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Let $a = x_1$ and $b = x_2$. Then $x_3 = x_2 + x_1 = a + b$, and \[x_4 = x_3 + x_2 = (a + b) + b = a + 2b.\] We can express all terms up to $x_{11}$ similarly, in terms of $a$ and $b$: \begin{align*} x_5 &= 2a + 3b, \\ x_6 &= 3a + 5b, \\ x_7 &= 5a + 8b, \\ x_8 &= 8a + 13b, \\ ...

Networks are often set up in the client/server network arrangement. Raheem has learned that this is a very common type of network arrangement. Discuss two things that Raheem should be concerned with if he decided upon a client/server network arrangement?

6hours 15mins

It was such a vile inn

don't know


If BC = 16 and AC = 29, find AB.

mitx 8.01x Classical Mechanics

college math
lol this isn't "college math"; but the answer otherwise is 63+6 because(-9)(-7)=63

college math
answer is -25

Alright I got it thanks so much!!

Okay, I'm in a calculus class but stuck on some's not crucial that I get the answer to this but I'm wracking my brain because I can't remember how the following is obtained; if you can show me how this is done in steps I'd greatly appreciate it...

Statistics / Business
According to the National Humane Society, "Stray Cost" or the cost of the care and feeding for a stray dog is $419.00 per year. This amount does not include veterinarian care, but only food, water and shelter. It was found that the standard deviation of this "...

Yes there are some issues

computer science
Write the " 7−2" expression so that no answer includes negative exponents. Assume the variables are nonzero

main ideas
Scientists generally agree that Earth is getting warmer due to what's called the greenhouse effect. A greenhouse used for plants stays warm because sunlight and heat coming through the glass roof are mostly trapped. The heat doesn't radiate back into the atmosphere ...

algebra 1
the monkey stole my banana

it was right next to water for easy traveling to water plants

i don't know look it up dude or dudette

Hi I'm Bob


what is it

The sentence "P ¨ Q" is read as (Points : 1) P or Q P and Q If P then Q Q if and only

Find the remainder when 33! is divided by 37. Please give full solution.

Imagine that there is a fire in your house or apartment, and you only have 5 minutes to grab your possessions and get out. Everything you leave behind will be destroyed. What would you grab? Why? When you think about what you left behind, are you sad that you lost it or happy ...

A die is rolled 600 times. The face with six spots appears 112 times. Is the die biased towards that face, or is this just chance variation? The null hypothesis is: he null hypothesis is The die is biased towards the face with six spots. The chance that the face with six spots...

problem solving
How much space does the dining area take up? 100 guests, each guest requires 3m2 in the dining area, the average mass of each guest is 65 kg, and the average density of the dining area is 10kg/m2 How I can resolve this problem?

problem solving
100 guests each guest needs 3 m2 of space average density of the area is 10kg/m2. how much space does the dining room take up?

Physics (help steve)
A thin aluminum ring hangs vertically from a torsion spring. A torsion spring when twisted exerts a restoring torque given by τ=−κθ where θ is the angle of twist. Suppose that the ring undergoes small torsional oscillations while it is being cooled ...

In the following figure m_1 = 20.0kg kg and á alpha = 50.9 ∘ ^\circ. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is ì k = 0.40 What must be the mass m 2 of the hanging block if it is to descend 9.00m m in the first 3.00s s after ...

Math (please help steve)
The Chicago Art Museum's Renaissance display consists of four hallways bordered around a square courtyard. A single guard is assigned to patrol the four hallways. When the guard starts working, he begins in one of the corners and walks clockwise. When he arrives at a ...

Calculus (help steve)
But thanks for all the help.

Calculus (help steve)
It's not right either. I know, I'm stumped too.

Calculus (help steve)
Thanks Steve. But apparently, that's not the right answer, since a and b are not local minimum and maximum values.

Calculus (help steve)
f(x)=−8x^3+6ax^2−3bx+4 has a local minimum at x=1 and a local maximum at x=3. If a and b are the local minimum and maximum, respectively, what is the absolute value of a+b?

Math (Limits)
(1,0) is a point on the parabola y=2x(x−1). From point A, point P is moving along the curve towards the origin O(0,0). As P→O, sec^2∠APO→N, where N is a positive integer. What is the value of N?

Math (Calculus)
A(1,0) is a point on the parabola y=2x(x−1). From point A, point P is moving along the curve towards the origin O(0,0). As P → O, sec^2∠APO → N, where N is a positive integer. What is the value of N?

please check your question, kinetic energy is not measured in kg, it's measured in joules


Anne wants to tie a support line from the top of a 50 foot radio tower to an anchor spot 30 feet from the tower’s base. Approximately how long will the line need to be?

Determine the digits of Y from these clues. The digits of Y add to 18. The first digit is 3 times the third digit. The second digit is 2 times the third digit. Y is a three digit number.

Optical fibers are devices used for guiding light in many applications, most notably for fast communication. A fiber consists of a glass cylinder surrounded by a wall covered in a special coating. The fibers work on a principle called total internal reflection: light enters ...



γ is a permutation on eight elements, though you are not told which permutation it is. If γ is applied to an 8-element set, what is the minimum number of additional timeswe must apply γ to the resulting set in order to guarantee the set is back in its original ...

ABC is a triangle with ∠BAC=60∘. It has an incircle Γ, which is tangential to BC at D. It is given that BD=3 and DC=4. What is the value of [ABC]^2?

In first gear, or low gear, an automobile's engine runs about three times as fast as the drive shaft. In second gear, the engine does not have to run as fast; usually it runs about 1.6 times faster than the drive shaft. Finally, in third, or high gear, the engine runs at ...

I = E/R A car has a 12 volt battery. The engine has a resistance of 0.22 ohms. How many amps will be drawn from the battery when the key is turned? I (to the nearest hundredth) = amperes

plz answer it, i need to know by tonight

Triangle ABC has ∠A=40∘, ∠B=60∘, ∠C=80∘. Points M,N trisect the side BC and points P,Q trisect the side AC. The lines AM,AN,BP,BQ intersect at the points S,T,U,V as shown in the figure below, dividing the triangle into 9 regions. Determine ...

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest home run ever measured was hit by Roy “Dizzy” Carlyle in a minor league game. The ball traveled 188 {\rm m} (618 {\rm ft}) before landing on the ground outside the ballpark part a Assuming the ball's ...

how do you add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions

She could have been an Olympic figure skater, but she has quit practicing. What is the linking verb in the sentence?

While Driving Around A Curve Of 200 M Radius, You Notice That The fuzzy dice Hanging From The Rear-view Mirror Hangs At An Angle Of 15 Degree To The Vertical. 1.) What is the force diagram for the dice? 2.) What are the equations of motion in the horizontal and vertical ...

thank you for being so specific

what does it mean when Steven said The case has nothing to do with 'disagreeable ideas' in the Texas v Johnson case?


sorry for before it is my first time using this website and this is the real question in a geometric series t1=23,t3=92 and the sum of all of the terms of the series is 62813. How many terms are in the series?

in a geometric series t1=23,t3=92 and the sum of all of the terms of the series is 6813. How many terms are in the series

In a geometric series, t1=12 and s3=372.what is the greatest possible value for t5?

the surface areas of two similar solids are 340 yd2 and 1158 yd2 the volume of the larger solids is 1712 yd3 what is the volume of the smaller solid?

find two numbers in the ratio of 2 to 5 that have a sum of 119.

resolve the vector v=[7, 9] into rectangular components, one of which is in the direction of [6, 2]

Name 3 consecutive odd integers (X,X+2,X+4) The difference between 2X and X+4 =(X+2)-24 Can you show HOW to solve?

Social Studies
#2-C #3-D

algebra!!!! please help me!!!!
@Steve it's not √2+√3+√5,,, it's √(2+√3+√5)...

algebra!!!! please help me!!!!
A number is called algebraic if there is a polynomial with rational coefficients for which the number is a root. For example, √2 is algebraic because it is a root of the polynomial x^2−2. The number √(2+√3+√5)is also algebraic because it is a root...

world geography
17. The last great empire centered in Southwest Asia was the _______ Empire. A. Roman B. Mongol C. Byzantine D. Ottoman <-----

So, trying to cheat on your edx exam? You'll only feel bad. Go back to the notes and work it out.

Algebra and global
this is very stupid

help please

I don't know:(

2.what is the description of the theme of article lottery winners who lost their millions? A: many lottery winners have lost their money. B:money is the key to the American dream. C: sudden wealth can cause problems.


A person takes a trip, driving with a constant speed of 92.5 km/h except for a 20.0 min rest stop. If the person's average speed is 71.2 km/h, how much time is spent on the trip and how far does the person travel?


Equation Ms Sue?
you put how you wrote it step by step. like -20-8= -28 c


1.c 2.b

Points A and B are on the top and bottom edges of a cylindrical roll of paper of height 8 and circumference 12. A and B are diagonally opposite each other. The paper is cut along line C and opened out. How far apart are A and B on the flat surface?

Math algebra
Let N be the sum of all positive integers q of the form q=p^k with prime p, such that for at least four different integer values of x from 1 to q, x^3−3x≡123(modq). What are the last 3 digits of N?

There is an expression some people use that says, “What you put into it is what you get out of it.” People might use this expression to describe your skills at a sport or activity and how that relates to the amount of time and effort you spend practicing that ...

English II
"Base Details" If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath, I’d live with scarlet Majors at the Base, And speed glum heroes up the line to death. You’d see me with my puffy petulant face, Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel, Reading the Roll of ...

Life science
How does the sun allow you to Run the mile

An elevator named L in "63 Building" in Seoul is notorious for its low speed. It takes 3 seconds for L just to move one floor. It takes another 20 seconds for it to have its door open and close automatically. What is even more frustrating, is that the elevator ...

A woman rides her bicycle from her house to and from a lake. It takes her 1 1/2 hours to ride to the lake and 1 3/4 hours to ride back. She rides downhill at 12 kilometers per hour, on level ground at 8 kilometers per hour, and uphill at 6 kilometers per hour. What is the ...

Two cars run at constant speeds around a one-mile racetrack. The faster car passes the slower car every two minutes if the cars run in the same direction. If they run in opposite directions, they meet every 15 seconds. Find the speed of the faster car in miles per hour.

English II
"Base Details" If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath, I’d live with scarlet Majors at the Base, And speed glum heroes up the line to death. You’d see me with my puffy petulant face, Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel, Reading the Roll of ...

Math (Probability)
Four players are playing a game involving choosing squares on a grid of size 3×8. Each player chooses a random square on the grid, then all players reveal their choices and a token is placed in the center of each of these squares. The probability that the tokens form the...

5th grade math
It is 3,556.

Math (Algebra)
What is the remainder when 5×55×555×…×555,555,555 is divided by 100?

A candy store currently sells almonds for $8.50 per kilogram and peanuts for $4.50 per kilogram. It wants to create 20 kilograms of mixed nuts that will equivalently sell for $5.30 per kilogram. How many kilograms of almonds should they use?

Math (Algebra)
If the sum of 3 non-zero distinct real numbers a, b, and c is 2, and the two sets {a,b,c} and {1/a,1/b,1/c} are the same, what is the value of a^2+b^2+c^2? Note: Two sets are the same if there is a one-to-one correspondence between their elements. For example, the sets {1,2,3...

Math (Algebra)
The ratio of men to women in the applicants for Lamborghini this year is 4:3, while the ratio of men to women in the successful applicants is 5:3, and the ratio of men to women in the rejected pile is 1:1. If the number of successful applicants is 176, what is the number of ...

Math (Algebra)
The sum of beads owned by John, Bob, and Dale is 273. The ratio of John's beads and Dale's is 8:5, and Dale's beads are 10/13 times Bob's. How many more beads does John own than Dale?

Phy. Sci.
What are the forces on two charges of +0.43 C and +1.4 C, respectively, if they are separated by a distance of 3.7 m?

Math (Trigonometry)
Given that sin 53∘ = T, how many values of N, subject to 0 ≤ N ≤ 1000 are there, such that sin N∘ = T?

Math (Algebra)
How many distinct rational numbers can be expressed in the form a/b, where a and b are integers such that 1 ≤ a < b ≤10?

Financial Accounting

mr jones estimates his profit starting in 2006 will be given by the formula p=7t^2-14t+10 where t is number of years and p is the profit.if this formula is correct,when will mr.jones have a profit of more than $1000. please help

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