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Business English
If I am annoying then tell me to stop. To tell me to stop you have to search my name in the right box that says search. P.s. it's right above the member login. Then click my name and annoy me to tell me to stop!

Business English
Bye Bye Bye Bye

Business English
Hi Hi Hi Hi

I don't have a formula for this question: Purchasing Power= 1280.08 (Nov.1/07) Purchasing Power= 1000.00 (Nov.1/97) What is the annual rate of inflation? I think it can be solved 1280.08/1000 -1 but Im not sure??

What is the rhyme scheme, meter, and stanza form for the poem "The Lamb" by William Blake? The Lamb Little Lamb, who made thee? Dost thou know who made thee? Gave thee life, and bid thee feed By the stream and o'er the mead; Gave thee clothing of delight, Softest...

Physics / Astronomy
Here is my question: Consider the bending of light by the gravitation of the Sun as described by Newtonian physics. Light of frequency f passes at a distance d from the center of the Sun, which has a mass M. Show that the bending angle of the light is proportional to M/d. I&#...

a) .0225 b) =1-P(x=0)=.0445 c) I do not know.

what are the pros and cons of joining "netville 2" a computer company that came to your neighbourhood. We will be happy to critique your thinking on this. thanks im having trouble thinking of cons. The only thing i have for cons are: hidden fees and isolation and i ...

A bat flying in a cave emits a sound and receives its echo 0.5 s later. How far away is the cave wall? I answered this below. If you cant find it, search on bat flying in the search window above.

A skipper on a boat notices wave crests passing his anchor chain every 9 s. He estimates the distance between wave crests to be 15 m. He also correctly estimates the speed of the waves. What is this speed? Wavelenght* frequency= wave speed remember that frequency here is 1wave...

A car crashes into a wall at 20 m/s and is brought to rest in 0.1 s. Calculate the average force exerted on a 75 kg test dummy by the seat belt. Force*time= change in momentum mv solve for force.

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