-12 3

Social studies
Define "important" facts. That sounds rather subjective to me.

In what exactly are you seeking membership, Dinae?!

Would you happen to have knowledge of such matters as this from personal experience, Writeacher?!

Ted needs assistance
Could someone give a little more help to Ted with his anthropology question? It is really not about anthropology at all.

You're a star, thanks!!

Can someone please help me identify the thesis statement in this article? CNN) -- In coming to grips with AIDS, the worst health calamity since the Middle Ages and one likely to be the worst ever, consideration inevitably turns to the numbers. According to estimates from ...

This is more biology or genetics than anthropology. These letters do indeed stand for nitrogeneous bases, but you need to know the rules for how the hydrogen bonds work. These bases are always paired up in the same fashion. For DNA, adenine and cytosine always travel together ...

I'm sorry, it didn't come with the paragraphs I was asking about originally. Here it is: CNN) -- In coming to grips with AIDS, the worst health calamity since the Middle Ages and one likely to be the worst ever, consideration inevitably turns to the numbers. According ...

Can you identify the thesis statement here please, thanks: AIDS in Africa: Dying by the numbers 'We used to think of AIDS as a health issue; we were wrong' A man cares for his grandson, orphaned by AIDS, in a suburb of the eastern Zambia town of Chipata (CNN) -- In ...

He died in an airplane crash on the way to deliver aid to earthquake victims.

If you want a nonreligious answer, you could also use Henry David Thoreau's essay "Civil Disobedience" as a historical example.

One should not rely on generators, but should rather arrive at theses through one's own independent thought.

english/great gatsby
I have been required to read this novel in both high school and college. I have never understood why some people absolutely love it because I barely enjoyed it on any level.

art history college level
I went to the library and am getting somewhere now. A message to all the college bound students out there: Beware of art history for it can be difficult!

art history college level
Is there anybody out there who really knows art history or anyone who is at least aware of some helpful art history resources out there? For comparison and contrast purposes, I need to know more about some individual French academic artists and their specific works with ...

randomness health
What exactly prompted you to ask such a question, Kinza?

social studies
You might find it interesting to know that George Washington was not the first president of the USA. The Articles of Confederation provided for an official with the title of president before the foundations for our current constitution were set down.

Federalism is an idea where a central government shares power with lesser units. Keep in mind there are historical examples where nationalism has become unhealthy and led to wars.

anatomy and physiology
At my old high school, A & P was paired with microbio to make a two semester long course called Bio II.

Can someone help me with this question. I'm not sure how to go about it. Find the antiderivative of f(x)=2x^3+2x+4 Thanks.

I take it you mean the Articles of Confedration that was our first constitution way back in the 1700s? A confederation as opposed to other forms of government (for example, unitary or federalism) emphasizes the political power of the smaller divisions over an apparatus of ...

sex ed
You have submitted one of my personal favorite questions in the history of this site! Seriously though, was/were there some event(s) in your life that inspired your curiousity with regards to this topic? It is important to learn about this subject matter sooner or later. By ...

social studies/china
You also might want to differentiate between a civilization and a culture.

I believe that you meant to type martyred not mardered.

Western Civilization
Jarrod seems like a . . . to me. Fill in the ellipsis.

Economic Management Scients
What is 'improper' tax which we get in South Africa?

You misspelled author and please clearly yet concisely specify the nature of your inquiry.

Meicare reimbursement
You misspelled Medicare. You forgot the "d."

office practices/ medical
I would put an "an" between called and HMO to make it sound better.

Active: I jumped over the fence. Passive: The fence was jumped over by me. Is the subject actively influencing the object or is the object being passively acted on by the subject?

Michael Jackson has had more plastic surgery than anybody else in California. You can bet he’s had more than anybody in Connecticut!

social studies
My sentiments exactly. This is a declarative statement without a period. Please supply an interrogative sentence.

Tell me more about what you know already? For example, do you know that a nephron is part of those renal organs known as the kidneys? Do you know that an ion is an electrically charged atomic particle that could be either positive or negative? Do you know that opposites ...

Posting an inquiry more than once will not speed up the response time. See my reply above.

Why is such a popular question?! See up the page a little bit for my reply. Reposting will not deliver faster response times.

american government
The origins of the state are to be thought of as a two way street of expectations between the governor and the governed. In this reciprocal relationship, the rulers are obligated to do their job for the subjects, and the subjects also have a role to fulfill under their rulers...

Isn't a typical parapgraph usually supposed to contain five or six or maybe seven sentences?

Social Studies
If you are asking about the U.S. Constitution, then only white men who owned property had suffrage back in the late 1700's.

Try looking up the word revolution in a dictionary and then use process of elimination to determine that the answer is choice e).

Please use *an* example rather than *a* example please. Thank you.

What does this have to do with arts?

American History
You probably meant book not took, you forgot to insert an in, the use of people twice is redundant, and an and should be replaced by at.

American History
I would highly suggest the PBS series Eyes on the Prize for more on this.

Social Studies
Some have argued that there is no such thing as a pure democracy, but that some have gotten close. The USA is a republic which is still a type of democracy. The will of the people is expressed in an indirect democracy by voting. There were once places where the people gathered...

Social Studies
The modern nation of Greece (particularly the current capital city of Athens) is still known today as the birthplace of democracy. See my other post, but I would say that is a debateable issue. Could you tell me what specific time period in Greek history you are talking about...

Social Studies
It is not E (the state of Nebraska has a unicameral legislature by the way). A through D are all pretty important sounding, though. What is the exact name of the class for which you are doing this?

books- The Family by Mario Puzo
Is this the same legendary crime author who wrote the Godfather and the Last Don?

They were a ruling banking family from Florence, Italy that were great patrons of the fine arts.

Isn't that an overly harsh generalization, bobpursley?

The Roman Catholic Church's reactions were collectively known as the Counter Reformation.

Since when is lyman a school subject? In the absence of an operation symbol, one can just safely assume multiplication. If you would like to, then put an x or the word times or a dot.

Obesity Pros and Cons
Being just slightly overweight can have some positive aspects.

AP US History
Oh, snap!

Does nickel from the periodic table bend?

Calculator problem-- urgent!!!
Do you still an operations guide or a user's manual for your calculator? What type of calculator do you have? What class is this for? You are responsible for learning how to work your own either by looking it up or asking somebody who would know. However, if you want an on...

Calculator problem-- urgent!!!
That would depend on your calculator, but you may have a "^" button for raising a base to a power.

It was not until the times of Copernicus that heliocentrism was mathematically proven, of course. Although it was an interesting suggestion from the Greeks.

Delcia, what does brenisha's age have to do with anything?

Social Studies
Sunni makes up the peaceful majority by a vast margin. Shiites are the not so peaceful minority.

social studies
To serve God and the king and to get rich. The three G's are gold, gospel, and glory.

Twelve point Times New Roman with one inch margins all the way around and double spaced throughout.

A farmer plants seeds in a field that is 125 meters long by 75 meters wide.The seeds must receive 1 liter of water per square meter every day. How many liters must the farmer apply to the field everyday?

A farmer plants seeds in a field that is 125 meters long by 75 meters wide.The seeds must receive 1 liter of water per square meter every day. How many liters must the farmer apply to the field everyday?

Does the media help or hurt the relationship between Black and White America today?

Is this country still segregated today?

social studies
how many miles would it be to get to Minnesota from Virginia

PE=mgh =(1.2)(9.8)(2.9-.59) = 27.17J

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