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I think it's d.

what is the value of the discriminate of 11x^2-2x-10=0? then describe the soulution.

A beam with a length of 7 m and a mass of 110 kg is attached by a large bolt to a support at a distance of d = 3 m from one end. The beam makes an angle θ = 30° with the horizontal, as shown in the figure. A mass M = 492 kg is attached with a rope to one end of the ...

what roman govening body had 300 members

Business Comunication
I think the answer is a) but then I think it's d) also, because b)is about resumes,c) is about resume and letter(both). a)talks about letter and d)is maybe about letter too!

Business Comunication
A job application letter is different from a resume in that: presents a job candidate's qualification. uses short,parallel phrases and sentence fragments. is adapted to a position rather than to the needs of a particular organization. explains ...

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