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Uh Biology :)
thanks..but two of these links are the same and the third one I need a username and password to access the text. But I think the first/second one is useful, so thanks very much!

Uh Biology :)
Ectothermic organisms have body temperatures that vary with the temperature of their surroundings. Discuss the effect this variation might have on the functioning enzymes in these organisms. Suggest ways ectothermic organisms might cope with this problem. PLEASE I AM STUCK AND...

the product is just the value you get when you multiply numerical values together. Multiply -11 by 1/8. Brackets are used to indicate multiplication.

English expression
What exactly is this for, my dear? I would say that 3 & 4 are the same for sure. Don't use number 1, unless you have to. I really don't think that number 1 makes sense. 2 is ok, but again, use 3 & 4. Those make the most sense. Hope this helps!