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define judicial activism first and try again

acting as a catalyst in cell functions converting substrate into something else (fructose=substrate ; fructase=enzyme ; -ase indicates an enzyme)

physical science
transition metal 24 is Cr (chromium?) the halogens are fluorine, chlorine, bromine, Iodine, and astatine. I don't know which one is a common solid though

calculate the energy requiered to raise the temp of 1.0 mol Ag by 1.0 degrees celsius (molar heat capacity of silver) answer in j/mol(degrees celsius) what are the steps to this problem? how do I find the second temp value?

calculate the energy required to raise the temp. of 170.0 g of silver (specific heat = .24 joules/celsius times grams) from 273K to 301K. I know the equation and I got 1142.4 joules but need to get to 2 sig figs, so I converted it to 1.1 x 10^4 which is right, but it doesn'...

Don't start with an exclamation mark, that is just dumb. You need a good introduction to set the stage for this narrative, and you can look up a good introduction online. By the way, what are the requirements for your personal narrative. (You need to work on your spelling ...

polar dissolves polar, polar CANNOT dissolve polar or vice versa.

which ranks the gases in order of increasing average velocity? H2<O2<Cl2<Xe Xe<Cl2<O2<H2 O2=Cl2=H2<Xe

try oxalate even thought that is C2O4 -2. I came up with nothing for a negative 1 ion

what are the coefficients a, b (van der waals equation) for nitrogen/ N2?

for subtitles, do a : and then the subtitle which is also underlined. For powerpoint, I'm not sure, but I would just to be safe. Never hurts.

Then my teacher is messed up. So, for mm Hg it would be...? By the way, Happy Halloween!!!!!

what is the gas constant (R) for mm Hg? 8.31 is for atm .08206 is for kPa right?

how do I convert .000859 mols of hydrogen to mols of Magnesium

everything I tried was wrong for the conversions and the sig figs still don't make sense. How do you make a big sig fig into a smaller one using 8339? Please give an example.

for a manometer flask diagram, if ha = 134 mm, how do I convert to torr, Pa, and atm with the right amount of sig figs? Related to sig figs, how do I get the right amount of sig figs (which is 2) with 8339?

for Drbob222
when I converted g to mols for Mg, I got 8.640, but it doesn't look right. original mass for Mg = .021g

What is the net ionic equation for the reaction Copper (II) chloride and sodium hydroxide?

what is the net ionic reaction for coppper(II)chloride and sodium hydroxide?

What mass of Ag2O is required to produce 25.0 g of silver sulfadiazine from the reaction of silver oxide and sulfadiazine? 2C10H10N4SO2 + Ag2O ==> 2AgC10H9N4SO2 + H2O