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  1. math

  2. Chemistry-Help Please

    Help please. Am doing a past exam paper and I hit a road block with this question: Chloride in a brine solution is determined by a precipitation titration. A 10.00 mL aliquot of the solution is titrated with 15.00mL of standard 0.1182 M AgNO3 solution. The excess silver is ...
  3. math

    mrs. lemeke has 10 2/3 ounces of fertilizer . she plans to use 3/4 ounce of fertilizer on each plant. After she puts fertilizer on as many plants as she can, how much fertilizer will be left over?

    They are all right thank you Bruh
  5. history

    Explain the advantages and disadvantages for independence
  6. Science

  7. Social Studies

    I am still having trouble with
  8. art

    how has the artist used value in this painting? A.The background is lighter than the foreground to draw the viewer's eye B.The artist did not use value in this painting C. The subject is lighter than the background to draw the viewers eye D. The subject of the painting is ...
  9. History

    What is a difference between Georgia’s Constitution and the US Constitution?
  10. Math Urgent

    And shouldn't the answer be x=-4.5; I think you had make a mistake, but thanks
  11. Math Urgent

    What do you mean by the open part. Thanks
  12. Math Urgent

    BTW, the choices are a)9 b)7 c)5 d)2 e)It cannot be determined from the info given.
  13. Math Urgent

    In a survey of 63 people, 23 people subscribe to magazine A, 21people subscribed to magazine B,and 17 people subscribed to magazine C. For any two of the magazines,4 people subscribed to both magazines but not to the third magazine. If 5 people in the survey did not subscibe ...
  14. Math using symbols

    Is #1 c?
  15. Math using symbols

    I'm not sure about #1 but is #2 d?
  16. Math using symbols

    1)The star diagram *** **** *** **** may be used to demonstrate the truth of a) 3x4=4x3 b) 2+(3x4)=2x(3+4) c) 2x(3+4)=(2x3)+(2x4) d) 2x(3x4)=2x3x4 2)The star diagram *** **** ***** may be used to demonstrate the truth of a) 3x4=4x3 b) 3x4x5 c) 3x(4+5)=3x4 + 3x5 d) (3+4)+5=3+(4+5)
  17. Math

  18. Math

    1) Each side of a triangle is a different length. One side is 6, one side is more than 6, and one side is less than 6. The perimeter of the triangle could not be... a.13 b.18 c.22 d.24 2)Which of the following could not be the measures of two of the three angles in the same ...
  19. Math

    A whale weighs 120 to a. Baby weighs 1/40 of the weight of adult whale. How pounds does baby whale weigh.
  20. error analysis

    I would like to know the meaning of Omission,Addition, Misformation, Misordering and Blends. You can find the meaning and for example of each meaning ?
  21. chem

    Please explain: 1) if MnO2 when in a fast reaction with H2O2 appear in balanced equation and 2)purpose of manganese dioxide. Thanks
  22. error analyze

    thank you :)
  23. error analyze

    I disturb you again? Can you check Spellings and punctuation in this text?
  24. error analyze

    Can you check grammatical error, word use error and sentence structure error in this text? >>>This text is text, teacher to come to find the errors. I need you help just tell the error of each part. What's there? >>>Thank you<<< What can you do ...
  25. MATH

    thank you. and yeah belle .. bell lol
  26. MATH

    Which is an example of the opposite of a sum property? (Points : 4) a –8 + (–13) = –13 + (–8) b 11 + (–14 + 5) = (11 + (–14)) + 5 c 16 + (–16) = 0 d –(22 + 1) = –22 + (–1)
  27. science

  28. math

    Where do you get 2/3rds from
  29. Data Structure

    A group of k villagers must cross, the Sarawak river, which is a wide and deep river. There is no bridge in sight. They notice two 10-year-old boys playing in a rowboat at the shore. The boat is so tiny and it can hold only two boys or one villager. How can the villagers can ...
  30. statistic

    Listed below are the ages of actresses and actors at the times that they won Oscars for the categories of Best Actress and Best Actor. The ages are listed in chronological order by row, so that corresponding locations in the two tables are from the same year. (Notes: In 1968 ...
  31. statistic

    Listed below is a simple random sample of sitting eye heights (in mm) of men (based on anthropometric survey data from Gordon, Churchill, Clauser). Determine whether these sample heights appear to come from a population with a normal distribution. Explain. 777 771 821 815 765 ...
  32. math

    Pregnancy Test Results Positive Test Result (Pregnancy is indicated) Negative Test Result (Pregnancy is not indicated) Subject is pregnant 80 5 Subject is not pregnant 3 11 a) Based on the results in the table, what is the probability of a women being pregnant if the test ...
  33. Math

    Your parents allow you to play video games for no more than 8 hours a week. You have already played for 2.5 hours this week. Write and solve an inequality that represents how much more time you can play video games this week. Graph the solution on a number line.
  34. Math

    A person who weighs 130 pounds can burn about 300 calories per hour skateboarding. Write a function that relates the calories burned, c, to the number of hours, h, spent skateboarding. Identify the independent and dependent variable. Create a function table for values of h ...
  35. Math

    Graph and identify the coordinates of a rectangle with a length of at least 5 units and a width of at least 2 units. Each vertex of the rectangle must be in a different quadrant. Two of the points must have rational coordinates that are not integers.
  36. math help please

  37. math

  38. math

    A rocket takes off vertically at time t=0, and during the first 10 s of flight its acceleration in m/s^2 is given by a(t)=10t-t^2 find the height reached by the rocket after 10s.
  39. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

    (This question has been removed due to a copyright claim submitted by Connections Education.)
  40. Needing HELP PLEASE!!!

    Which value correctly completes the statement? 6,501.5 KM = ______ m Options: 1. 6,501,500 2. 65,015 3. 650,150,000 4. 650.15
  41. math

    1. ? IDK I am so sorry????? 2. Subtract 120 min. - 72 min. already used = 48 min. left before your phone card expires.
  42. Math Help Please!!!!!!

    Which figures will always be similar to each other? two rectangles, two trapezoids, two equilateral triangles, or two hexagons.
  43. Language Arts Help!!!!!

    Identify two regular and two irregular polygons in your home or community. How do you know they are regular or irregular? Do you think regular or irregular polygons are used more frequently in the design of objects and buildings in the world? Explain.
  44. Language Arts Help!!!!!

    When you read a folktale, fantasy, or myth, you most likely will learn something about?
  45. Math Question

  46. Math Question

    The Silk Road stretched ____ miles from western China to Southwest Asia.
  47. Math Question

  48. Math Question

    Which of these was received by Chinese merchants when trading with the West?
  49. Math Question

    All The Above
  50. Math Question

    Why did most merchants not travel the entire distance from China to the Middle East to trade their goods?
  51. Math Help Please!!!!

    A Right Angle
  52. Math Help Please!!!!

    Which type of angle do construction workers use when building to make sure that the walls and floors of a building are perpendicular?
  53. Math Help Please!!!!

    Which type of angle do construction workers use when building to make sure that the walls and floors of a building are perpendicular?
  54. math

    1st Multiply 2/3 x 5/6 = 5/9. Then Multiply 5/9 x 14 = 7 7/9. SO THE ANSWER IS 7 7/9.
  55. Math Help Please!!!!

    Natalie picked 135 berries in 15 minutes. If she continues picking at that rate, how long will it take her to pick 486 berries? Explain.
  56. Math Help Plaese!!!!!!

    For your second answer is it multiplying 65 x 60 or subtracting 65-60?
  57. Math Help Plaese!!!!!!

    Calculate the final price you would pay to buy jacket that originally sells for $65, but is discounted by 40%; you also have to pay 5% sales tax. Explain.

    Mary's yard is a mess. She needs to hire someone to prune her trees and shrubs. A landscaping service she calls quotes her a price of $15 consultation fee plus $8 an hour for the actual work. Mary's neighbor has offered has offered to help her out. She doesn't ...
  59. math

    240 miles.
  60. SS

    Water molecules stay in the same place.
  61. SS

    Which of the following describes how water molecules move in a wave?
  62. SS

    Relative position of Earth, sun, and moon.
  63. SS

    Which of the following influences ocean tides?
  64. SS

    Deep cold water with nutrients rises to the surface
  65. SS

    Upwelling occurs when ____.
  66. SS

  67. SS

    If the California Current stopped flowing, the temperature in San Francisco would probably be ____.
  68. SS

  69. SS

    The layer in the ocean where the temperature varies with depth is called the ____.
  70. SS

    - Wind blows across open water. - The friction of wind on water pushes water along. - Certain wind speeds cause water to pile up. - all of the above
  71. SS

    Which of the following describes why waves form?
  72. SS

    Water vapor from volcanoes
  73. SS

    Water vapor from valcanos
  74. SS

    The water for Earth’s oceans originally came from ____.
  75. SS

  76. SS

    Earth’s oceans cover nearly ____ of Earth’s surface.
  77. SS

  78. SS

    A storm with winds over 120 km/h that can last several weeks is a ____.
  79. SS

  80. SS

    During an occluded front, a fast-moving cold front overtakes a slower moving ____ front.

    Which of the following ratios are equivalent to five-twentieths? (Hint: There is more than one equivalent ratio.)

    Which of the following ratios are NOT equivalent to four eighths ? (Hint: There is more than one that is not equivalent.)

    A jar contains 24 blue marbles, 16 red marbles, and 14 white marbles. Find the simplified ratio of total marbles to red marbles.

    Elizabeth has 17/10 as many plants as Rosalie has in her garden. If Elizabeth has 51 plants, how many plants does Rosalie have in her garden? Explain.

    Jordan has 4/5 as many DVDs as Joseph. If Jordan has 56 DVDs, then how many does Joseph have? Explain.
  86. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

    A teacher brings 3 gallons of juice on a field trip. There are 36 students on the trip. a. How many fluid ounces of juice does the teacher bring? Show your work. b. Does the teacher have enough juice to give each student a 12-fluid ounce glass of juice? Explain.
  87. Math

    Eliza and Jamie are making cupcakes for a bake sale at school. Eliza need 2one third c of flour for her recipe and Jamie needs 1three fourths c for her recipe. They have 4 c of flour. Do they have enough flour for both recipes? Explain.
  88. calculus

    Sasha is in the park with her friend megan. They are separated by 50 ft. megan lets go of his red ballon and it goes straight up in the air. At what rate is sasha's eye angle changing if he is watching the ballon rise at a rate of 4 ft per sec, the moment the balloon is ...
  89. Math

    What is the elapsed time? 25 minutes Explanation why your answer is correct: ?
  90. Math

    Dinner: 5:45 p.m. until 6:10 p.m. What is the elapsed time? Explanation why your answer is correct:
  91. Math

    I subtracted 12 hours - 4 hours = 8 hours. I also subtracted 50 minutes - 5 minutes = 45 minutes. And gave me the elapsed time of 8 hours and 45 minutes.
  92. Math

    What is the elapsed time? 1 Hour and 40 Minutes. Explanation why your answer is correct: ?
  93. Math

    Time with friends: 4:05 p.m. until 5:45 p.m. What is the elapsed time? Explanation why your answer is correct:
  94. Math

    I subtracted 12 hours - 4 hours = 8 hours. I also subtracted 50 minutes - 5 minutes = 45 minutes. And gave me the elapsed time of 8 hours and 45 minutes.
  95. Math

    I meant to say 8 hours and 45 minutes.
  96. Math

    - 8 hours and -45 minutes
  97. Math

    What is the elapsed time? 4 Hours and 15 Minutes. Explanation why your answer is correct:?
  98. Math

    Schoolwork: 12:50 p.m. until 4:05 p.m. What is the elapsed time? Explanation why your answer is correct:
  99. Math

    I subtracted 12 and 11, also i subtracted 50 and 15. And gave me the elapsed time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  100. Math

    What is the elapsed time? 1 hour and 35 min. Explanation why your answer is correct: ?
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