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  1. History

    Ms. Sue so can you help me on which ones or right, please.
  2. History

    1. Which of the following is true about the Puget Sound Lowlands? A. This region is scarcely populated and is mostly covered with protected lands and wildlife. B. It is the driest region in Washington with fewer than 22 inches of rainfall a year. C. The entire region is made ...
  3. History

    I do not get the question; please help. Briefly describe the significance of the Growth Management Act. How has this law affected Washington?
  4. Physics

    A child uses a rubber band to launch a bottle cap at an angle of 40.0° above the horizontal. The cap travels a horizontal distance of 1.30 m in 1.40 s. What was the initial speed of the bottle cap, just after leaving the rubber band?
  5. Maths

    In A Right Angled Triangle,one Of The Acute Angles Is 20degree Greater Than The Other. Find The Angles Of The Triangle.
  6. Can someone please proofread my lead!

    Hi this is my lead for a old court case I was assigned. The Michigan Court of Appeals finds no error in the trial courts disposition of favoring defendant Ionia Sentinel-Standard newspaper entry of summary judgment over the plaintiff’s claims regarding the accidental ...
  7. comprehending/english

    The question is What sources cited or quoted, and if so, to what effect? This is the paragraph: A few months back, while I was giving a workshop on LGBTQIA identities and safety, someone brought up the George Zimmerman trial. In the midst of our discussion, a white participant...
  8. did I do something wrong?

    Should I post my proofreading requests in one thread rather than making several?
  9. more proofreading.

    this is another body paragraph to my research paper. can I get this one proofread as well thanks! Both Japan and the United States protect freedoms of speech and press by similar provisions in each nation’s constitution. For example, the First Amendment of the U.S. ...
  10. Proofreading..Jrn Law

    But I guess I could include that point by talking about 'private persons'
  11. Proofreading..Jrn Law

    well this is a mass media/journalism law class
  12. Proofreading..Jrn Law

    Hi can someone please proofread this body paragraph of my research paper.. it's contrasting the 'fault standards' between Japan and the US In the United States, fault standard depends on the fame or notoriety of the plaintiff. A plaintiff who is a public figure has...
  13. law/jrnalism

    thank you Writeacher and Ms.Sue!
  14. law/jrnalism

    In Japan, loss of face is as important as loss of personal reputation, but there have not been many libel or slander suits, as compared with the United States. What does loss of face mean?
  15. research help/ law

    How is Japan's libel law different from the U.S. Can anyone provide me with some helpful Websites, it can't be wikipedia or the encyclopedia. I'm having difficulty finding useful sites.
  16. Law

    can someone explain to me what the term Libel by Implication means? does it mean like libel my suggestion/ insinuation?
  17. Sensory writing

    A student responded to my question last night, however help was not received. At any event, this was my question I struggle with sensory writing. We are to write a sense of place story based on what we saw at a site we were designated to go view.. Mine was a ballet class. ...
  18. Sensory writing

    I struggle with sensory writing. We are to write a sense of place story based on what we saw at a site we were designated to go view.. Mine was a ballet class. Anyone mind proofreading my story. A class located in a big squared lukewarm studio with nearly 30 ballet students. ...
  19. AP style

    thanks Ms. Sue
  20. AP style

    my question from last night was moved to the second page. But I asked if north central would be hyphenated in AP style.. A tutor replied in what context.. This context: He was born in Zhengzhou, China, which is the capital and largest city of Henan province in north central ...
  21. AP style

    Does anyone know if north central is hyphenated AP style? my book doesn't really specify.
  22. Geography

    Where is Zhengzhou China located? Is it a urban city in the middle of China?
  23. Ms.Sue is this better?

    yes it's a pre-tournament tennis players play in before actual televised tournaments.. I double checked myself a couple times as I was reading.. LOL.
  24. Ms.Sue is this better?

    In the article The String Theory, by David Foster Wallace, there were three writing techniques that I noticed Wallace used. First, I think Wallace was informative and explanatory. He explained why there are some professional tennis players who are unknown and obscure to the ...
  25. Analysis proofreading

    Sorry.. I'll do better.
  26. Analysis proofreading

    Hi for my analysis on The String Theory by David Wallace Foster I had to discuss 3 writing techniques the author used and give an example. Can I please get it proofread? After reading the article The String Theory, by David Foster Wallace, there were three writing techniques ...
  27. News/stereotype more

    thanks so much Ms.Sue! I really appreciate it.
  28. News/stereotype more

    what did you mean by "I don't see any reason for the race of any people involved in Oklahoma to be mentioned?" What did you mean here? Don't they have to identify them?
  29. News/stereotype more

    Last question. Propose a different way to cover the same news events or subject without stereotyping. Is there a way? Maybe not comparing it to the Trayvon Martin case (a black male)?
  30. News/stereotype more

    Culturism is a term that describes the belief that one cultural group, whether based on ethnicity, economics, education, etc is somehow better or worse than some other cultural group. C) Consider whether culturism may be at work in the text or image: Does the overage depict a ...
  31. News/stereotype more

    OK I have a my example On August 16, 2013, three teens -- one white, and two black shot -- and killed Christopher Lane, an Australian attending school in Oklahoma, while he was out for a jog. Fox and Friends and The Daily Caller have compared it to the killing of Trayvon ...
  32. News/Stereotypes

    Thank you very much, Mr. Pursley and Ms.Sue :)
  33. News/Stereotypes

    Hi, I need help Identifying an example of news coverage that sterotypes a group of people and a) define the stereotype b) explain how the coverage perpetuates the stereotype? Any suggestions that I can use?
  34. Gov

    Indecency is protected under the first amendment whereas obscenity isn't.. is it protected as freedom of expression?
  35. Mass Media

    Well for research Kazoo county retirees pay either 0-16 percent toward their premiums for their healthcare depending on when they retired. There are about 30 retirees paying 0 percent because of a policy that eliminated premiums for retirees living below 200 percent of the ...
  36. Mass Media

    The question is list and explain 3 public relation activities. Take a current news story and explain how each of these would be used.. I have the first part answered for 3 public relation activities 1) Research- Define the problem, Identify public, test concepts, monitor ...
  37. Proofreading

    thanks, Ms.Sue.. :)
  38. Proofreading

    I need this section of my article proofread one last time as I made some revisions as well as added new material.. please and thank you. Shipp is the only co-founder remaining since both Daniels and Winborne have graduated. She started off as a secretary and is currently an ...
  39. more proofreading..

    thanks for your help! =)
  40. more proofreading..

    parts of profile story. When she was a freshman at Western Michigan University, Shipp says she was very indecisive about what major she wanted to pursue. She started out studying in law, but she promptly lost interest in that. She then switched her major to journalism, and ...
  41. profile story better version.

    Can this one be corrected instead of the original one? thanks Shipp’s proudest achievement at WMU her co-founding of Young Broadcaster’s of Tomorrow (YBOT). She helped create YBOT with two other girls: Diamond Daniels and Juliene Winborne. She started off as a ...
  42. profile story

    This is a piece of my profile story can someone proofread it for grammar and content? thanks Shipp’s proudest achievement at WMU her co-founding of Young Broadcaster’s of Tomorrow (YBOT). YBOT is a WMU broadcasting group of students with interests in the broadcasts ...
  43. News

    Thanks Ms.Sue. would you say it seems bias because it's from a republicans point of view?
  44. News

    Hi I need help determining the significance and impact of this story from fox news Nancy Pelosi defended her rhetoric leading up to a passage of the 2010 health care law while seeking to minimize the reports to unrest in her caucus and the potential for political fallout in ...
  45. Broadcast Television

    what is broadcast television's biggest competitor? is it cable?
  46. obituary writing

    Thank you Ms. Sue for all your help.. silly mistakes.. hehe
  47. obituary writing

    I just need one more proofread.. My question is when two people have the same last name, how would you attribute them.. IE Tom and John Hoyer.. and if you see any other mistakes feel free to address by any means.. Hoyer died on at the Warner Barry Pavilion, a long-term care ...
  48. LEADs

    Hoyer went on to win re-election as board president in 1998 and 2002. During his tenure as president, Hoyer was credited with championing health services for the poor provided by county government. He also expanded the county’s healthy system, including the construction ...
  49. LEADs

    OK I made the changes.. I think African-American would be safest. Can you proofread these other pieces as well? (1)Hoyer moved to Chicago in 1953, joining the 3rd Ward organization of Ralph Metcalfe, the Democratic committeeman and future congressman. With the support of then ...
  50. LEADs

    Hi we're practicing writing news obituaries.. This is my lead.. Can you tell me if it's ok or needs work? John Hoyer Jr., Cook County Board’s first black president, died Friday of complications from debilitating stroke suffered nearly two years earlier. He was 78.
  51. eng

    for Piece/peace for the phrase "I said my piece/peace".. would it be peace or piece?
  52. News

    thanks ms. sue!
  53. News

    We have to point out the significance and impact to this story: Michigan residents looking to trade in their vehicle for a new one may be in line for a tax break. State lawmakers appear poised to vote to phase out a requirement that buyers pay sales tax on the full price of a ...
  54. history

    thanks for your help Ms. Sue!
  55. history

    How was Joseph McCarthy an American Patriot? was it because he accused and pointed out those that were communists and communist sympathizers?
  56. history

    How does the Kent State Shootings1970 compare to and contrast to the Boston Massacre, 1770
  57. History

    can someone clarify this statement for me.. President Lincoln was a reluctant, censor closing newspapers and jailing "copperhead" editors who sympathized with the South, giving credence to the notion that war sometimes necessitates compromises of free expression.
  58. leads again MsSue

    thank you so much Ms. Sue I really appreciate it.
  59. leads again MsSue

    or should I add many since not all of them said that
  60. leads again MsSue

    Ms Sue.. this is just a synopsis of what the candidates said Ansari said the biggest challenge is balancing the costs of services with revenue shortfalls, Farrell said finding ways to do more with less and saving on costs, Ford said reduction of revenue while maintaining ...
  61. Leads for Journalism

    thanks ms.sue I will rewrite and post back to see if you think my lead is efficient.
  62. Leads for Journalism

    I'm having difficulties writing a lead for my speech. My speech story will be on the Portage City Council and mayor candidates regarding the city's challenges over the next two years. All their answers were different. My lead was going to simply be: Portage City ...
  63. more news

    What is the Watergate scandal and why could this story not have happened in 2012? I know what the watergate scandal is, it was the political scandal that led to Nixons resignation where burglars who broke into the Democratic party headquarters had ties to his administration.. ...
  64. News

    thanks ms. sue!
  65. News

    what's the biggest challenge to newpapers today? would it be the internet?
  66. Radio

    How is Sirius XM radio different than AM/FM.. I know AM is radio transmissions created by changing the power of the carrier wave, and FM are transmissions created by changing the speed at which radio waves are generated.
  67. News

    What purpose do Tabloids have in today's society?
  68. Last news/english proofread

    thanks ms. sue :)
  69. Last news/english proofread

    A New Jersey Chemist convicted of poisoning her husband to keep him from divorcing her was sentenced to life in prison today. Titanle Li used thallium to poison her husband Xiaoye Wang in 2010. Thallium is a tasteless, highly deadly poison that is difficult to detect in lab ...
  70. news/english

    still struggling with impact/significance An estranged daughter and her husband start a family shoot out at her parents’ mobile home in rural Pennsylvania leaving everyone except the woman’s father dead. John Frew allegedly shot and killed attackers Josephine and ...
  71. AP style Grammar

    when listing a high way.. would it be U.S. 12 or US-12 AP style?
  72. more News

    I'm still confused.. But I will keep researching.. Thanks for your help
  73. more News

    well we were assigned to read Wall Street Journal articles this week. is the Significance that senate democrats are trying to keep government funded beyond this month? I still don't understand the impact
  74. more News

    Senate Democrats are discussing a shorter-term measure to keep the government funded after the end of this month. They hope to move quickly to a more permanent spending program and move past the controversial fights that have tied up both chambers of Congress for weeks. Sen. ...
  75. news. significance and impact

    Chrysler Group LLC filed for an initial public offering. This move was forced by failure of the auto maker’s Italian majority owner and its main union to agree on the company’s value. Fiat SpA owns 58.5 percent of Chrysler, they don’t want a share sale and they ...
  76. history

    were anti-federalists mainly southern states, and federalists were northern? did they compromise by federalists adding the bill of rights into the constitution, that way it could be ratified?
  77. history/politics

    got it! thanks Ms. Sue.. I slept on this stuff in high school.. Now that I'm in college, I'm highly fascinated! :)
  78. history/politics

    One last question. Why did Thomas Jefferson compete with Aaron Burr for presidency instead of John Adams when Adams only served 1 term?
  79. history/politics

    so basically if Hamilton refused the deul, it would have ended his political career, and by Burr defeating Hamilton in the deul, that ended his? Probably because Burr and Jefferson were rivals as well right?
  80. history/politics

    thank you Ms.Sue.. that helped a lot.. I have a 2nd question.. What is a duel? ie. Alexander Hamilton vs Aaron Burr. was it a rivalry/opposition?
  81. history/politics

    what was the federalist v Democratic-Republicans.. Ie. Alexander Hamilton assumed leadership of Federalist cause and Thomas Jefferson assumed it as Democratic-Republican
  82. Article-Leads

    well like for instance I wanted to use a quote that the new coach said.. But it was from another article.. I have ",Fleck said. after the quote
  83. Article-Leads

    Quick question.. is there a such thing as plagiarizing quotes? can you take quotes that someone else has used in another article?
  84. Article-Leads

    thanks Ms. Sue :)
  85. Article-Leads

    Hi I'm writing an article and I interviewed Five WMU students asking them how they feel about the new football slogan, as well as the new football coach. Would this be an ok way to start the article? Five WMU students shared their viewpoints about the new football slogan ...
  86. Publications on news sites

    so for timemagazine. com the publication would be Time U.S.?
  87. Publications on news sites

    My professor says for each news article I read I should include the publication and date... Where would the publication be?
  88. more news

    Former White House chief of staff William Daley abruptly dropped out of the race for Illinois governor on Monday. Daley says that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to devote time to a long, hard campaign followed by four years of office. Spokesman Peter Giangreco confirmed that...
  89. News

    ok thanks Ms. Sue I will try and use this method for the next article.. Appreciate your help
  90. News

    I'm still slightly confused. ok we had to tell what the story was about, why the story is significant and what is the impact of the story. Here's what I have: In Colorado, only 22-thousand homes and businesses have flood insurance, according to the Federal Emergency ...
  91. News

    for my Mass Media class we have to read newspaper articles and answer Why is the story significant, and what is the impact of the story.. aren't those two the same thing? how can I answer those questions differently?
  92. Writing

    for this profile story i'm doing one of my sentences was Originally from central Indiana, Gilbert did not grow up in a diverse neighborhood, nor did she attend a diverse school system. My teacher told me to elaborate on when I say diverse.. Is this better? Growing up in ...
  93. writing

    I'm terrible at describing things. My prof wants me to give a visual/sensory description of this Child care center I wrote a profile story on... What's some advice on writing descriptive?
  94. Last proof read

    Sorry for bugging you guys.. But can someone proof read this paragraph. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman is the first Republican senator to endorse same-sex marriage. Portman changed his views on same-sex marriage once he learned his son is gay. " I want all my children, including ...
  95. help/opinion

    i mean't its not ideological* being that he finally had something personal happen to him
  96. help/opinion

    I don't know if you guys will be able to help me with this.. but being that Sen Rob Portman is backing same- sex marriage since his son came out, could that be seen as like hypocritical, or more so ideological, being that it's now personal?
  97. english-edits

    Same-sex marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized to deny homosexuals their civil rights. The Constitution guarantees everyone equal rights and opportunities, however, gays are denied both in terms of marriage. is this better? I have support in other paragraphs
  98. english

    we had to take a stand on gay marriage.. can you proofread my opening and help me with revising if necessary? Same-sex marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized to deny gay people a civil right that the Constitution guarantees everyone, equality, which means that ...
  99. advice

    we have to give an opinion on a global issue
  100. advice

    would End Childhood Obesity be an OK title.. or is that vague?
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