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Steven is moving to another city next weekend and wants to rent a moving truck. The rental rates for two companies in his area are shown below. Each company charges an initial fee for renting the truck, plus an additional amount per mile. Company 1: Miles: 30 Rental Charge: $...

social studies (NEED HELP QUICK)
weirdo is right. the answers are C D A

Please help do by 10:00 Science
you want all the awsners

Please help do by 10:00 Science
please give me the anwser i need it done asap. this is my last test and i don't want to mess it up

Please help do by 10:00 Science
1. Convert 4.0 kilometers (km) to meters (m). (1 point) 0.04 m 40 m 400 m 4,000 m 2. For his science project, Austin wants to determine if the pH of standing rainwater changes over time. He collects a jar of rainwater and places it indoors in a spot that does not receive a lot...

thank you julio these answers are right


Will the world end?

2 * 5 = 10

10 = x/4 - 8x I'm going to assume that's the equation. I'd suggest getting rid of that x/4 first, as fractions are a bit of a bother to work with: 4 * 10 = 4(x/4) - 4(8x) 40 = 4x/4 - 32x 40 = x - 32x Then just try to isolate the x: 40 = -31x -40/31 = x