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  1. Math

    Macy spent 2hrs on homework she spent 1/4 of time working on math how much time did Macy spend on math homework
  2. Math

  3. History

    Need help on this question..I think it is "a" but not sure. Spanish Friars most likely settled in the Georgia barrier island to: a. convert Native Americans to Christianity b. find gold and silver c. find free farm land d. establish a colony for freedom of religion.
  4. algebra

    20mi/1h * 5280 ft./ 1mi * 1hr/60min * 1 min/60 sec multiply 20 * 5280 on the top for 105,600 and then divide by 3600 (the 60 * 60 on the bottom) All the units will cancel out except miles on top and seconds on bottom. You get 29.3 feet/sec
  5. Math

    Brett deposited $150.00 in an account that paid 3% simple interest. How much interest did Brett earn in 5 years?? A.$4.50 B.$7.50 C.$15.00 D.$22.50
  6. english

  7. Math

    A man walks one mile east, then he walks one mile northeast and then he walks one mile east. How far is he from his initial position?
  8. Physics

    the coefficient of friction between a 78 kg box and a warehouse floor is .21. what is the friction force?
  9. French

    I need 10 sens. translated to french.. 1. how are you today 2. very well how about you 3. i love you 4. nice to meet you 5. i am so bored 6. I love to play gymnasics but hate to play soccor 7. What are up up 2? 8. Im so happy 9. Why are you so mad 10. Yes
  10. Math

    What is cubic feet = toin meaters?
  11. Math PIZZAZZ

    1. 225 pounds 2. 210 calor. 3. 30 pencils (final riddle amswer halo)
  12. Statistics

    the answer would be b.
  13. Math(Algebra)

    Thanks Damon...I appreciate it
  14. Math(Algebra)

    Joe, using only .32 cent stamps and .20 cent stamps, put $3.36 postage on a package he sent to his sister, he used twice as many .32-cent stamps as 20-cent stamps. How many of each stamp did he use.....please help me .this is driving me crazy!! Thanks