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Riddle: why is it always so noisy in the barn? Use this letter to solved: REZGBNESKA Thanks can't figure it out help!

2 Numbers are in the ratio 2:3. if 8 is added to both the numbers ,then the ratio becomes 3:4 . then the numbers are ?

Let a, b, c and d all be real numbers and let x, y and z be variables. What is the solution (solve for x) to the equation a(x+y) + bz + c = d and state any restrictions (you cannot divide by zero). I'm lost for this... Can someone help me?

Does anyone have answers to the connexus Foundations for Algerbra Unit 2 Test?

The volume of a sphere is given by V=4*r^3/3, where r is the radius,compute the radius of a sphere having a volume 40 percent greater than that of a sphere of radius 4 ft?

Thank you, Bella.

a twin-engine cessna is heading on bearing of 35 degrees with an air speed of 180 mph. if the wind is out with a bearing of 90 degrees at 40 mph, then what is the bearing of this course? what is the ground seed of the airplane?

karen hits a tennis ball with an initial velocity of 42 feet per second an at angle of 16 degree with the horizontal from a height of 2 feet. she is 20 feet from the net and the net is 3 feet. will the ball go over the net?

Basic Physics
An unknown charge sits on a conducting spherical shell of radius 10 cm. If the electric field 15 cm from the center of the sphere has the magnitude 3.0E3 N/C and is directed radially inward, what is the net charge on the sphere?

A proton is initially at rest in empty space, when suddenly an electric field of magnitude 8.0 x 10 4 n/c and direction due east is turned on. what is the magnitude and direction of the initial acceleration of the proton? Repeat the problem, but with an electron.

You are constructing a mobile out of 5 identical toy helicopters, each of mass m = 25.3 g, 4 identical sticks (each length l = 21.2 cm, and negligible mass), and thin string of negligible mass. The distance from the left-hand side of each stick to the attachment point of the ...

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a robe exert a force on a 20kg crate. the crate starts from rest and accelerates upward at 5m/s^2 near the surface of the earth. how much work was done by the force in raising the crate 4.0m above the floor?

honor code

a) 0.342 b) 0.231 c) 0.625

Psychology of Learning
the brain’s role in human emotion

Psychology of Learning
Olds and Milner (1954) performed experiments on rats to determine:

ball thrown up from top of 96 foot high tower with initial velocity of 80 ft/s. when does ball reach max height and how high is it at that time?

Critical Thinking (philosophy)
14. <11{4[2(12)56]}> Choose the pair of words/phrases among the choices that exhibits the same logical relationship as the words/phrases in the following pair. building : blueprint (Points : 1) ship : sea cake : recipe bridge : island guitar : song 15. <11{5[1(01)57...

A 1.50 multiplied by 103 kg car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to 19.9 m/s in 11.6 s. Assume that air resistance remains constant at 400 N during this time. (a) Find the average power developed by the engine. 1 W (b) Find the instantaneous power output of the ...

What is the quotient of (6x^2-x-40) divided by (5+2x)

Bromine can be added to limonene to created a brominated compound. The balance equation is shown below. When 613 mg of limonene and 3.5 ml of a 10% (v/v) solution of Br2 in dicholomethane (a solvent) are combined, 959 mg of the product is isokated. Calculate the percent yield ...

A and B buy a car.A spends 5/11 of car's prices (a)What is the fraction of B? He paid 25240Rs more than A? (b)What is car's prices

The essay I just got checked by my teacher has a lot of tense mistakes. She said I needed to make my tense either all present or all past. What's a good website that can help me check my tenses?

Ive just watched the film mississippi burning and now i have to write an essay on the themes tolerance and prejudice. But i have no idea what i could write in the main body for the 3 paragraphs. i was thinking the way the blacks are treated and the racist views of the town? ...

Thomas can do a job in 4 hours. Julia can do the same job in7 hours. How many hours will it take the two of them to do the job it they work together?