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  1. Physics

    Hey, Thanks so much for answering!!
  2. Physics

    An object is attached to a hanging unstretched, ideal and massless spring and slowly lowered to its equilibrium position, a distance of 5.3 cm below the starting point. If instead of having been lowered slowly the object was dropped from rest, how far then would it then ...
  3. math

    Find the sum of the first 15 terms of the geometric sequence. ? ? 3n ? 1 n = 1
  4. math

    Find the sum. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) 5 ? 200(1.09)^n n = 0
  5. math

    Find the sum of the infinite geometric series, if possible. 12 + 10 + 25/3 + 125/18 + ...
  6. Math

    Mark borrowed $200 at 12% compound interest for two years. If he makes no payments. How much interest will he owe at the end of the second year? A $48.00 B $50.88 C $26.88 D $24.00***
  7. Sociology

    yes, i know that, but i need the meaning behind them. like what does "two or more messages you received from your parents about who you are and what you were about" mean. Like what my parent taught me about something? either its too easy and i am way over thinking it...
  8. Sociology

    1. List two or more messages you received from your parents about who you are and what you were about. Discuss how the messages were conveyed. Messages can be delivered directly through what our parents say to us or say to others about us. They can also be conveyed through ...
  9. Math

    A pencil holder shaped like a triangular prism is shown in the picture. The height of the pencil holder is 12 cm, and the volume of the pencil holder is 216 cm3. What is the area of the base? A 144 Square Centimeters B 12 Square Centimeters C 2592 Square Centimeters D 18 ...
  10. Math

    Thanks Ms. Sue you're the best!
  11. Math

    I think I have my answer but I still need help Daniellewillusetheinstructionsintheboxbelow to make a cleaning solution. Add 13 cups of water to every 2 cups of concentrated cleaner. Which of the following proportions can be used to ?nd w , the number of cups of water Danielle ...
  12. Calculus

    Sarah is filling ice cream cones with shaving cream to hand out to trick or treaters. The cones have a largest radius of 3 centimeters and a depth of 13 centimeters. She fills them at a rate of 5 cubic centimeters per second. (She works carefully so that shaving cream is ...
  13. algebra

    Sound travels about 340 m / s. The function d (t) = 340t gives the distance d (t), in meters, that sound travels in t seconds. How far does sound travel 59 s? ?d(59?)=? meters
  14. Honors Geometry

    The diagonals of a kite are 21 and 24 and the shorter diagonal bisects the longer. If the kite has exactly one right angle, what are the side lengths of the kite?
  15. History

    i got b many white southerners wanted african americans to remain as servants
  16. Chemistry

    Is the equivalence point always supposed to be equal to 7. I just did a lab and when plotting my data I calculated my equivalence point to be around 8.
  17. Physics

    A box is pushed by a 750 N force that acts at a 30 degree angle with a friction less surface.The force pushes a box that has a weight of 500N a distance of 15 meters. How much work is done on the box?
  18. Multi Media

  19. Econ

    Suppose that you are a bicycle producer. In three to four sentences, explain why you are willing to supply the most bicycles at the highest price.
  20. Math

    Amy bought a diamond ring for $6,000. If the value of the ring increases at a constant rate of 5.8% per year, how much will the ring be worth in twenty-one years?
  21. To @Bosnian

    I posted a follow up question to your answer to my recent question about a sum of a series.Hope you can check it. Thank you!
  22. To Bosnian -Math

    As we are finding the sum of n terms,shouldn't the sum of the geometric progression should be, a{ [(r)^(n)- 1]/[r-1] } , where a=(1/7) and r=(1/7) ?
  23. Math

    How do we find the sum of n terms of the series, 1+(4/7)+(7/49)+(10/343)+..... I know that it can be written as a combination of an arithmetic and geometric progression. 1=(4+3r)/(7^m) ; (r=-1 , m=0) 4/7=(4+3r)/(7^m) ;(r=0,m=1) But how do we find the sum of n terms?
  24. Math

    A and B are two events. P(A/B)=5/11 P(A~B)=9/10 (~ indicates either A or B) P(B)=x How do we find P(A^B')? (^ indicates both A and B) I got, P(A^B)=5x/11 P(A)=(9/10)-(6x/11) Is there any way we can get a relationship between P(A^B) and the required probability?
  25. Physics

    Your vertical spring accelerometer has a 200 g mass hanging from it. You climb aboard the roller coaster and watch the accelerometer read 0.4 g for 3 seconds while descending and read 1.5 for 2 seconds while climbing the next peak. The car weighs 2000 kg. What is your ...
  26. math

    The population of town N increases every year by 2%. What will be the population of this town in 3 years if it is currently nine hundred thousand people. (Round the answer to a whole number.)
  27. math

    A purchase, with shipping and handling, cost $39.00. What percent of the price of the purchase was spent on shipping and handling if the price of the item was $35.10?
  28. math

    Find new percentages, and find the actual quantities:75% of 75% of 256
  29. math

    The volume of industrial production increased ten times. What was the percent increase?
  30. math

    The population of town N increases every year by 2%. What will be the population of this town in 3 years if it is currently nine hundred thousand people. (Round the answer to a whole number.) Please help
  31. math

    A tank containing 64 gallons lost 6 1/4 % through leakage. How much was left in the tank?
  32. math

    For the a the answer equals 1 cuz any number raised to the power of zero is one b. 11"2/11'2=1
  33. Math

    The answer is 16, 1 squared is 1, 2 squared is 4, 3 squared is 9 so 4 squared is 16, hence 1,1,2,4,3,9,4...16
  34. science

    A transverse wave has an amplitude of 5 cm, a frequency of 60 Hz and a distance from crest to next trough of 15 cm. Identify the wavelength of this wave. Please someone help asap I cant figure this out. Is there a formula?
  35. physics

    Radon 86222Rn is a radioactive gas with a half-life of 3.82 d. If there are initially 400 decays/s in a sample, how many radon nuclei are left after 2 d ? Please help, I don't understand how to do this.
  36. Corporate Finance

  37. math

    Can someone help me complete the perfect square with this trinomial, I don't understand how to do it. Thanks 1/(x^8) -1/(x^4) +1
  38. Physics

    In a single-slit diffraction pattern, the distance between the first and second minima is 4.2cm on a screen 3.8m from the slit. Find the slit width given that the wavelength of the light is 530nm. Answer in mm Somebody please help!
  39. Maths

    Charity = 5% = £15 Saves = 4/5 = 40% = £120 120 - 15 = 105 120 - 15 - 105 = 165 Clothes = £165
  40. Math

    Find the probability that with one spin, the spinner will not stop on A. Write the answer as a reduced fraction. letters - E A D E F C A B Counter Clockwise
  41. Technical writing

    5. A wooden lead pencil is a device for drawing or writing on a suitable medium with a piece of graphite permanently encased in a slender wooden shaft or holder. 1.Typically, a wooden lead pencil is about 0.8 cm in diameter and about 19 cm long. 15. It is made up of four parts...
  42. Science

    Kitty wrong 3-d 5-d
  43. Trigonometry

    A building 200 feet tall casts an 80 ft long shadow. If a person looks down from the top of the building which of the following is the measure of the angle between the end of the shadow and the vertical side of the building to the nearest degree? I understand that you would ...
  44. Physics

    You want to jump from an 8.2 m high building to a 10 m high building. The gap between the buildings is 2.4 m, and you can run fast enough so that your speed as you leave the edge of the lower building is 7.0 m/s. What range of launch angles will allow you to reach the top of ...

    What intermolecular forces are responsible for neoprene's stretchiness?
  46. Social studies

    i got c
  47. geometry

    Why must the compass opening be greater than 1/2 of the segment when construction a perpedicular bisector
  48. Algebra 2

  49. Accounting

    Net Gain - ER *of the greater of PA or PBO, then amount amortized = Excess/Avg remain svc period yrs
  50. Accounting

    Herring Wholesale Company has a defined benefit pension plan. On January 1, 2016, the following pension related data were available: ($ in 000s) Net gain–AOCI $ 350 Accumulated benefit obligation 3,170 Projected benefit obligation 3,200 Fair value of plan assets 2,700 ...
  51. Calculus

    For what values of the constants a and b is (1,3) a point of inflection of the curve y=ax^3+bx^2?
  52. Maths

    I have a patio which is 3m wide. The roof of this consists of sheets of plastic which are 900mm wide. I have used as few sheets as possible and made all overlaps the same width. What is the width, in millimetres, of this overlap? A. 100 B. 150 C. 200 D. 250 E. 300
  53. Maths

    If it is 9am now, what time will it be in 2003 hours from now? Mental way please.
  54. Econ math/logarithms

    If log with base b (2)=0.39 and log with base b (3)=0.61 evaluate the following. log with base b (8). Simplify your answer. How to start? I thought I am supposed to write log base b 2^3 but I don't seem to get an answer that would fit.
  55. Maths

    Within a square land, Asmo cut out a rectangular land with width of 10 meters (as shown below), the remaining land’s area is 1575 square meters. The area of cut out rectangular land is ______ square meters.
  56. Calculus - Word Problems

  57. Calculus

    A 5ft tall person is walking toward a light 20ft off the ground at 8 ft/sec. What is the rate of change of the length of the persons shadow when they are 15ft away from the light? What is the speed of the tip of the shadow moving?
  58. math

    An age that is at least 25 years old.. Translate to inequality
  59. data management gr.12

    The Infinity Club consists of 5 boys and 6 girls. How many working groups of 5 people can be formed with: a)no restrictions (my answer is 11C5) b)all boys (is this correct 5C5) c)all girls (answer 6C5) d)more girls than boys (6C4x5C1 +6C3x5C2) e)more boys than girls (5C4x6C1+...
  60. data management

    How many ways the letters in BIOENGINEERING be arranged if B must not be next to the O. Thanks in advance (is this correct 14!-(13!x2!)
  61. data management

    I don't think that is the correct answer. The total number of songs 5+6+3 so I guess 14C5x14C6x14C3-5C1x6C1 I'm just very confused. Thanks
  62. data management

    There are 5 rock songs, 6 country songs, and 3 hip-hop songs. How many different albums can be formed using the songs if the album should contain at least 1 rock song and 1 country song?
  63. Physics

    Nvm I found out how to solve it.
  64. Physics

    A ball is raised to a height of 30.0m above the ground. What would its velocity be when it has fallen to a height of 15.0m above the ground. (You must solve this as a conservation of energy problem, and can do it in one step!) Any help would be appreciated..
  65. Math/Algebra

    oh whoops, yes that is the correct equation! Thanks figured out the answer!
  66. Math/Algebra

    The equation is Z^2-8+12/Z^2+Z-6 I got this far (Z-6)(Z-2)/(Z+2)(Z-3) It needs to be simplified further, as far as my understanding (Z-2) and (Z+2) cannot be cancelled out.
  67. Chemistry

    When 1.5 grams of salt are added to 12.0 grams of water and the salt dissolves, what is the mass of the system?
  68. Calculus 1

    sand is being poured onto the ground forming a conical pile whose height equals 1/4 of the diameter of the base. The sand is falling at a rate of 20cm^3/sec. How fast is the height of the sand pile increasing when it is 3cm high?
  69. Math

    But the LCM would be 30...
  70. science

    For the reaction 2N2O(g) ⇌ O2(g) + 2N2(g), what happens to the equilibrium position if the volume decreases? A. does nothing B. shifts to the left C. doubles D. shifts to the right
  71. Math

    Ahmad have to pay=400*1.07=$428
  72. Physics

    average velocity is 0 since the total displacement is 0 average speed is 72,since average speed = Total Distance/Total time = 2D/(t1+t2) = 2D/(D/S1+D/S2) = 2S1*S2/(S1+S2)=2*60*90/(60+90) Btw,i think the km should be kmh⁻¹,isn't it?
  73. Math

  74. Optics (pls help)

    To save expenses, you would like to buy the shortest mirror that will allow you see your entire body, should the mirror be A) Half your height B) Two-thirds your height or C)equal to your height ? Does the answer depends on how far away from the mirror you stand? Please I need...
  75. Algebra

    C the power of two+18c-175=0 Help please?
  76. Physics

    The A above middle C has a frequency of 440 Hz. If you play this note on a piano and the piano string oscillates with an amplitude of 0.55 mm, what is the maximum acceleration of the string?
  77. Math

    I think the answer is 16 1/6
  78. Chemistry

    Spontaneous reactions ________. always release free energy*** always result in increase disorder of the system always take place at a rapid rate are always exothermic
  79. Chemistry

    Which of the following changes would shift the reaction shown here to the right (product side)? 4HCl (g) + O2(g) < = > 2Cl2 (g) + 2 H2O (g) addition of Cl2*** decrease of pressure increase of pressure removal of O2
  80. Chemistry

    Which of the following changes would shift the reaction shown here to the right (product side)? 4HCl (g) + O2(g) < = > 2Cl2 (g) + 2 H2O (g) addition of Cl2*** decrease of pressure increase of pressure removal of O2
  81. Chemistry

    At what stage of a reaction do atoms have the highest energy Product stage Reactant stage Transition state stage*** The stage of the highest energy depends on the atom
  82. Chemistry

    When 2.0 g of solid NaOH (∆Hsoln = -445.1kJ/mol) dissolves in 10L of water, how much heat is released? 445.1 kJ 44.51 kJ 22.26 kJ 11.13 kJ***
  83. Chemistry

    Calculate the energy required to produce 5.00 mol of Cl2O7 on the bases of the following balanced equation. 2Cl2(g) +7O2(g) +130kcal - - > 2 Cl2O7 5.00 kcal 65 kcal*** 130 kcal 325 kcal
  84. Chemistry

    What does the symbol ∆H stand for? one Calorie given off by a reaction the heat capacity of a substance*** the heat of a reaction for a chemical reaction the specific heat of a substance
  85. Chemistry

    Which of the following is the correct unit for specific heat? degree C*** Cal cal/g cal/(g*deg C)
  86. Chemistry

    The heat capacity of an object depends in part on its enthalpy mass potential energy*** shape
  87. Chemistry

    When your body breaks down sugar completely, how much heat is released compared to burning the same amount of sugar in a flame? The body releases___ less heat than the flame*** more heat than the flame same amount of heat as a flame the body releases so heat
  88. Chemistry

    What would likely happen if you were to touch a metallic beaker in which an endothermic reaction were occurring? The beaker would probably feel cooler than before the reaction started. The beaker would probably feel warmer than before the reaction started.*** The beaker would ...
  89. science

    mechanical to potential to gravitational
  90. Algebra

    Whats the question?
  91. Geometry

    Segment AD is perpendicular to the radius of circle (B) and the radius of circle (c). If radius BA=6in, segment AD=21in and radius CD=16in, find the length of BC to the nearest tenth of an inch.
  92. math

    The area of a plot of land is 2496 square meters. A small part of the land is fenced. The ratio of the area of the plot of land to the area that is not fenced is 48:31. What is the area of the land that is not fenced? (5th grade math)
  93. Chemistry

    A sample of sulfur hexafluoride gas (SF6) occupies a volume of 3.230 Liters at 7.011 x 101 oC. Assuming the pressure is constant, what will the final temperature be (in o C) if the volume is increased to 7.350 Liters?
  94. Physics

    A plane travels 1000 km at an angle of 40 degrees East to North, then changes direction and travels 500 km at an angle of 20 degrees North to East. What is the magnitude and direction of the planes total displacement?
  95. Chemistry

    How many grams of MgCl2 would be required to make 440 g of magnesium ?
  96. Physics

    The human heart discharges 75ml of blood at each beat against the pressure of 0.1mmHg. Calculate the power of the heart assuming that the purse frequency is 80 beats per minute.(density of mercury is 13.6*10^3 Kg/m3)
  97. PHYSICS!!

    This is also a part of it!! Coincidently the horn on your car, which you sound as you narrowly miss the flautist in problem 1, also give a constant 300 Hz. tone. What frequency does the flautist hear before and after you pass them?
  98. PHYSICS!!

    After giving an intense performance, a confused and disoriented flautist has wandered onto the motorway! They are playing a constant 300Hz on their flute and are essentially stationary If you are driving along the motorway at 100 km/h(27.8 m/s). What is the frequency you hear ...
  99. AP Physics

    Two identical, small balls are suspended by separate 0.25m threads that are attached to a common point on the ceiling. Each ball has a mass of 8.0 x 10^-4 kg. Initially the balls are uncharged and hang straight down. They are then given identical positive charges and, as a ...
  100. PHYSICS!!

    In its search for flying insects, a bat uses an echolocating system based on pulses of high frequency sound. These pulses are 2.0 ms in duration, have a frequency of 50 kHz, and an intensity level of 100 dB at 1.0 m from the bat’s mouth. Assume the bat produces acoustic ...