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You rolled a number cube number from one to six 12 times. p(5)=2/3 What type of probability is this and why?

if m<1= 43°, what is m<4? (<= angle sign) can i please get an explanation? im lost

Science Ecosystem Exam
A biologist studying a desert ecosystem observes that the population of a lizard species increases following particularly hot, dry period that causes a snake population to decline. What could the biologist hypthesize about the roles of these two species? A) The lizard preys on...

life/health science
What bird is like a drink of water? Giardiasis is a type of diarrhea that's also called a) beagle fever b) beaver fever c) Bieber fever * I think the last ? is a??????

Physical science
What does a plane do when it piches?

Helth science
There aren't any choices. sorry :(

Helth science
True or False: Laid end to end, the blood vessels in your body would circle the Earth two and a half times. 2. The _________ is made up of cardiac muscle.

Earth science
What is a relief map?

life science
1. Botany is the study of _________. 2. What bird is like a drink of water?

z= 9.21954 (*4 is repeating)