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9. What personality trait does Odysseus reveal when he devises a plan to listen to the Sirens' song and yet escape destruction? (1 point) irritability loyalty curiosity generosity10. Read the following passage from the Odyssey: Tell me, where was it, now, you left your ...

Alternation of generations is defined as the switching back and forth between the production of: a. cells by mitosis and meiosis b. asexual and sexual reproductive cells c. gametophytes and saprophytes d. diploid and haploid cells MY ANSWER "A"


Which of the following is NOT true of amoebas? a. They reproduce by binary fusion. b. They move by pseudopodia. c. They have a definite shape. d. They form temporary food vacuoles.

Are the categories animallike, plantlike, or funguslike useful in classifying protists? Please explain.

Can someone please explain to me the difference between gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria. What are they, what do they do? EXPLAIN I know that you can tell them apart by the method called gram staining. The gram consists of two dyes one violet which is the primary one and...

Letter to Teacher
Lauren the letter is not proper if your in the 12th grade. This is a good example to start your letter and i believe a much more better way... Dear Mrs. Gebbia, My name is Lauren Jean-Baptiste, I'm writing to you today because I'm interested in joining the schools ...

(Is my answer right or wrong because i have no idea.) Why is the caspid protein important? The caspid includes protein that enable a virus to enter a host cell. The caspid protein of a typical virus bind to the surface of a cell and "tricks" the cell into allowing it...

Question: What are the distinguishing characteristics of prokaryotes? My Answer: Prokaryotes range in size from 1 to 5 micrometers, making them much smaller than most eukaryoteic cells. Prokaryotes can be divided into two very different groups Eubacteria and Archaebacteria. Am...