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Please help me with this If 2/3 of N is 4, then 1/2 of N is:

Can someone please help me with this question and break it down into dummy terms I am struggling in this course. Even if you have solid financials, can you obtain more market share?

Medical Law
What is the role of administrative agencies in the current health care environment?

medication duration using the function of e through time lapse problem D(h)=8e(up carrot)-0.31(h) find med level at 1 hour- no problem 5.88mg. but every time I insert 4 for the 4 hours I get a larger number... much larger indicting the med level has gone up. I am sure it is my...

Can someone please tell me when a chromosome is a chromosome and when it is called a chromatid. For ex/ after anaphase the chromatids are now each called a chromosome,etc