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pre alg
-64/-8 * -3 * 25 -64/24*25 -64/600 Simplify that fraction down to lowest terms and that reduced is . . . ?

Math 98 pre algebra
The final answer should be 9 and 13/27.

It is the same as saying -15 q to the 2nd power.

Parallel lines have the same slope. 9-6/k-3 3/k-3 The slope from the other must be 5y=7-2x y= 7/5-2/5x slope = -2/5 3/k-3=-2/5 15= -2 (k-3) 15= -2k+6 9= -2k 9/-2=k

Don't these have to be set equal to zero somehow?!

-6x-18=-6x+5 0x=23 and can not have zero in the denominator. Division by zero is undefined. 15x+18=15x+18 0x=0 Well, if you take anything times zero the resulting product is zero.

You had better calculator up this one. Find out where the factorial key is on your calculator. 2010! is going to be a BIG number.

n-2 works for triangles inside of a polygon.

Negative exponents are better thought of as fractions. So, Cr^-2= 1/Cr^2 w/1=1/Cr^2 w times Cr^2=1 r= sqrt 1/cw