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A body of mass m falling from rest is subjected to the force of gravity and an air resistance proportional to the square of the velocity. If it falls through a distance x and posseses a velocity v at that instant then show that.

The body of a murder victim was discovered at 11:00 A.M. and found the temperature of the body was 94.60°F. The temperature of the room was 700°F. One hour later, in the same room, he took the body temperature again and found it was 93.40°F. Estimate the time of ...

An electric dipole of dipole moment 20*10^-6c.m. Is enclosed by a closed surface .what is the net flux coming out of the surface?

I have rope of 4 meters. I want 1.85 meters of rope from that rope. i don't have scale to measure the length of the rope. how can i get the rope of 1.85 meters exactly?