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A river flows at 3km/h. At what speed must a boat travel in order to make a 35km trip upstream in a time of 50 minutes? How long will it take the boat to make the return trip downstream? (Assume the boat retains the speed travelled upstream) Working out please

An industrial fertiliser, costing $370 per tonne to produce, is sold retail at 61 cents per kilogram. If there is a wastage of 2.5%, find the profit as a percentage of the cost Working Ou Please Thanks

Maths (Recurring Decimals)
Express 3.2304 (dot above 2 and 4) as a fraction Please show working out too

The first year after 1999 which is the product of three consecutive integers is: 2004 2040 2046 2052 2184 Please show working out and choose either one of these years

Find the mass of oxygen gas needed to react with 0.2 moles magnesium and the mass of the product? Working out please