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  1. Math

    Ms.Sue's right
  2. Math

    shouldn't you convert .08?
  3. Math

  4. Math

    you're right...i forgot the '6' in the '6279000000' sry
  5. Math

    it does it turns out: 1.8458...
  6. Math

    12 percent is .12 just multiply it by 42,000
  7. Math

    you're very welcome....goodnight!
  8. Math

    you multiply the first two fractions and the answer is -9/6 then you multiply it by the last fraction and you're answer is -54/6 so the reciprocal(flip it around) is -6/54 i don't think you're paying attention Sadie, it's quite simple :)
  9. Math

    first multiply and solve then flip -6/54 i believe
  10. Math

    whenever there is a 0 on the bottom that means the solution is undefined however, if the 0 is on top, then the solution is 0 =]
  11. random

    isn't there any that don't involve downloading software. like Jiskha
  12. random

    is there any other site like this that answers questions for free ?
  13. misc

    they are very interesting...thanks
  14. misc

    that's nice to kno somehow i'm always afraid that i'm overweight..this chart is great... do you know any links or info that explains how to get less chubbier there's so many exercises to lose weight in specific areas, but i don't see much about losing frm ...
  15. misc

  16. misc

    so ok..its normal thanks guys... and chopsticks, no im not 45lbs =]
  17. misc

    is 95 pounds normal, or above for a 16 year old..? just wondering [height: 5 ft] i don't need any links., just opinions :D
  18. 4th grade english

    wouldn't the past tense be visited? i think 'has visited' is a past participle not sure though :)
  19. 9th grade

    thats right! good job =]
  20. 9th grade

    =] well hope you understand it.. try the other two and post it later to see if you got em:)
  21. 9th grade

    like chopsticks said..multiply what's outside of the parenthesis with everything insidefor example 3. 1j + 2j + 12k [ 1 j is just j ] add like terms 3j + 12k 4. 15ab + 45c by the way, you're suppose to learn this stuff way before 9th are you learning it rite...
  22. history

    please tell me if this is correct Slave rebellions in the colonies were a result of a. harsh laws controlling African Americans' activities b. economic downturn c. the spread of democracy d. worsening conditions aboard slave ships A
  23. history

    thanks, Ms.Sue!
  24. history

    yea.what about the South, was for secession,..the people from the South argued that since the states had voluntarily joined the U.S., they also could choose to leave it how did the South defend it's position[for secession]
  25. history

    isn't that the same thing as 'it was against secession'..? thanks still
  26. history

    what were the north's views on secession? i know it was against it , but what else can i add to that. i've searched the internet and i found some info..i just need to know what other's people's opinions are. =]
  27. history--search for earlier post

  28. history--search for earlier post

    i wrote a history question a few days back, i think Ms.Sue gave me a link for it..i need that link, so can someone find that question for me..? the question is: Discuss the several plans for reconstruction and explain one success and one failure of reconstruction thanks a lot
  29. history

    here's what it says: both Jackson and Adams had once been Jeffersonian Republicans, members of the party that had quarreled with Federalists, largely over constitutional issues. Now economic issues were forcing politicians to choose sides..."
  30. history

    In 1828 presidential election was a referendum on the role of government in a. the Electoral College b. national security c. the expansion of slavery d. the economy i know its not A,..probably not C...i think it's D
  31. history

    so is my answer correct?
  32. history

    Slave rebellions in the colonies were a result of a. harsh laws controlling African Americans' activities b. economic downturns c. the spread of democracy d. worsening conditions aboard slave ships i think, A
  33. history

    thanks i'm still not sure though
  34. history

    not sure about this ..any help? The Greenback party and Farmers' Alliances both called for a. putting more money into circulation b. opening American markets to foreign crops c. cutting back on protests d. repealing the Sherman Silver Purchase Act i have no clue=[
  35. history

    The experiences of African Americans living in the colonies were a. harsh only on plantations b. similar to those of indentured servants c. the same as those of Native Americans d. varied depending on where they lived i think its D
  36. history

    it says nothing about railroads that i could find...or remember reading about. would that be the appropriate answer for this question? maybe i need to search my book more..i read the whole page that is related to this but it doesn't mention railroads, or technical advances
  37. history

    heres what my book says: during the 1860s and 1870s, cattle ranching boomed. The destruction of the buffalo and removal of Native Americans to reservations emptied the land for grazing cattle. The open plains offered a rancher limitless pasture that was free for the taking..&...
  38. history

    this never got answered, is it D or not..? Which of the following contributed to the cattle ranching boom? a. technical advances b. falling crop prices c. expansion of the railroads d. dry farming thanks:)
  39. history

  40. history

    i asked this earlier...please help How did England's preoccupation with its civil war affect the colonies? a. they were forced to support the king b. the were left alone c. they developed ties with France d. they started to produce manufactured goods i think its C but i&#...
  41. history

    Why did the institution of slavery develop in Africa? a. Africa had too many people b. Slaves were valued as goods to be sold and traded c. European traders introduced slavery to West Africa d. Africa had an excess of land and a shortage of labor i know its not A . its either ...
  42. physics

    ok thnx i'll try it
  43. physics

    please show me a simple formula to solve this find the final equilibirum temperature when 10.0 g of milk at 10.0degC is added to 1.60 * 10^2 g of coffee with a temperature of 90.0degC. assume the specific heats of coffee and milk are the same as for water (Cp,w=4.19J/g*degC), ...
  44. physics

    a bullet with a mass of 6.00 g is fired through a 1.25 kg block of wood on a frictionless surface. the initial speed of the bullet is 896 m/s, and the speed of the bullet after it exits the block is 435 m/s. at what speed does the block move after the bullet passes through it...
  45. history

    is it also the answer to this question?
  46. history

    so that's the answer
  47. history

    what is dry farming?
  48. history

    which of the following contributed to the cattle ranching boom? technical advances falling crop prices expansion of the railroads dry farming soo confused...!
  49. history

    While Europeans regarded land as property, Native Americans a. used land as a bargaining tool b. willed their private lands to other members of their clan c. bought and sold land in exchange for shells and precious metals d. believed that land could not be owned, traded, or ...
  50. physics

    Friction converts kinetic energy to a. mechanical energy b. potential energy c. nonmechanical energy d. total energy i don't think its B,..
  51. physics

    ok, i was just wondering since that was one of my choices thanks
  52. physics

    what would it mean if i say the momentum is conserved?
  53. physics

    A 20 kg shopping cart moving at a velocity of 0.5 m/s collides with a store wall and stops. The momentum of the shopping cart decreases?
  54. history

    so A: own property and make wills
  55. history

    As a result of the early women's movement, women began to a. own property and make wills b. join religious revivals c. vote in local elections d. graduate from college B...?
  56. history

    The phrase "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness," as found in the Declaration of Independence, refers to a. complaints against the king b. a manifesto for living c. a justification for capitalism d. specific inalienable rights D
  57. physics

    i'm still a little confused
  58. physics

    how do i solve for this..? please write out the equation for me to understand..:) an elevator weighing 2.00 * 10^5 N is supported by a steel cable. what is the tension in the cable when the elevator is accelerated upward at a rate of 3.00 m/s^2? (g=9.81 m/s^2) thanks a lot!
  59. history

    Jackson defended the spoils system by claiming that it prevented a. partisan politics b. control of government by the rich c. minority rule d. an imbalance of power B
  60. history

    The goal of the Lecompton constitution was to a. establish slavery in Kansas b. abolish slavery in all territories c. abolish slavery in Kansas d. uphold the Missouri Compromise A?
  61. history

    i think B
  62. history

    One effect of the passage of the Alien and Sedition Act was a. return to monarchy b. increased tensions between Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans c. another American Revolution d. weaker federal government i know that Alien and Sedition Acts diminished the right of ...
  63. physics

    so friction
  64. physics

    there are 3 parts to my question. i need help on the last part. 1.a. A child rides a bike in a circular path with a radius of 2.0 m. The tangential speed of the bike is 2.0 m/s. The combined mass of the bike and the child is 43 kg. What is the magnitude of the bike's ...
  65. History

    not sure how did England's preoccupation with its civil war affect the colonies? they were forced to support the king they were left alone they developed ties to France they started to produce manufactured goods ?
  66. physics

    When a car makes a sharp left turn, what causes the passengers to move toward the right side of the car? is it inertia??
  67. History

    "He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction...) 'merciless, indian savages' doesnt sound like they&#...
  68. History

    because in the declaration it talks about African Americans and Native Americans in a very negative it is obviously only talking about white men :)
  69. Physics

    or is it because he/she has less mass on the moon..?
  70. Physics

    why does an astronaut weigh less on the moon than on Earth? is it because the gravitational field strength is less on the moon's surface than on Earth's surface
  71. physics

    which do you think would be the best pick for me
  72. physics

    can someone please help me with this question quick... Which of the following equations expresses Newton's law of universal gravitation? a. Fc=MVt^2/r b. Fg=M1M2/r c. g=Gme/r^2 d. Fg=Gmme/r^2 i really need help..thanks:-)
  73. Languages

    do you need any more?
  74. Languages

    for example.. this is one also spoken in China: Cantonese [Chinese] (China) Mhai
  75. Languages

    there are a variety of different languages spoken in China and Japan , that is why you can't name just one
  76. Languages

    i like this one: Wolof (West Africa) Deedeet
  77. Languages

    here's one more: Macedonian (Macedonia) Ne
  78. Languages

    thats not nice. one of my answer is the same as Valeria's
  79. Languages

  80. Languages

    nahi--this is in Urdu no-spanish
  81. Physics

    okay thanks a lot for the help!!!
  82. Physics

    i'm having trouble with this Which of the following statements about floating objects is correct? a. the object's density is greater than the density of the fluid on which it floats b. the object's density is equal to the density of the fluid on which it floats c. ...
  83. Physics

    okay, thanks!
  84. Physics

    how do you tell if two vectors vertical components are equal?
  85. Physics

    There are six books in a stack, and each book weighs 5 N. The coefficient of static friction between the books is 0.2. With what horizontal force must one push to start sliding the top 5 books off the bottom one. my answer is 3N but i don't think that's right. does ...
  86. History

    The United State's most valuable export in the early 1800s was a. cotton b. slaves c. tobacco d. grain A
  87. history

    Which of the following led to a nomadic way of life on the Great Plains? a. drastic climate changes B. the coming of the horse and buffalo c. the influx of white settlers d. war among Native American groups B
  88. History

    show how immigration has helped to shape America and describe some of the barriers immigrants have faced in their struggle for equality please help me with this question
  89. Math

    i think a bar graph would be a good thing to use in this type of not sure though
  90. History

    first i thought it was C. but then my book said that it was illegal to buy all the other productions...and i found D in my book i just wanted to double check
  91. History

    that post was from Bella not Anonymous
  92. History

    How did Andrew Carnegie gain control of the steel industry? a. by giving away his money b. by becoming a partner of Edwin Drake c. by buying all the other steel mills D. by practicing vertical consolidation D
  93. History

    i found it in my book "While Britain struggled with its heavy debts and taxes, its colonies in America were prospering. With British citizens so burdened, Grenville asked, why shouldn't these colonists begin to pay some of the costs of their own government and defense...
  94. History

    sorry, i'm questions are from everything I've read so its hard to find it in the book A?
  95. History

    The British government decided to tax the American colonies a. to pay off war debts b. to teach the colonists a lesson c. to increase the standard of living in Britain d. to finance westward expansion C
  96. History

  97. History

    Union victories at Vicksburg and Port Hudson a. offset the loss at Gettysburg b. cut the Confederacy in two c. ensured that Richmond would fall d. left the North at its lowest point B
  98. History

  99. History

    i cant find it in my text A was just a guess,
  100. History

    Why did the institution of slavery develop in Africa? a. Africa had too many people b. Slaves were valued as goods to be sold and traded c. European traders introduced slavery to West Africa d. Africa had an excess of land and a shortage of labor A
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