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ap chem
nevermind i got the answer

Each time the same letter appears it represents the same digit.Different letters represent different digits.C+C=D;D+E=17;A+2C=D;2B+C=8.Find the sum A+B+C+D+E

As an invesment Mrs. Astor purchased 2 paintings. She later sold the two paintings for $24,000 each. On one painting she made a 20% profit, but on the other she esperienced a 20% loss. Mrs. Astor lost__________ on her investments in the 2 paintings.

An escalator moves down at the rate of 60 steps per minute. Alan can walk fast up ordinary steps at the rate of 80 steps per minute. There are 50 steps from one level to another. Alan decides to walk fast up the down escalator. How long will it take him to go up one level?

help hexagon geometry
iiitss hahaha nto telling you

help hexagon geometry
That's not the answer hes dumb

2 only

The points A, B, C, D, & E are located on a straight line, in order, in accordance with the following conditions: The distance from A to E is 20 cm The distance from A to D is 15 cm The distance from B to E is 10 cm C is halfway between B & D What is the distance from B to C?

i thank thee for leh answer :D

An electronic motor is revolving at 2000rpm. After 3sec, it is moving at 150rpm. Determine the angular acceleration. What is angular momentum of the electric motor if the rotational inertia is meter in initial velocity? In final velocity? What is the average ...



Applied Behavioral

Tks. As I thought

HCl+CaCO3 --> CaCl+H3O balanced?

how do you unscramble eiuocrrl in French?

ABC has vertices A(0, 6), B(4, 6), and C(1, 3). Sketch a graph of ABC and use it to find the orthocenter of ABC. Then list the steps you took to find the orthocenter, including any necessary points or slopes you had to derive.

Over a period of 5 games a basketball team made exactly 44% of their shots. the number of shots taken was more than 310 and less than 350. How many shots were made?

What are the coordinates of the point labeled A?

logan built an enclosure for his chickens. He wanted opposite sides to be parallel, but the adjacent sides to be different lengths. what was the shape of the enclosure?

Assuming that the temperature has to be below freezing in order for it to snow, if the probability of the temperature being below freezing tomorrow is 85%, and the probability of there being precipitation tomorrow is 25%, what is the probability that it will snow tomorrow?

Fraction to decimal question
Move is right

Your pay stub deducts money for FICA. What does this mean? A. Money is being withheld for personal exemptions and deductions. B. Money is being withheld for excise and estate taxes. C. Money is being withheld to fund Social Security and Medicare. D. Money is being withheld for...

Thank you Ms. Sue. I believe you have helped me in the past learn history. I'm homeschooled. So sometimes I do research on the internet for help. I came across some questions that you answered and your answers and links have really helped me understand history. Thanks :)

Ms. Sue. Do you have the answers for English 3 and 4 for Ashworth High School? I have completed all the other classes by myself. But if I don't finish English 3 and 4 by next week, I'll have to repay my tuition. Please help me!

Suppose the roller coaster in Fig. 6-41 (h1 = 38 m, h2 = 11 m, h3 = 25) passes point 1 with a speed of 1.60 m/s. If the average force of friction is equal to one sixth of its weight, with what speed will it reach point 2? The distance traveled is 45.0 m.

olve for the interval [0, 2pi]. cos(x+ pi/4)+cos(x- pi/4)=1

A store manager bought c calculators for $8. All but four were sold for $10 each. The remaining four calculators were not sold. Find the store's profit, in simplified form, in term of c.

I solved the problem like that: Sara: 2x Miguel: x 2x+6 =4/3x 18/3 =4/3 -6/3x 6 = -2/3x x = - 9 so Miguel = -9 Sara = -18 Is it correct?

Sara has twice as much money as Miguel. If she had $6 more. She would have 4/3 as much money as he has. How much money does each have now?


4pi - 8

THANK YOU !!!!!!!

An 80 kg man climbs a 50 m-high hill in 20 minutes. What is the average power in watts he expends climbing the hill?

A pizza shop tried 45 new type pizza during the past year and 20% percent of them became popular. Which best represents the fraction of pizzas that did not become popular?

A pizza shop tried 45 new type pizza during the past year and 20% percent of them became popular. Which best represents the fraction of pizzas that did not become popular?


The diagram below shows a large cube of mass 25 kg being accelerated across a frictionless level floor by a horizontal force, F. A small cube of mass 4.0 kg is in contact with the front surface of the cube. The coefficient of static friction between the cubes is 0.71. What is ...

wierd math question

counting and probability
Total number of numbers using 1-6 = 6^8 = 1679616 For any number to be divisible by 8, its last 3 digits must be divisible by 8 but these last two digits must contain only the digits from 1 to 6, with no zeros. possible cases are: 112 136 144 152 216 224 232 256 264 312 336 ...

The digits 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8 are each used once in a random order to form a five-digit number. What is the probability that the resulting number is divisible by 4? Express your answer as a common fraction.

I look at a random time of day at a digital clock (that shows times from 1:00 through 12:59). What is the probability that (ignoring the colon) I see a palindrome such as 8:08? Express your answer as a common fraction.

A wire 4 meters long is cut into two pieces. One piece is bent into a square for a frame for a stained glass ornament, while the other piece is bent into a circle for a TV antenna. To reduce storage space, where should the wire be cut to minimize the total area of both figures...

college algebra, Please help!!

L=2 H=1

isn't x,y above just -4,-6 ? what do i do with the distance formula?

Find the point on the line 1x+7y-4=0 which is closest to the point (-4,-6)

math help pls
James is right do not listen to the others except James and sue

Math, algebra!! Please help!!!!!!
L.R Is wrong, non of those are irrational numbers.

It's 49

Social Studies
If I could have some help on this question I'd appreciate it.I think the answer is B. Which problem would most likely result if banks did not exist? (1 point) People would no longer be able to save money. Money would not move through the economy very well. Spending money ...

I have to choose which word "neatly" is describing. If neatly is an adverb would it be describing packed? everything owned packed boxes I saw that everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes.

tell me


Social studies
Does Inca, Maya, or Aztecs have no central government?

there is a circular tank with diameter 7 min a garden. what will be the cost of fixing fountain pipe all around the tank at the rate of $5 per meter

Identify the italicized word according to its class in structural linguistics. (There) are no easy answers.

Given the information below, calculate the heat provided by combustion of 66.1g of propane (C3H8). ΔHf° (C3H8(g)) = -103.85 kJ ΔHf° (CO2(g)) = -393.5 kJ ΔHf° (H2O(ℓ)) = -285.8 kJ Can Someone explain this in detail? i have to answer this type of...

Math for Steve
None of you are right. Eat it !

english 2
Neither pesticides nor hormones are used in the production of organic foods. Is there any mistakes here ?

Stop lieing C B A C

Kiki is wrong,😠 c.b.a.c is the correct answers

I need to use calculus to solve this word problem: Find all maximum and minimum values for f(x)= sin(x)+ cos(x) on [0, 2(3.14)] How do I do it?

Misha has 8 cats. He gives away 8 how many does he have now?

8th Grade Math
^ That was me

Carman wants to cut 3/4 inch peices from 62 long inch wire. How many 3/4 inch peices will she have?



help me plss

math problem
In the multiplication probelem at the right,A,B,C represent different non-zero digits. Each time the same letter appears it represents the same digit. Find the 2 numbers represnted by AA and BC.(0 is zero). A A x B C ------ B B O A A ----- 6 6 0

math problem
In the multiplication at the right,A,B,C represent different non-zero digits. each time the same letter appears it presents the same digit. Find the 2 numbers represnted by AA and BC.(0is zero). A A x B C ------ B B O A A ------- 6 6 0

math problem
Two large containers each contain the same amount of juice. When 54oz. of the first container are poured into the second container, the second container has 4 times as much juice as the first container. How many ounces of juice did the first container originally have?

Math problem
Mrs. Jones owns 4/7 of the stock in a small business and Mrs.Brown owns the rest. Mrs. smith agrees to give $21,000 in exchange for 1/3 of the stock. The $21,000is to be divided between Mrs. jones and Mrs. Brown so that all three will now have equal share of stock. How much of...

Physics help
1.)166.67N 2.)83.333N

math homework
x is defined as one more than the number of digits in the number x . For example , 1000 = 5. For what value of x wil x = x ?

math homework
Mr. Burton rides out into the country on his bicycle at 9 mph . Four hours later he starts back riding his bicycle at 6 mph. How long will it take him to get back?

math homework
The whole number are written across a piece of paper in order. There is room for 100 digits on each line and there are no spaces between each digit. What are the last 5 digits on the second line? 0123456789101112.......

I have made a thermometer which measures temperature by the compressing and expanding of gas in a piston. I have measured that at 100 degrees C the volume of the piston is 20 L. What is the temperature outside if the piston has a volume of 15 L? What would be appropriate ...

College Chemistry

Let d(t) be the shortest distance between Earth and the nearest other planet as a function of time t (where t is in years and t = 0 is noon on January 1, 1000 A.D., say). Is d continuous? Why or why not?

math homewok
There are nine coins on the table , 5 nickels , 3 quarters and 1 dime. Tom , Bill and Drew each pick up three coins. Bill has 25 cent more than Tom. Drew has as much money as Tom and Bill together . What three coins Drew to pick up? my answer: Drew ===)2 quarters+i nickel Is ...

math 7 grade
x is defined as one more than the number of digits in the number x . For example , 1000 = 5. For what value of x wil x = x ?

math 7 grade
Mr. olsen has classified the charities to which he gives money to into 3 different groups. Each charity in the 1st. group will get $1 . Each charity in the 2 nd. group will get 9 times as much or $9 . Each in the 3 rd. will get 9 times as much as each in the 2 nd. groups or $...



518.94 J

A cattle train left Miami and traveled toward New York. 14 hours later a diesel train left traveling at 45km/h in and effort to catch up to the cattle train. After traveling for four hours the diesel train finally caught up. What was the cattle train's average speed?


This website suks. My name is Bob, short for Robert, long for Bob.

ap chemistry
Carbon monoxide reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide by the following reaction: 2CO + O2 yields 2CO2 Delta H for this reaction is -135.28 kcal. If 811.7 kcal is released, how many moles of CO must have reacted? 1). 270.5 mol 2). 40.5 mol 3). 12.0 mol 4). 5.41 mol 5). 16.3...

i dont know


"If 3 people can do a job in 5 days, how many days will be needed if 4 people do the same job?"

In a Broadway performance, an 80 kg actor swings from a 3.75 m long cable that is horizontal when he starts.? At the bottom of his arc, he picks up his 55.0 kg costar in an inelastic collision. What maximum height do they reach after their upward swing?

i am a 3-digit number divisible by 3. my tens digit is 3 times as great as my hundreds digit, and the sum of my digits is 15. if you reverse my digits, i am divisible by 6 as well as 3

SOC 101
soc 101 In most developed nations health care is?

this one up top is the wrong way of doing this problem

what is the relationship between interactions and interdependence

physics 100
Bob, who has a mass of 60 , can throw a 800 rock with a speed of 26 . The distance through which his hand moves as he accelerates the rock forward from rest until he releases it is 1.0 . a) What constant force must Bob exert on the rock to throw it with this speed? b)If Bob is...

if 25 ml of sugar is mixed with 299 ml of water and then 50 ml of water is poured out, how much sugar remains in the 150 ml of wtare?

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