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four-sided figure with two sets of parallel line

Yo, do you go to Pines? I had the same homework :0

Algebra (Percentages)

Intermediate Algebra
Please help with the below. I know the answer I need help figuring out how to get the answer I am obviously doing something wrong, because I come up with a different answer that what I am supposed to. Here it is: F(X)3Xsquared-5X+1 The correct answer is 12Xsquared-70X+101, the...

Western Civilization
need a good simple to understand resource to explain why the early 20th Century experienced a surge of changing role of art in society. Will need to define the modern art movement and give examples of individuals, the type of art they created and how they impacted the art ...

western civilizations
Thank you Ms. Sue for your two suggested sites. I have reviewed them both and can definitely use them as resources. I have chosen Francis Bacon (1561–1626)as the individual to write about. Would you have suggested sites for info about him? Thanks again!

Western Civilization
Please suggest some good cites to complete the following essay assignment: In your short essay assignment you need to analyze how the new enlightened worldview would lead people to challenge traditional notions of society, the state, politics and religion. You may choose one ...

Request for feedback on CAUSE essay. Please give input on below essay: “I ran three miles, staggered into the lobby, and took the elevator to my apartment, no use overdoing this exercise junk.” Janet Evonovich About 40% of Americans report that they never exercise, ...

The assignment is to write a CAUSE paper on an addiction. There is to be three topic sentences with support, a thesis, an introduction and a conclusion. I obviously have left of my sources, and need to insert them. I would really appreciate some feedback and some help ...



Three horizontal forces (the only horizontal one) act on a box sitting on a floor. One force (F1) acts due east and has a magnitude of 150 lb. A second force (F2) has an easterly component at 30.0 lb and a southerly component at 40.0 lb. The box remains at rest. Sketch the two...

a car traveling at a velocity of 90 km/h, when you see a dog step into the road 50 m ahead. you hit the breaks hard to get maximum deceleration of 7.5 m/s^2. how far will you travel before stopping?