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LUN is correct I got a 100% and I’m in connections academy but I And in the Texas state version so the answers may vary guys.

Algebra 2
The base of is numerically 3 less than its area, and the height is numerically 6 less than its area. Find the area of the triangle.I am lost.....

@anonymous you are so fricking wrong I trusted you and I got a 7/24 thanks a lot. You spammer and lier!

Calculate the pH during the titration of 40 ml of 0.1000 M HCl with 0.1000 M NaOH solution after the following additions of base: A.) 28.00 ML B.) 39.80 ML C.) 48.00 ML

We ask for the answer because we do not know the answer so pages like this need to be deleted so students get what they need

I cant find this any where!

$1,200 1200/2=600 600-30% =420 420-20=400 400-75%=100 100-15=85 he had left

a crate contains apples, pears, and oranges.There are 184 apples and pears and 248 apples and oranges. there are 3 times as many oranges as pears. how many apples are in the crate? How do I show my work to solve this problem using Singapore math - Math in Focus curriculum?

A 4-digit number. The sum of its digits is 18. The last two digits are 5 times as much as the first 2 digits. The hundreds and ones places have the same digit.

The answer would be eleven hot dogs.